Do Guys Miss You After A Breakup

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It’s official. Your relationship is over, and you cannot get over it. It’s heartbreaking to understand that your relationship is over, and the love of your life doesn’t seem to be the one anymore.

But you miss your ex-boyfriend. And regardless of how much you’re giving him the silent treatment during the No Contact Rule, you wonder if he is missing you too.

So, do guys miss you after a breakup?

The short answer is yes. Your ex-boyfriend will miss you after a breakup. After all, you two shared a romantic relationship for a period of time. You had intense feelings for one another. And those great memories don’t go away quickly, even if you want them out of your system.

Under the emotional pain and deep sadness, the great memories of your loving relationship lie beneath. You need to give him time and space to get through his difficult emotions and realize what he’s lost.

During the No Contact Rule, you must stay completely off your ex’s radar. Don’t text, call, or check his Facebook feed. The more you remain silent and strong, the more your ex-boyfriend will miss you.

Now go out there and enjoy your single life.

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How Long Does It Take For A Guy To Miss You After A Break Up?

It depends on the type of guy your ex is and how your relationship went. But in most cases, your ex-boyfriend will start to show signs of missing you during the No Contact period. This is when your ex-boyfriend will miss you most because the breakup is fresh, and your relationship is officially over.

Both you and your ex-boyfriend will go through a rollercoaster of feelings and wondering if it was the right decision to end the relationship. That’s what makes this phase so tricky. It could be as little as two weeks for your ex to reach out and send mixed signals.

Don’t fall into your ex’s trap and think he wants to get back together. In most cases, your ex is trying to get over his thoughts about you and trying to move on. If he directly tells you that he’s missing you, it’s a dead giveaway that he wants something from you for his sake.

Honestly, most guys don’t want to talk about the breakup. Nor do they want to get back together right after the split. They want you to move on with your life and give him space to do the same.

But some guys will miss you more than others. Your ex-boyfriend might start showing signs of missing you right after the No Contact period ends. He might text and call while he still has mixed feelings of missing you or as a means to see how you are doing in your new relationship.

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How do you know if a man misses you?

It may take a couple of weeks for you to see signs that your man misses you. Some signs may be mixed signals and while others are genuine ones that are worthy of responding. The rule of thumb is always to keep in mind that you have the power to respond and accept your ex-boyfriend’s message. Don’t just give a green light for your ex-boyfriend to reach you. Make it hard for him to get access to your attention.

Here are some telltale signs to know if a man misses you.

1. He asks about you

Maybe you see him at a party and catch up with an old friend. Your ex-boyfriend will be more than willing to know how you’ve been doing and mention how much he misses you. You’ll know he’s genuine because he won’t be asking for anything such as a second chance or to get back together. He’s going to ask because he genuinely misses your company and wants to get in touch with you again.

2. He sends you mixed signals

He might try to get your attention by sending mixed signals. He might come off as being friendly and then cold. The truth is, despite missing you, he doesn’t know how he feels about the breakup. He’s just trying to feel out if things could work with you again or not. Don’t fall for his mixed messages because he wants something from you, not out of genuine feelings that are most likely missing in his life right now.

3. He asks for advice

If your ex-boyfriend is genuinely missing you, he’ll be more than willing to accept any advice you have to offer. This means he’s more than likely not thinking about getting back together with you. He might just be seeking advice on what he should do next.

4. He denies being hurt by the breakup

He may deny being hurt by the breakup to make himself believe that it’s just a breakup and nothing more. He could also be too prideful to admit he’s hurting because he thinks he’s better than you. This is what’s called ego-defensiveness. He’ll think he’s a lot better than you, and for that reason, his ego will tell him he shouldn’t be feeling hurt. And when it matters at heart, nothing can be done about it until the emotions have truly sunk in.

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Do Guys Miss You When They Break Up With You?

Guys go through a wave of uncertain emotional pain like women do during a breakup. This is why the No Contact Rule Helps in many breakup situations and work for both men and women. Essentially, you give each other time and space to reflect on the broken relationship and work out what’s best for yourself.

Even if your ex-boyfriend broke up with you, he would experience some withdrawal symptoms. This means that his decision to let you go will have some negative consequences once he starts to live on his own and realize that you’re gone. Giving him time and space is the best method of getting through his emotions.

The only way to know if he misses you is if he comes out and tells you that he misses you. If this doesn’t happen, it’s best to let him live with his decision to live his own life with or without you.

If your ex-boyfriend reached out to you during the No Contact Rule, pay attention to what he says and what he doesn’t say. It’s hard to tell if he misses you just by his words. Sometimes, the actions will speak louder than his words.

He might have mixed feelings towards you, and he’s still trying to figure out where he wants to be next with his life. He may reach out to you because he doesn’t want things to end on a negative note between you two or thinks that seeing your name pop up on his phone is an excellent way to forget about the breakup and move on with his life.

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Do Guys Miss Their Ex After A Breakup?

Yes, this is a common occurrence. Your ex-boyfriend will most likely miss you after the breakup. Whether it’s the woman who broke up with him or the woman he broke up with, there will always be some feelings left over. These emotions could be longing for what was or just missing what could have been.

Even if your ex misses you, he will most likely deny that he has any feelings that are worth pursuing a relationship with again. If your ex is indecisive or insecure with his feelings, it’s harder to pinpoint his purpose in reaching out to you. My relationship advice would be to ignore any contact your ex makes until you are comfortable with your current situation and have your feelings under control.

This is why the No Contact Rule is a valuable tool in getting your ex back or improving the relationship after a breakup. It allows both of you to move on with your lives and makes it easier for you to see any signs of genuine feelings when he reaches out to you again. For now, give him time and space as well as yourself. Start by having a healthy relationship with yourself first.

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Do Guys Miss You After A Breakup?

There are ways to know if a guy misses you after a breakup. It’s less about his words and more about his actions. Actions speak louder than his words. An appropriate reaction to your ex reaching out to you is not you going right back to him.

Instead, take things one step at a time and proceed with caution with the aim of not falling back into old patterns of communication that led to the breakup in the first place. Whenever a guy misses you after a split, he wants to get back together.

This is why you must pay attention to what your ex-boyfriend is doing and not saying. The only way he will show you that he misses you is if he puts his actions where his mouth is. If he reaches out to you, know that your ex-boyfriend will be willing to do anything to get back with you.

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