How To Date Emotionally Unavailable Men When He’s Into You

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Updated: November, 2019

Ladies, I have a confession to make: all the guides I’ve come across and the advice I’ve given before has been focused on us woman and understanding – from our perspective – how to deal with our breakup and get our ex back.

But there’s one piece missing in the puzzle. Especially for those that broke up with no clear reason for the breakup.

Your ex just completely shut off and called it quits.

Well ladies, as it turns out, it was him – not you. He was into you, but he wasn’t ready for a commitment, or even a relationship for that matter.

I made the mistake of dating a guy who wasn’t ready for a relationship once. And I fell – hard. Then I stumbled on a dating guide called He’s Really That Into You, He’s Just Not Ready after a friend recommended it to me. It was like serendipity. All of my questions were finally answered. And I finally knew what kind of man I had gotten involved with: an emotionally unavailable one.

I wanted to share some insights from the guide in a review, so you can see if this guide will help you answer your questions too. And I can tell you that if you are dating an emotionally unavailable man, this guide will help you.

He’s Really That Into You, He’s Just Not Ready

Have you been dating him for a while, but still don’t know what your relationship actually is? Are you chasing him over and over again – and ultimately chasing him away? Are you tired of him sending conflicting hot and cold messages? I’d say you have all the symptoms of being absolutely hooked on an emotionally unavailable man.

Luckily, there’s a cure – or at least a treatment option: He’s Really Into You, He’s Just Not Ready. Written by Katarina Phang, He’s Really Into You is a complete guide on how to date emotionally unavailable men (a.k.a. EUM).

What you will get out of this guide?

  • The confidence to let him chase and woo you – because that’s what he really wants.
  • A passionate relationship where you never have to guess how he feels about you.
  • The reasons why he isn’t committing or putting a label on your relationship.
  • What his emotional hot buttons are and how to press them.
  • The secrets to enjoy a satisfying and rewarding relationship with your EUM.

Who is Katarina Phang?

Katarina Phang is the author of He’s Really Into You. She’s a self-proclaimed Feminine Magnetism Expert. If that sounds like a whole lot of feminine mumbo jumbo to you, let me fill you in on something: Katarina’s methods have given birth to 20 engagements in this last year alone.

Instead of focusing on men or trying to manipulate them, she focuses on inner work; teaching women how to embrace their feminine energy and find happiness within.

The funny thing is, Katarina didn’t start out as a “know it all”. In fact, she made a lot of relationship mistakes in the past. After a few failed (and lengthy) relationships, she dated up a storm and finally came to realize what emotionally unavailable men really want.

Katarina poured all her knowledge and insight into He’s Really Into You, He’s Just Not Ready, so women with EUM can learn how to enjoy a satisfying, enjoyable relationship.

And there are four key things that she teaches in her guide that will finally take the mystery out of dating EUM.

New System To Get Back

4 Key Lessons From Katarina’s Guide

1. Confidence is to Men as Cat Nip is to Cats

You know what men love more than a short skirt and pouty lips? Confidence. Men flock to confident women like a moth to a flame. They can’t help it. These girls are sure of themselves. They’re happy with who they are. They don’t need a man to fulfill them and make them happy.

You know what else they don’t need? A commitment. At least not right now anyway.

Ladies, when you love yourself and you’re comfortable in your own skin, you’re not overly anxious about snagging a man and getting him to commit. You’re just out to have fun.

And Katarina shows you how to develop that self-love and confidence that men are magnetically attracted to. Sure, you may feel silly practicing some of the methods – like referring to yourself as a goddess. But it really does work. And girl, you really are a goddess.

The one thing I struggled with here – and I’m sure you will too because it’s such a paradox – is the idea of being a bottomless trash can when it comes to men. You relate to them, and then let them go. Don’t hold onto any of those emotional attachments or expectations.

And you know what happens? The looser your grip on him, the stronger his desire to be close to you.

If you think he’s emotionally unavailable right now, putting these concepts into action will change things completely.

2. Men Want Freedom – Not to Be Mothered

Men are hardwired to seek out success and achievements. And you know what else they crave? Freedom.

Freedom is one of the most precious things to a man. That’s why he’s so protective of his own space. He wants needs that autonomy above all else. It releases testosterone – his stress antidote. If he’s pulling away, he may be giving you a signal that he needs some space.

And if you want to keep him around, you better give it to him. Because the moment you start pressuring him, he’s going to run the other way.

Men don’t want to be mothered either. Katarina explains the love-hate relationship that men have with their mothers, and how they really don’t want to date a younger version of her.

The bottom line? He doesn’t want to be nagged or told what to do. As women, we tend to do both of these things naturally. Call it motherly instincts. But do you really want him to have a love-hate relationship with you too?

Expectations have a lot to do with our “nagging” and controlling responses. And Katarina explains how expectations can kill a relationship with an emotionally unavailable man.

She shared an example of how one girl went to Vegas with her EUM. In her mind, this was going to be a romantic getaway (even though it was a business trip). But when he referred to her as “friend” to other people and the experience didn’t live up to her expectations, she stopped being affectionate and started being resentful.

And you know what that leads to? Pushing him away. You see, if you have all these expectations and he never lives up to them, he’s going to get frustrated because he can never make you happy. And that’s all he really wants – even if he won’t tell you that.

He’s Really Into You clues you in on all those little things you might be doing to 1) compromise his sense of freedom, and 2) push him away by trying to “mother” or control him because he doesn’t meet your expectations. 

3. Lean Back and Let Him Lead the Way

Ladies, I’m going to let you in on a little secret: men love to be in control. I’m not talking about control in a bondage or BDSM kind of way (although some guys are into that, too). I mean that he likes to initiate things in a relationship.

And if you’re the one doing the initiating, he’s not going to feel comfortable.

This all ties back to his desire for freedom and autonomy. Dating and commitment need to be on his terms. I had a hard time really letting go and letting him take the lead, but once I did, things seemingly changed overnight.


Katarina explains that your man instinctively sets out to claim you as his woman. That’s what men do – they go out and get what they want. And once he has you, it validates him as a man.

So if you’re taking the lead all the time, you’re robbing him of that victory and thrill he craves.

Ladies, it’s hard to lean back. I get it. There are times you want to take complete control and show him how much you want him. And that’s okay, too. Katarina explains how often you should be initiating, and when you should let him take over.

4. It’s Okay to Walk Away

Look, sometimes things don’t work out – especially when we’re dealing with men who are emotionally unavailable. It’s okay to walk away if the relationship isn’t serving you anymore or giving you the fulfillment you desire.

Maybe he’s not over his ex. Maybe he’ll never be ready to take things to the next level. Whatever the case may be, you need a “get out of dodge” plan, and that’s exactly what this guide provides.

What does Katarina suggest? I can’t share all of her recommendations, but let’s just say that pulling away and becoming less available are two simple ways to break things off. She even gives some suggestions on what to say if you do want to explain what’s going on.

Luckily, I’ve never had to use this part of the guide. But if I ever do need to walk away from my relationship, I’ll know exactly when and how to do it.

Get Expert Help To Win Him Back

Why you need this program

  • You’ll learn how to be okay with him taking charge and chasing you.
  • You’ll finally understand why your EUM acts the way he does, and how to work with his nature – not against it.
  • You’ll learn how to be happy with yourself and unleash your inner goddess.
  • You’ll discover his hot buttons to get into his heart without him even realizing it.

What You Need to Know

He’s Really Into You costs just $67. That’s a small price to pay to learn the inner workings of an EUM. But if you purchase this guide on Katarina’s official website, you’ll get a special discount price of $47.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Instant access to the He’s Really That Into You, He’s Just Not Ready guide
  • Two weeks of unlimited email coaching
  • A lifetime membership to private groups on Facebook
  • 20 minutes worth of Skype sessions
  • Access to free live webinars on relationship issues

I’m going to be honest – there is a lot of material to work through. But then again, men are complicated creatures, and there’s a lot of material to cover. I suggest reading only one or two chapters at a time, so you can really digest the information.

The Bottom Line

He’s Really Into You is a complete guide to dating EUM. In fact, it’s one of the only guides I’ve ever seen on the subject. And the concepts in this programs are spot on.

You’ll get so much insight into why he’s playing games, and how to work with nature instead of working against him.

Ladies, if you’re having trouble getting him to finally take your relationship to the next level, I highly recommend you give this book and its methods a try.

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2 Replies to “How To Date Emotionally Unavailable Men When He’s Into You”

  1. I want him back please help I can’t seem to live my life without him. everything I read in your blog is totally true I think I pushed him to a run away mode.

    1. I understand how you feel, Mercy! I have been there!

      What I can tell you is that men usually come back, but what we do while they are away determines the outcome. I had learnt the hard way and I am grateful for what I hace today 🙂

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