4 Forbidden Ways To Turn A Guy On Rock Hard For You

4 Forbidden Ways To Turn A Guy On Rock Hard For You

What turns men on? As women, we rely on our looks and charms to get a guy turned on. But a pretty face and sweet words won’t keep him interested for long. If you want to learn how to turn a guy on, you need to understand what makes men tick.

You need to understand his primal sexual desires.

Turning him on will do more than just get him excited: it will bring your relationship to a whole new level. You’ll become the object of his desire – the only woman on his mind. If you can give him what he wants, he’ll never leave your side. Did I mention that it will make your sex life absolutely explosive?

In the Language of Desire program, four key techniques give you the keys you need to turn him on and get him absolutely addicted to you. You’ll learn things to say to turn a guy on and what to do to keep him begging for more.

I can’t go through all the techniques here, but I can share four forbidden ways to get him rock hard and ready to go.


1. Porn Destroyer

Want to take his eyes off his porn collection – for good? Break out the Porn Destroyer.

Men watch porn because the women on screen surrender themselves completely to the whims and desires of the man. He can have her however he wants. She never judges him. She never complains. No matter how raunchy or kinky he wants to be, she’s happy to go along with it.

She loves it, and she begs him for it.

And this act of surrendering is part of the reason why your man watches porn. The other part? Prowess. These are two major turn ons for guys.

Think of prowess as feedback. Men are hard-wired to want to please us. It’s our job to let him know he’s doing everything right. Every moan, scream and OHMYGOD sends chills up his spine and gives him the feedback he craves.

You’re feeding his primal sexual desires. And he’ll love you for it.

Want to turn a guy on in bed? Surrender your body to him. Give him ownership over you for just one night.

How do we put the Porn Destroyer into action?

  1. Start with a plan. In truth, not much planning really needs to go into this. Just decide that you want to do it. Give yourself a confidence pep talk. Remember – being his “porn star” for the night will feed his innermost fantasies in a very real, tangible way.
  2. Look for the right opportunity. Don’t be afraid to jump his bones the second he walks through the door. Pounce on him while he’s in the middle of a workout. Find an opportunity and run with it.
  3. Set the tone with two naughty sentences: “I’m all yours. Do whatever you want to me.”
  4. Reflect his prowess. Let him know how much he’s pleasing you. Be vocal, ladies.
    Tell him how great he feels and how much you love it.


2. Pavlov’s Erection

Ready to play sexy scientist? Pavlov’s Erection is all about conditioning your man, so you can get a rise out of him anytime you please. All you have to do is utter one little word.

Felicity, the author of Language of Desire, once dated a man who loved it when she got down on her knees to give him head. Eventually, she began putting a pillow under her knees each time she gave him oral sex. This became so routine, her man would get aroused at just the sight of a pillow or the mere mention of the word.

Why? Because in his mind, pillow = blow job.

He’d been conditioned to associate pillows with oral sex. And that’s exactly what you’re going to do with your man.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Pick an item. Any item will do. Let’s use a pair of sexy black heels for this example.
  2. Wear those sexy black heels during sex.
  3. Continue wearing those heels each time you have sex.
  4. After a few times, test his reaction. Pull your sexy heels out of the closet and casually let him know that you’re thinking about wearing them. Pay attention to his reaction.
  5. Once he’s been conditioned to associate those heels with sex, tease him or use them to playfully hint a sex.


3. Desire Intensifier

Ready to crank up the heat in the bedroom? The Tease and Oral Intensifiers are two techniques that will absolutely leave him breathless. These are two of the best ways to turn a guy on. Why? Because he won’t be able to get the one thing he wants – your body.

The Tease Intensifier is all about the thrill of the chase. You’ll be just out of his reach, building up tension and sexual frustration. And when he finally has his way with you – let’s just say things will get heated.

There are a few ways to tease your man – sexually – that will have him itching for your touch:

  • The Tease Kiss – Plant a passionate, I-want-you-to-take-me-now kiss on him at a completely random time. This works best if you pick a time you can’t have sex, like just before he leaves for work. He’ll be begging for it when he gets home.
  • The Tease Text – Send him naughty little messages that hint at your desires. A simple “If we were alone right now…” will get his mind racing. These are things that turn guys on

And once you know how to tease him, you can use the Oral Intensifier to really heat up oral sex. I won’t go into too much detail here, but let’s just say it’s all about starting off slow, making eye contact and giving him that big finish he’s dying for.


4. Erotic Action Movie Technique

Every man has a fantasy he’s dying to have fulfilled. With the Erotic Action Movie Technique, you can bring those fantasies to life and leave him begging for more.

We’re not talking about actual movies here, ladies. We’re talking about dirty, live-action role-playing.

And he’s going to absolutely get addicted to you after this.

Here’s how the process works:

  1. Brainstorm your scene. Pick a place. A place you know he’s dying to have you in. This could be the office, the living room, the kitchen table, in bed – wherever. Once you pick the place, decide when you want to do this and what’s going on in the scene. Are there other people around? What time of day is it? What are you wearing? Set the scene for the dirtiest role you’ll ever play.
  2. Plan out the action. It’s time to get freaky. Think about what you want to do. From foreplay to sex, to the pace of the action, plan out every detail. Oh, and don’t forget to plan out his role – the HERO. You’re the damsel in distress, he needs to save you, and now you’re going to repay him by taking him to the absolute heights of pleasure.
  3. Bring your movie to life. Play out your scene in person, over the phone or send your story in a dirty email.

The author goes into great detail on how to arouse a man and play this out to complete perfection. Ladies, you have to read this chapter for yourselves to see just how much fun and how powerful this technique can be.

If you want to strengthen your relationship, make him forget about other women and turn up the heat in the bedroom, you need to learn how to turn him on. All of the techniques you need to get his – and his member’s attention – can be found in the Language of Desire program.

Check out my review of Language of Desire to learn more.

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