4 Text Your Ex Back Examples To Master And Win Your Ex Back

Sometimes the hardest part of dating is not attracting attention, but falling in love. Let’s face it: it’s easy to attract attention. It’s easy to flirt and enjoy a whirlwind romance compared to the moment you decide he’s the one. We’ve all dreamed of our own happily-ever-after ending and ready to spend our whole life with him.

But for some of us, our storyline takes an unexpected twist, someone calls it off. Wait, what? Out of nowhere, your life hits rock bottom. Your head is spinning out of control while you try to piece things together and face the fact that the last 4 years has just gone down the drain.

I know this is mentally and physically exhausting. I’ve been there. But take a deep breath. There’s still a chance to win him back if you think he’s still worth fighting for.

Not sure of your chances? Watch this quick video to discover that there’s still hope and all it takes is a few simple (and correct) moves to reawaken your former flame’s love and desire.

Be inspired to fall in love again.

Couple enjoying an intimate moment by the river.

Yes, I’m talking about the Text Your Ex Back examples which I’ve cherry-picked below to show you why you need this program to get you through this difficult phase. Text Your Ex Back is a complete system that answers all of the mysterious questions about dating and relationships. Specifically, why the relationship went wrong and how you can get your ex boyfriend back at your command.

No more games, unless you’re the one making the rules.

I would suggest reading the full review first if you are not familiar with this program. It covers the program from top to bottom including the strengths and weaknesses. I also share how the program has changed me to become a better person and lover.

I cannot stress enough how much this program can change your luck. These lessons push you to dig deep into your heart and mind to see if your ex is worth fighting for.

And if it’s worth it, you’ll be armed with powerful techniques to create a new second chance.

For this second review, I dig deeper and discuss the finer points of the book, including actual how to text your ex back examples and texts. We are going to review some specific examples from the book, and discuss the reasons why Michael Fiore’s texts work magic. You will witness firsthand how powerful these techniques are in grabbing your ex’s attention.

This stuff is proven to work, and not just “anecdotes” but guaranteed methods to get the result you want. This is psychology that works on a deeper, instinctive level.

So who’s ready for some mind games?

Okay, enough promises. Let’s get to the nitty-gritty and talk about what kind of stuff you’re going to learn from Text Your Ex Back. These free samples, you will notice, are organized into eleven complete modules of training. These are arranged in a straightforward fashion, from the beginning (the breakup) to the end when you go on your first date. In the middle of all this, you’ll concentrate on becoming a better version of you and texting away to build a new relationship with your former flame.

What you’ll about to learn is just a fraction of how life-changing this program can be for you.


The Old And Now Modern Art Of Judo

Two man practicing judo.

Michael Fiore calls his texting techniques “Text Judo”, an intricate system much like the eastern combat-art known as Judo. Fighters who practice Judo train to channel their intensity and strength. In the same way, as a strong and in-control woman, you have to learn how to channel all of your frustration into some truly “deadly” hit move combinations.

In other words, take what’s left of your relationship, even if it’s hurt or hate, and transform those feelings into a positive outcome that will help you rebuild a new relationship.

Text Judo is the cornerstone of this book and the ideology behind all Text Your Ex Back text messages. Essentially, what Text Judo does is use your ex’s emotions (as they are, positive or negative) against himself. You can harness these powerful emotions and use them to influence your ex-lover to do and feel what you want.

The beauty to all of this is that you’ll be texting. You’ll be in full control to craft every perfect message and send it at your own comfort.

In Judo the martial artist uses an opponent’s power against him, and actually redirects those powerful blows so that they only injure the one who throws them. Using momentum techniques, he can remain safe while letting the opponent wear himself down.

In like manner, you will sense your partner’s blows, where they are coming from, and use his own power to strike his weaknesses and emotions. The Text Judo system breaks the communication into five phases, each with different texting techniques.

The 5 Phases of Communication:

  1. CONTACT (Initially make contact using casual, non-threatening Across the Bow texts)
  2. TEST (Gauge your ex boyfriend’s interests using Intimacy Boosters texts)
  3. VALIDATE (Validate what your ex feels, good or bad, using Emotional Honesty texts then CREATE incredible intimacy by giving them the support or dynamic they crave)
  4. TRANSLATE (Transform these intense feelings into warmth, positivity, using Green- Eyed Monster and Attraction texts designed to stir up competitive jealousy)
  5. CONNECT (The last phase where you use “Seal the Deal texts” to remind your ex that you are a caring companion, but also something more…a woman who is simply too amazing and intense to stay a platonic friend

If you’re comfortable with texting, then this is the perfect texting plan for you to win him back.

Even if you’re not, there are plenty of examples in the guide and on this website to help you craft the perfect message.

You could say that this system is actually going to make it much easier on you. No groveling or begging on your knees to get his attention. That’s just unnecessary for any woman to endure especially when he thinks he can walk all over you.

Instead, you’re going to use his moves towards you efficiently. You’re going to boost yourself up, recover from the fall, and then flip him over, catching him when he least expects it.

If you are ready, this program will help you take back full control of your love life.

Let’s look at a few different techniques and Text Your Ex Back texts that Michael Fiore discusses.


Technique 1: Getting Attention the Right Way with “Across the Bow Texts”

You can probably guess that one of the first things you’re told to do (not optional, not if you want your ex back!) is to totally ignore your ex and stop reaching out to him for at least a month. This shows that you’re taking control. With me so far?  Good.

Now the question is, when you are ready to make contact with him again what do you say? What can you say that doesn’t seem too over-eager or needy?

Shoot an Across the Bow text message to him.

The goal of this text message is to gently re-establish a new connection for a new relationship. It lets him know that you are thinking of him.

Here’s an example which I like to call the Opening Text:

This is a small but pivotal step in the Text Your Ex Back texting sequence. It sets the “tone” for your entire relationship moving forward. Michael Fiore explains it in a way that’s easy to remember: G.E.A.R. which means “Gently Establish Affirmative Rapport.”

  • Your text messages must be “Gentle” and light, and nothing too emotional. Definitely not begging or asking for attention. You want the text to be so easy that your ex won’t really see any danger in responding.
  • The “Establish” part means you establish a new start for a new relationship. Don’t’ bring up the past or have any demands or requests. This is the “foundation” for all your future correspondence. You’re building a strong frame for all your strategies later on. Consider this a casual icebreaker.
  • “Affirmative” means that you keep the text fun and optimistic. Start transforming that negative energy into more positive associations.
  • Finally, “rapport” is all about rebuilding your relationship and letting your ex feel comfortable to respond – meaning you give your ex an easy way to reply.

This is such a great chapter because most women are going to approach the GEAR text message all wrong. They’re going to imply or ask something “safe” but is actually very dangerous.

This is not the time to ask for a booty call or a magic “get back together” message.

Just be positive, cool, and confident. If he doesn’t respond or replies with negativity, just redirect it with positive energy. Or let it fly right by you.

Examples of Across the Bow text messages would be:

Two examples of Across the Bow text messages.

Both messages are brilliant because they bring up the past in a non-commitment sort of way. No guilt, no argument, no old ex shenanigans. You’re letting your ex know this is the new you. You are really “over him.” But you still remember your pastimes with happiness.

I tried these Text Your Ex Back example texts myself and it worked. My ex always had an attitude when I tried to make small talk. I made sure to mention a positive, light topic of conversation and “reeled” him in, letting him know that this wasn’t going to be a stressful conversation.

Plus, your ex is under no obligation or pressure to reply. This is an opportunity for him to engage in a casual conversation. If he leaves you hanging, no worries. Let it go and try again a week later. If you get a negative response, Michael has the perfect reply for that.

Just go slow and eventually he will take the bait.

But again, the first message is extremely important because it sets the tone for the rest of the communication. If you want to be 100% sure, then this proven blueprint is your best bet.


Technique 2: Creating a Text Judo Plan of Attack

A woman playing chess by herself.

A chess tournament is one way to think of a relationship.

In order to “win” at anything you really need to strategize. Think of life like a chess game. It’s all about strategy, planning in advance, and taking stock of your resources.

Well, why would we think life is any different? Life is not a game and it’s not something you can improvise if you want to succeed. I think these Text Your Ex Back text messages really emphasize that. All of these “lines” are based on strategy and not just cuteness or zingers. Plus you have the ability to control the content and timing of each message.

In Module 6, Michael talks about building a plan of “attack” to keep the spark going. But before we get to the texting sequence, here’s a checklist of what you should have achieved in the first half of the course.

  1. Ignore your ex for at least a month.
  2. You get in touch with your own feelings and admit to yourself why the relationship failed. Yes, reviewing the mistakes you both made. Not easy to do, I know. But this is therapy that’s ultimately going to win your ex back.
  3. Discover your life goal and determine whether your ex fits into the picture.
  4. Meanwhile, you get over the superstitious fear of “waiting for him” by dating other people. This is really important because you must let go of all the feeling that your ex is the only one. And that you can only love your ex. Going on at least two dates, and actually improving yourself and looking good, is just the self-confidence boost you need.  Not only does it work wonders for you, it will really surprise your ex!
  5. Text Your Ex Back comes with a lot of exercises to remember the fondest memories. These meaningful and happy moments are what you are going to use to remind your ex of the good times you shared.

Once you have completed the checklist, it’s time to plot your texting plan. The Text Your Ex Back sequence should only be a reference and not followed to every detail.

Go with the flow of the conversations and adapt based on how you feel. If you feel it’s going too fast, slow down. If he’s responds too positively, slow down or change it up. Remember, you are in control here.

When you’re in doubt, refer back to the program and see how Michael would respond to the situation. Trust me, he’s got your back with every move.

Here’s the basic breakdown:

Week 1:  1 per week until you get a reply
Technique:  Across the Bow text messages

Week 2:  2 to 3 messages per week
Techniques: Across the Bow, Best of the Relationship

Week 3:  1 to 2 messages near the end of the week
Techniques  Best of the Relationship, Intimacy Booster, Emotional Honesty

Week 4:  1 -2 messages per week
Techniques  Best of the Relationship, Emotional Honesty, Attraction

In this texting sequence there are three other texting techniques to hook your ex into deeper conversations.

Best of the Relationship Texts
Remind your ex of fun and bonding experiences you two shared. Ignite those good feelings with emotional language to spark positive thoughts of you into your ex boyfriend’s head.

Two Best of Relationship text examples.

Or a little sneaky trick to get your ex to remind you of an experience:

Best of Relationship text message.

Both these text examples will allow your ex to engage in the conversation and visualize the positive experience. Let him reminisce about the good old days and what he’s missing out.

Intimacy Booster Texts
Instead of reminding your ex boyfriend of a positive event, use the Intimacy Boost text to remind him how close you two once were. Give him a hint that you are ready to be that intimate again.

There’s only one rule to this. You must speak from your heart.

Two examples of Intimacy Booster texts.

Both of these Intimacy Booster text examples show you offering support to your ex You’re telling him that he’s still on my mind and you’re still looking out for him. Isn’t this sweet? Let his subconscious mind come to realize that he can’t live without you.

Attraction Texts
Give a little tease and add sensuality and sexuality in your text messages. You want to let your ex boyfriend know that you know what buttons to push to turn him on. But always stay in control and don’t give in too early. Men like to chase.

Two examples of Attraction text messages.

Send him a picture to get his heart racing. Just keep your clothes on though. The best way to use this technique is to catch him off guard. Send it to him when he’s at work or out with friends. Men like surprises too.

Emotional Honesty Texts
This is it. You’ve established a positive connection up to this point with the Text Your Ex Back text tactics above. Now it’s time to tell the truth about how you really feel.

Two examples of Emotional Honesty texts.

Speak from your heart and say what comes natural to you. Take your time to craft the perfect message you’ve been waiting to say. Read and reread before you hit “Send”.

I know this is a tough one because it’s the moment of truth. You’re pouring your heart out again and have no idea what to expect. Just don’t expect anything and be patient for him to make the next move.

The good thing is you’re texting instead of doing it face to face.

This is the basic overview of the Text Judo plan of attack. The sequence is pretty straightforward but you must learn to adjust and adapt depending on the replies you receive.

It’s easy to follow and Michael Fiore has every move laid out for you.

Remember, you goal here is to create a new connection and energy that will reignite the spark in your former flame.


Technique #3: The Power Of Words And The Vulnerability Of Your Ex

I want to touch upon Module 7, Prepping the Soil, and discuss an important concept – the power of words and using emotional language. Makes sense if all we’re doing now is texting.

In theory you are not going to manipulate your ex to feel anything (like you’ve already tried and failed) but rather to subliminally influence them. Michael Fiore states clearly that there is only “one part of the brain” worth affecting, the amygdala which handles the emotions.

The rational brain works against your happiness but the emotional part of your brain is what makes a person take action.

In order to trigger the amygdala, use powerful and emotional words to vividly create your text. Help your ex boyfriend visualize your presence and feel the positive emotions he once felt with you.

You want to get into his head and get his mind to picture everything good about you.

The Best of Relationship Texts are best for this motive. It’s also very easy to implement. Just recall a positive memory from the past and let him relive the good times.

Long example of Best of Relationship text message.

This is not only emotionally honest but puts a positive memory to a past event – and to the entire relationship.

This is powerful stuff. My ex really started to change when I began to fill his head with good emotional memories. I could literally feel his tone changing with every text. When I began dropping hints of our vacation in Cancun, it drove him crazy! I think his adrenaline shot right up because he sent three messages immediately right after telling me he wants to meet up.

Well, got his attention there.

If you really want to have some fun with your ex and turn the heat up, try this one.

Naughty Attraction text message.

Probably a lot happened after that kiss, but let’s let your ex boyfriend fill the picture. This one is a bit more like the Attraction text technique. You’re practically hypnotizing him, letting him remember your sex life as positive and intense. This forces him to feel those sexual feelings again. Don’t be surprised if your ex wants to hook up right away, but that’s not the goal.

Far from it at this point.


Technique #4: Green Eyes And Emotional Friendly Fire

When an ex sees red, it’s scary. But when an ex sees green, it’s something even more volatile than fear – and something you can control. Enter the Green-Eyed Monster text.

This is one of my favorite techniques in Text Judo.

There is an art to summoning jealousy in your ex. But before we get to the actual text techniques, it’s important to understand how jealousy works.

Here’s the truth. We all want what we can’t have and we protect what we believe is ours. It’s undeniable that we hold on to things we should let go. If we don’t, we do whatever we can to fight and get back what belongs to us.

Understand this concept and you will master the jealousy technique with the help of social proof.

Picture this: when your ex boyfriend finds out that you are having a great time and enjoying the attention of other people (especially an attractive crowd), he’ll start to wonder about your new life and kick himself for breaking up with you. He’ll start to remember what a catch you were and feel so stupid for letting you get away.

All this technique requires is for you to just go out and live your life.

Ready to learn the Green-Eyed Monster Text technique? Here are three rules you must follow to conquer his attention:

  1. Use this technique at the right time and appropriately after you guys have exchanged several messages. Make sure he has good feelings about you.
  2. Be subtle to show that you have moved on. Don’t rub your success in his face and have him call you out. A small hint goes a long way.
  3. Don’t use jealousy if this was a serious issue during your relationship. It will trigger negative memories and put you back in square one.

Play this to your advantage. And a subtle text message is all you need to show him you’ve moved on.

So saying something “innocent” like:

Jealousy text message using a movie date.

Wow! Just picture the look on his face. Imagine what is going through his head right now. He’s going off picturing who you’re with and what you’re doing there, without him. Plus, you’ve established that you were out and enjoying yourself. And how “nice” you were, wishing him the same happiness will evoke a great deal of jealousy inside him. Sooner or later, he’ll try to play it cool and ask for details.

In fact, the deepest motivation is not actually to drive him crazy. The real goal is letting your ex in on the positive aspects of your new life. You’re alternately jabbing him by reminding him of the special connection you have, while keeping him at bay and letting him know you can move on.

Here’s another powerful Green-Eyed Monster text:

Jealousty text message using a night out.

This arouses curiosity and provokes your former flame. You were there, and you gave him almost a back-handed compliment. You thought the man that looked like him was attractive, only for him to find out you were “mistaken”.

This challenges him without aggression. Your instincts say not to challenge him, but doing something subtle and not overtly hurtful is a powerful way to evoke honest emotion out of him.

Last thing, don’t make stuff up just to make your ex boyfriend jealous. Live the moment and let the message come to you.

Plus, you get double the fun.


Final Thoughts

Congratulations, you’ve made it to the end of this extensive review. I hope that the Text Your Ex Back examples highlighted above will convince you that this is a proven system to help get the love of your life back.

Entire package of Text Your Ex Back system.

Although the system is centered around Text Judo, there’s much more to it than tactical texting. The program helps you develop better understanding of yourself and your goals, and how the person you love fits into your life plan. You’ll learn to be a better partner and how to build a healthy relationship.

And it all starts with you.

By the time you finish Michael Fiore’s Text Your Ex Back, you’ll be able to take better control of your faith and your love life.

At last, you will know who and what is worth fighting for.

Are you ready to bounce back and discover true love again?

Click here to reignite the spark with Text Your Ex Back from the official website.