Do Exes Miss You? How To Tell If Your Ex Misses You

Going through a breakup and can’t stop thinking about your ex? I know that feeling and have been in many situations where I wonder if my exes miss me or not. It’s natural to think about what your ex is up to while you’re going through the No Contact Rule.

Do exes miss you?

In general, your ex will miss you from time to time and the beautiful love life you two shared. The occurrences will happen more often during the No Contact period as this period of time is when you two just officially separated. Despite the negative feelings towards each other, your ex will miss the good old days and hopefully remember the broken relationship in a positive light.

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Why Do Exes Miss You

There are several reasons why exes miss their former partners. Just like a friend who wants to see you after a long break, your exes will want to spend some time with you before moving on with their lives. They’ll think about the times when they were good friends as well as their former life partners. Here are a few reasons why your exes will miss you.

1. They found their happiness when they were with you.

Remember the great times you two shared together? People always remember the good times along with the bad times they had during their relationship. Your time together was so memorable and made a significant impact on their life that they can’t forget all about it.

2. They can’t give you everything you deserve.

Your ex is feeling guilty and responsible for the breakup. They feel like they could have done something better, so they want to give you a second chance. Another factor behind your ex’s inability to forget about you is that you still have feelings for each other, which means they want to see you again.

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3. They miss the way things used to be during your relationship.

During your relationship, everything was just perfect for them. They may feel a sense of loss knowing that your relationship is already over. Even if it was a negative relationship, those memories are still meaningful to them. This may be an opportunity for you to start fresh with your exes and hurt each other again.

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4. They don’t have anybody better than you in their lives.

If your ex still doesn’t have a girlfriend or boyfriend, he or she will miss the companionship you two shared. This is especially true if you were the first person they loved.

When your ex reaches out, the rule of thumb is to act friendly and mature. If your breakup has been over a year, there’s no reason to hold onto bad feelings about your ex and hold on to past emotions unless it was an abusive situation. You should have already sorted out your feelings and move past your breakup during the No Contact Rule.

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When Does An Ex Start To Miss You

The answer is that it depends, and the time period varies for each person. But it’s more likely that your ex will start to miss you during the No Contact Rule as he is reflecting on the relationship and wondering if it’s the right decision to split ways. They regret what they did and start to yearn for you. As mentioned, your exes will think of the good times they had with you when they were together.

If you have mutual friends with your ex, chances are your ex is missing you more. Your group of friends will feel different when everyone knows someone’s missing. The conversations will be different. The social life on Fridays won’t be the same without you (or your ex). When one of you is missing during a social call, it will ruin the chemistry your team showed before.

Your ex-boyfriend may not show it as they try to be strong and think of the future. But your exes will certainly miss you. It’s always sad when you and your ex split, but they still have to move on with their life. If your relationship was long, it’s harder for your ex to forget about you and move on easier than if he only had a few months with you.

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Why does it take guys 8 weeks to miss you

One of my coaching clients recently emailed me a question that she found in a forum?

“Why does it take guys 8 weeks to miss you?”

I’m not sure where my client received this timeline of 8 weeks for a guy to miss their ex. There is no set timeframe for when guys will start missing their former flames. But, they’ll likely miss you during the time period of No Contact. This is because guys rely on closure for emotional reasons and want to move on with their lives. The time period can vary for each guy, but guys do miss their ex-girlfriends. They think about their former life partners and want to reconnect with them. It’s a natural process for getting over someone and having closure.

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Unfortunately, some guys may never miss their exes because they are so focused on themselves. They don’t care about missing girls or even think about their past relationships. Maybe he is too young to know what love is all about and is still experimenting with women.

He may have moved on with his life, find someone new, and found someone better. He’s happy now as he is living the adventures of his new girlfriend, who is very different from his past relationships.

What I recommend my clients do is not focus on the time frames. Instead, focus on the positives they have with the new relationship and move forward to help them heal their heartache and move on in their life.

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Will Your Ex Miss You If You Disappear?

Do Exes Miss You? How To Tell If Your Ex Misses You

One reason why the No Contact Rule is so powerful in healing breakups is that it forces you to disappear from your ex-boyfriend’s radar. Gone, vanished, and out of his life for the next 30 days.

No texting, calls or liking his Facebook photo.

It doesn’t matter if you still have bitter feelings, want closure from your ex, or you’re planning to get back together, but completely disappearing from your ex’s life will make him feel empty and left out. If you were the person dumped, your ex-boyfriend would expect you to reach out and beg for forgiveness to get back together.

But what if you reacted differently and stayed silent?

It will make your ex think harder and longer about his decisions. The less you react to the breakup, the more will ex-boyfriend will assess his life without you. He will probably miss the good times he had with you and start to feel sad about what happened.

It’s too bad your ex can’t see you or hear you. He’s just missing someone so close yet so far away from him. This can lead to a sense of depression and being stuck in the past. The 30 days of No Contact will give your ex plenty of time to think about his new life and wonder if other things he can do to make himself happier without you.

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