The reason why you can’t get over your breakup is because you don’t have a breakup recovery plan…

Dear Friend,

Hi, I’m Charice.  I hope you have found some answers on my website to relieve some heartbreak.

If not, please read on as I’m about to reveal to you my personal method to get over breakups… fast.

These include ideas and techniques that nobody really talks about…

You see, most people have a hard time moving on from their breakup.

67% break the No Contact Rule within 5 days!

The failure rate is so high, people are skeptical if the No Contact Rule is their only way out of heartbreak. Many wonder if it really works.

But it’s not your fault if you’ve failed No Contact.

No Contact Failed You.

In fact, what you need FIRST is a breakup recovery plan.

A guide that specifically helps you deal with your breakup and understand what really happened.

  • Untold truths about breakups nobody really talks about.
  • The aspects of your life that will help or HARM you.
  • How to put together a foolproof support system.

A breakup recovery plan will help you fast track your healing process to DAYS!

If you’re struggling to move on, it’s because you’re doing it all wrong…

It shouldn’t take you months, or a year to get over your ex and move on with your life.

I know your ex is special. He was the love of your life.

I get that. I believe in true love.

I also believe in second chances too.

But if it’s going to take you a year (or two) to move on, you might lose the window of opportunity to get back together.

Why waste a year of your precious time on slow recovery and finding yourself again?

Why stand on the sideline moping while envying everyone’s happiness and success?

Your healing process should only take a few weeks MAX.

With the right roadmap in front of you, you have a clear direction on how to get over your breakup fast.

Start your recovery path from Day 1.

Create the support you need to find your self-worth again.

Don’t you want to find a way to quickly escape the downward spiral you’re feeling?

Aren’t you tired of feeling hopeless and left behind by your peers?

Are you afraid you’ll never love again?

Girl, these are just doubts and tricks your mind is playing on you.

Your emotions are getting the best of you and trying to sabotage your future and well-being.

And you need to learn to fight with whatever you got left.

A Breakup Recovery Plan Is The Only Way To Cut Through All The BS…

You see, this breakup recovery plan was my private go-to resource for my own breakups.

I’ve had waaayy too many breakups in the past that I’ve lost count.

Some hit me hard, while others were easy to get over with.

But every time a man decided to end things with me, I knew my breakup recovery plan is the answer to quickly get back on my feet again.

It was the easiest thing for me to find clarity and purpose in my life again.

And having a plan to lean on at my weakest moment saved my sanity.

I’ve tweaked my breakup recovery plan many times till it gave me the comfort, security, and guidelines to reboot my life.

Again, I only meant for this plan to be for my personal use.

I never thought it would be useful for anyone else since breakups are all unique…

Until I met Sally…

She came across my blog, Ex Back Expertise, and asked for some advice.

Sally (name changed to protect her privacy), was in a 4 year relationship.

Everything was going great and she knew her ex-boyfriend was the love of her life. They were so in sync with each other, had almost everything in common and couldn’t get enough of one another.

Sigh, like two peas in a pod.

The chemistry was unquestionable. They would finish each other’s sentences.

Everything was going perfect…

Until one day, out of nowhere, Sally’s boyfriend wanted to have “the talk”.

Things were going so great she thought he was ready to take their relationship to a whole nother level.

But instead, she found herself in the darkest moment of her life.

He wanted out.

“I need a break. I just don’t know if I still feel the same way like I did before.”

It was worse than a slap in the face!

“I felt this unforgivable betrayal so cold I couldn’t believe it was real,” Sally told me.

I can still feel the tremors in her voice when she described her story. She was in utter shock.

She just couldn’t believe he had the nerves to call their relationship off so quickly without even giving her a chance to work things out.

At the very least, she deserved a reason, right?

Well, that obsessive need to find out why they broke up drove Sally into a downward spiral.

She became desperate, lost, and hopeless.

She racked up a huge debt and gained 30 pounds.

She lost her job.

Many of her friends abandoned her because she wouldn’t listen to their advice.

And she kept breaking No Contact.

Sally just didn’t know how to take back control of her life!

No one to lean to and give her clear instructions to move on the right way.

I was devastated to hear about Sally’s predicament.

It hurts me to see her struggling to piece her life together.

That’s when it struck me to see if my private breakup recovery plan would work for Sally.

After all, she had nothing else to lose right?

She failed No Contact miserably and couldn’t find a way out of a rabbit hole.

She was stuck in the past and wanted to move on.

So I shared Sally my breakup recovery plan, and guided her through each aspect of guidelines.

Within a few days, Sally’s mindset changed. Her attitude and spirit lifted.

Sally finally gets it…

She’s full of hope with confidence that she can start over.

Most importantly, she breaks out of her past and focuses on the present.

She puts herself FIRST.

And she’s determined to bring back that classy and sassy woman she once was.

In just one week, Sally was a whole new person.

Personally, I was surprised that my breakup recovery plan worked for Sally. I was relieved that someone could benefit from it.

Then I decided to test it out on a few coaching clients.

Here’s What Customers Think Of My Breakup Recovery Plan

“Sooo needed this breakup guide.”

After a 4 year relationship ended, I thought I would never go through the stereotypical breakup melodrama. But it hit me like a hurricane. I had a hard time getting over my breakup until I found Charice’s guide.

Photo of Alesha for Testimonial Review

Alesha M.
Seattle, USA

“Lots of wonderful reminders, wake up calls, and advice for moving forward.”

My first and only boyfriend broke up with me out of nowhere. It turned my world upside down. I had no one to turn to and decided to buy this guide in desperate need of advice. If it wasn’t for Charice’s hard truth, I think I would probably still be lying in bed crying over someone who doesn’t deserve any more of my tears.

After reading the guide, I’m way more comfortable with my situation and under how things go so bad in our relationship. I’m glad I’ve picked up this guide to motivate myself and come out stronger.

Photo of Tanya for Testimonial Review

Tanya S.
London, England

“Perfect for anyone going through a breakup!”

This book is exactly what someone needs to read after just going through a breakup. It covers everything about how to survive and move forward. This book doesn’t sugar coat the truth, and Charice tells it like it is, but it’s necessary to hear from someone who is removed from the situation. BUY THIS BOOK!!!

Stop wasting your time stuck thinking about your ex!

Photo of Lidya for Testimonial Review

Lidya W.
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Without The Right Guidelines, You’re Set Up To FAIL No Contact

I know that you’ve tried the No Contact Rule or even heard of it.

Most likely, you failed No Contact a few times and can’t stand thinking about about restarting again from day one.

The sad truth is that you’re failing No Contact because no one has given you the exact steps to get started the right way.

Every guide or blog post just tells you two things about the No Contact Rule.

1. Focus on yourself…

2. Block your ex…

That’s it! But how do you take action from ideas this vague?

And how do you stay disciplined when you feeling weak and desperate?

You see, without clear guidelines, you’re set up to fail the No Contact Rule.

You don’t know how to start your healing process. Your emotions are getting the best of you and controlling your thoughts and actions.

All you can think about is why this happened to you. And you wish things would go back to the way it was before.

Or at least you get a chance to explain to your ex and “fix” things.

That’s the problem with most guides talking about the No Contact Rule. They don’t provide the foundations of moving on.

They don’t even talk about how to deal with breakups!

But isn’t that the most critical part about moving on from a breakup?

So it’s not your fault you failed No Contact.

You were set up to fail because no one gave you the details about how to deal with breakups. They just tell you to switch to No Contact and live your life.

But how are you suppose to do that when you are still grieving your breakup?

If you’ve failed No Contact many times, you know what I am talking about.

And What About Your Ex…?

What hurts even more is that while you’re stuck in a downward spiral, your ex has moved on and doing well for himself.

He’s happy, living it up with his buddies.

He’s shining at work and sharing his success and newfound freedom on Instagram.

He’s enjoying himself. More than ever now he’s single…

While you are struggling to piece your life together.

It’s crazy right? How can your ex move on in the blink of an eye?

The real truth is that your ex checked out long before he decided to break up with you.

He had an exit plan long before “the talk” which means he was already over you and moved on.

He had a head start to get over his feelings for you.

Left you in a dust with no closure and your life flipped upside down.It’s hard to imagine your ex being cold-hearted. I get it.

I know you might deny my accusations. But it’s the sad truth.

So do you want answers and revenge?

What’s The Best Way To Get Back At Him?

Answer: to get back on your feet asap and move on like a boss!

Imagine how your ex will feel when he finds out that you’re over his sorry ass in one week.

You look refreshed and enjoying your newfound freedom.

You’ve never been happier checking off dreams on your bucket-list.

Whatever your ex is doing, you’re way ahead of him.

Isn’t that the perfect revenge?

You bet it is!

And this breakup recovery plan is going to help you reach that.

So what’s it going to be?

  • Do want you to keep moping about your breakup and curl up in you bed?
  • Or turn your life around?
  • Do you want to give up on your hopes of romance and see your ex with someone new?
  • Or do you want to bounce back and show him what he’s missing out?

I believe in second chances and rekindling relationships. And it’s okay that you may not want to get back together with your ex-boyfriend.

If he’s history to you, that’s perfectly acceptable.

But if you still believe that he’s the one for you, the window of opportunity to reel him back in your life is getting smaller every day.

Every time your ex is creating moments with someone else, he’s replacing memories of you.

So you need to act RIGHT NOW…

For him AND for yourself.

Don’t waste more time sobbing over the past and wish for fairy tales to come true.

The only way to regain your self-worth is to take the right actions today.

Even a small step in the right direction is monumental.

Look, it’s your happiness and future you are risking here. And without knowing how to truly move on from your breakup, you will always be carrying that chip in your shoulder.

The breakup recovery plan will help close that chapter of your life and bring out your best self again.

I Know What Rock Bottoms Feel Like…

I’ve been there. I’ve hit rock bottoms way too many times from breakups alone.

I still remember the lonely nights, the feelings of betrayal and disappointment.

But the worst feeling for me is feeling stuck and living in denial.

For many times, I really wished there was a way to “fix” relationships. If only I knew the reason, I could convince my exes to try again.

I would compromise myself to keep the relationship together. Any sacrifice is worth it as long as my ex was still with me.

But I was wrong. Sacrificing my happiness and well-being is not a long-term solution.

Within months, I knew that my ex had a hold on me and made me feel like his puppet.

What’s sad was that I was letting him take control of our relationship.

He knew that he could walk out any minute and I would be begging on my knees for him to forgive and stay together.

This wasn’t me. It wasn’t what I wanted my love life to be.

This could not my future.

So I decided that enough was enough.

If I wanted to take control of my own happiness, I would need to walk away from anything that endangers it.

I knew if I wanted a relationship to work, it would be with a man who values me and puts in the work to make our relationship strong.

I was done crawling back to a broken relationship.

And more motivated than ever to understand how relationships work, and how to find the right guy.

I also wanted to know how to recover faster from a breakup so I could move on with my life the next day.

This led me to create Ex Back Expertise as a space for me to share my personal experience and findings with anyone going through the same thing as me.

And after finding some success with Sally, I decided to reveal my breakup recovery plan to the public.

It’s Called Breakup Is Over

Breakup Is Over Cover

It’s my techniques on how to deal with breakups and fast track your healing process.

Here’s how it works:

1. Neutralize your breakup so you are indifferent to it.

2. Determine the aspects of your life that can help or HARM you.

3. Create a support system that will keep you in the right direction and prevent you falling back into misery.

I must warn you though. There are a lot of hard truths in this guide.

I call it tough love. But it’s something you need to hear to get your head straight.

It’s the missing advice no one shares with you.

Without it, you will fail No Contact, guaranteed.

And you will never escape the power your ex has over you.

The advice in this guide will help you quickly understand your situation so that you can leave your past behind, live in the present, and conquer your future.

You never know. The right guy for you may just be around the corner.

So, What’s Inside This Guide?

Breakup Is Over is a detailed guide in PDF format.

It is 89 pages and covers seven aspects of your life that you need to take control of. I cover each aspect in great detail, leaving no stone unturned.

The best part? You get instant access so you can get started right away.

Here are a few topics that’s covered.

Topics Covered
(You Can’t Afford To Miss)

1. Why the breakup is not your fault – page 7

2. The pain you’re dealing with is fear and how to neutralize it – page 18

3. 5 rules to prevent your phone from sabotaging your progress – pages 35 – 42

4. Should you try rebound sex? How to decided if it’s worth the risk – page 54

5. How to keep your friends by your side before they bail on you – page 61

6. How to hack your morning routine to get to work effortlessly – page 78

7. How to handle your run-in with your ex like a boss – page 82

You see point number 7?

Most people will tell you to avoid places you’ll bump into your ex.

Not me. There’s no reason to go out of your way to find another coffee shop when the one you’ve been going to is your favorite.

Avoiding your ex simply means he still has a hold on you.

I’ll show you how to handle your awkward encounter like a pro and get your ex to notice your confidence.

There are many more topics that are straight to the point and easy to take action in this guide.

I use this exact breakup recovery plan on my private coaching customers who pay a monthly subscription to get my personal help.

But now, I’ve decided to reveal this guide to the public. For a limited time only, you can get this guide for $20.


Breakup Is Over Book
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30 Days 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don’t ​​think Breakup is Over is worth your time and money,​ just let us know within 30 days and we’ll send you a prompt refund.

What Do You Have To Lose?

I hope by now you understand that handling your breakup is the key to moving on.

It’s the prerequisite to starting your No Contact.

This guide is worked for me, Sally, and my private coaching students.

Without it, you’re bound to fail to move forward with your life.

The way I see it, you have three options.

Option1: You keep sobbing about your breakup and live in the past.

You let your misery take over your life.

Your emotions get the best of you while you carry your sadness and anger around all day.

You piss off your coworkers, friends, and family with your dreadful behavior leaving them no choice but to ghost you.

Option 2: You find your own way through recovery.

You’ve probably tried the No Contact Rule and failed many times.

Like I said earlier, it’s no surprise and I don’t blame you. No Contact is indeed hard to follow when you have zero accountability.

It’s okay to keep failing and trying.

But how much time do you have to fully recover before you miss a golden opportunity?

Whether it’s getting back with your ex or the right guy comes into your life, what if you’re not ready?

And how do you know if you’re not carrying any more emotional baggage once you’re back dating?

Option 3: Let me guide you through your breakup the smart way.

I’ve been through many breakups and gotten out of it so quickly it doesn’t drag my entire life down for weeks.

I’ve helped many readers and coaching clients move on and discover their self-worth again.

When you are at your lowest point in life, a guide like Breakup is Over will save you a ton of headaches and failures.

You won’t have any doubts if this will work.

It’s an easy plan you can plug into your life and start making changes almost instantly.

The best part? You’ll recover faster with no emotional baggage whatsoever.

Let’s close this chapter of your life and begin something amazing.

Cause you are awesome.

Of these three options, ask yourself…

What’s going to be easier for you?

You see, there are two types of people in this world…

Those that daydream and fantasize about their perfect love life if only they find the right guy who checks all the boxes…

And those who take action every day to meet the right gentlemen that will respect the relationship and put in the effort to make them happy.

Most people wait for their Prince Charming to magically appear…

But we both know that usually never happens.

Instead, these people settle for something comfortable and stable.

If that works for you, then I respect your decision.

Only a small percentage of women are serious enough to take action now so that they are prepared for their next relationship.

If you’ve read this far, I know you are committed to finding long-lasting love.

Am I right?

Only you can decide…

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