Does He Still Love Me? 3 Signs He’s Still In Love With You

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Quote: Sometimes I wish I could read your mind and findout how you feel about me. Image of a man holding a woman's hand in guidance by the water.

I know you’re wondering if your ex is still thinking of you. Is the guy who broke your heart giving you mixed signals?

Perhaps he’s not over you but you’re not sure if those hints are real. Your ex boyfriend keeps texting you and you wonder if you should text him back or what he’s up to (by the way, the Text Your Ex Back program is a great guide to help you text the right messages to get your ex to respond).

So does he want you back or is he playing mind games? What does he want from you?

They’re all over the place, It’s nerve-racking, isn’t it?

Still, I know what you’re going through, I’ve been there. You have a relationship end and then suddenly, out of nowhere, your ex starts acting like he’s your best friend. It’s confusing, isn’t it? You wonder, “Does he still love me?” or “Is he just being nice out of his own guilt?”

It isn’t always clear what your former flame is up to. However, there are some signs that show a pretty good chance that your ex wants to reconnect.

All you have to do is notice those signs and pick the sincere ones.

Does He Show Signs He Misses You?

One of the most important signs your ex boyfriend wants you back is that he shows you he misses you. If there’s one thing I know about men it’s that once they fall in love, it takes a lot to get them out of love. If you’re the woman he loved, then he’s probably still pining for you.

After all, you are quite the catch and he knows it!

Sometimes the signs that he still loves you can be quite clear. There are some men who are thrilled to just tell you up front that they love and miss you and can’t live without you.

It takes a lot of courage to be that kind of man. For the most part, however, men aren’t nearly that open about their feelings and you have to sort through the signs and messages to really figure out what he’s feeling.

Or you can give them a little nudge and make him realize what he’s missing out.

Those that do express their affection are the ones worth a second chance.

3 Surefire Signs He’s Not Over You Yet

Quote: If a man wants you, he will come and get you. Image of a man wearing a suit and carrying a dozen roses waiting for a second chance.

If you’re anything like me, then the opposite sex can seem really confusing. They don’t want to care about you, but they do care, then they feel weird about falling in love so they end it, only to feel miserable without you and want you back…but not want to tell you they want you back!

To be fair, they’re simply just being men. Nothing wrong with that.

It’s usually our fault that we fail to understand what men want and understand their feelings.

He could be telling you that he loves you (which could be true) but he’s not ready to get back together. Perhaps he genuinely misses you, but not the relationship. Trust me, he’s not even sure how he really feels or what he wants.

The key here is to acknowledge these positive signs to motivate yourself that there’s hope in a second chance. And you’re willing to do what it takes to make it work.

Not to worry. I have gathered three of the most surefire signs that you can depend on your ex not going anywhere.

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1. He Calls To Check On You

Men have a difficult time showing a woman they care, it’s a fact. I happen to think it’s because most guys grow up being told they’re not supposed to express their feelings, so when they do feel something they have no idea what to do.

This is especially true for any ex who’s looking to get back together.

One thing is for certain, however. If your ex calls to check on you or ask how your day was, he misses you. I’ve never known a man to call up an ex girlfriend just to see if she’s okay unless he’s really thinking of her and missing her. Checking on you is a sure sign he’s thinking of you.

Trust me, he’s working on an angle to get back into your life!

This is a good sign.

Men who feel heartbroken and jaded will not want to hang out with you, and they certainly won’t want to know what you’re up to. Most of all, men who are over you don’t care what happens to you.

If he’s calling to check on you, then he definitely still cares about you!

Here’s what you do:

Let him know that you’re doing fine, but give him a hint that he’s on your mind. For example, you can say something like

“Yes, I’m doing okay, thank you. Still, I do miss our morning conversations, you always made me smile.”

That lets him know that you’re at least not completely over him and he might still have a chance. It also doesn’t put you in a position of pursuing him. A little hint like that will really make him remember your good times together.

2. His Friends Have Had Enough of His Misery

Quote: If he wants you to be in his life, he'll put you there. You shouldn't have to fight for a spot. Image of a wedding table with a decorative label for the bride.

Have you ever bumped into your ex’s friend and been told, “Yeah, my man is miserable without you”? If so, then you needn’t ask yourself if he has feelings for you.

Chances are he still does.

The only time a man would even dream of opening up to his buddies about his feelings is if he is in absolute devastation. If your ex’s friends tell you he’s miserable without you, then you can guarantee that he’s still not over you.

Great sign for you. Bad for his buddies who have to hear him hurting.

You have to understand a guy’s point of view here. Rarely do men open up their feelings to other men, unless it’s something really important.

If your ex’s friends tell you that he’s been driving them crazy since your split, then you know he wants you back!

So what do you do?

You have to play the chase game this time. What you do is make a “coincidental” appearance somewhere you know he’ll be. Does he go to a specific gym certain days of the week, or does he play basketball in the park with his friends on the weekends? If so, then make sure he sees you there. When he sees you (looking amazing, of course), smile and compliment him on something.

It’s as easy as “Wow, it’s nice to see you, you look great, by the way!” and smile pleasantly. Look happy to see him and happy with life, leave it open for him to contact you.

3. He Just Happens To Be At Your Favorite Hang Out Place

Is there a place you go on a regular basis that everyone knows they’ll see you at? Maybe you have a favorite coffee spot or you really love to spend your afternoons on a specific park bench? Now let me ask you this, did you introduce your ex to this special place of yours?

If the answer to those is a resounding “YES!” and you see your ex at your favorite place on a regular basis, he misses you. This is especially true if he looks miserable and forlorn when he sees you.

This is a good sign.

Men who recently had their heart broken do not intentionally go to places they could see the woman who broke their heart. If he’s hanging out in the places you introduced him to, then you can be assured that he wants give the relationship another go.

The next move is yours.

Get his attention by offering him a seat at your table, or invite him into a conversation where you make room for him to sit and be comfortable with you. Friendly and lighthearted conversation is the way to go here.

Do You Want To Get Back Together?

Quote: Never love anybody who treats you like you're ordinary. Image of a woman sitting in the field with a special heart shape tattoo on her back.

Now that you know how to tell if your ex still wants you back, or if he still loves you, it’s time to ask yourself the most important question of all: Do you want him back?

When we end a relationship there’s usually a very specific reason for it. It’s almost never really as simple as “it just didn’t work out”, there’s always some reason your ex is an “ex”.

Get Expert Help To Win Him Back

Dig deep into your heart and find out the real reason you two broke up. Is it something you can forgive, or are you part of the problem? If so, are you willing to change yourself for the sake of being a better partner?

We all make mistakes and we all deserve to be forgiven. If your former flame is showing genuine signs he wants to give things a second chance, it might be worth getting back together.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide if you want to make the next move.

Once you realize your ex wants you back, and when you see that he still cares about you or still loves you then it’s up to you to make the next move.

Sometimes, we don’t want our ex back. I know there are probably only two ex’s I would ever consider taking back for even a moment. Of those two ex’s, however, I would definitely be willing to give it another try. So ask yourself this, should I respond?

If you’re getting a strong sense that your ex wants you back, but he hasn’t actually said so, then you can test the waters a little by texting him first to see how he reacts. You don’t want to come off as too needy (because it could push him away…even if he does miss you) but you don’t want to be too cold about it either.

Even if your guy is showing you all the signs he’s not over you, right now is a pivotal time and you have to make the right move if you want him back.

p.s. The minute you’re positive that your ex is not over you, you need to find a way to connect with you again on a deeper level.

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40 replies on “Does He Still Love Me? 3 Signs He’s Still In Love With You”

My ex told me he’s not feeling it anymore. I want him back. He still comes over at the drop of a dime when ever I have car issues or anything to help me. He will talk on the phone and text me once in a while too. I’m not sure what I can do. I’m trying to give him his space but I think he just started seeing someone.. he used to be head over heels about me. I miss him so much

My ex broke up with me right after Christmas. She swears she’s been over it for a month now (which would have made it the day she broke up with me. I know she’s lying because she told me many times she has cried. ) she has told our friend that I should let the thought of a relationship with her go. But she refuses to tell me to my face. She told me that she feels nothing for either sex.
I’m just confused how you can go from lovey-dovey and u are my world to (next day) it was the worst day of my life when I met you. Also when I have done the NC, she has been all scared, messaging me alot and holding/hugging/snuggling me. If I meant nothing to you then why are u acting like that?? She also still says ily to me. (Last 2 days she hasn’t because we got into a fight)

Hi! My ex boyfriend has told me he loves me and that he didn’t say it to freak me out, he just wanted to express it. This was after we’ve met up and had a few text conversations. This is the second time he’s broken up with me so I was a bit skeptical, so instead of accepting or appreciating what he said, I told him that I’m happy to have these conversations with him once he’s sorted his emotions out, when we’re on the same page in commitment, and that I respect the decision he’s made about us. I think I made a mistake telling him that because I want him back, now I’m afraid he’s going to move on and never say I love you or be affectionate again because I shut him down immediately.. any advice? Will really appreciate it..

How do I get him back if his mother doesn’t like me but we aren’t over each other??? What does it mean when when I see him in my friends and when I hear really good songs they remind me of him?????????

I’ve been in an on and off relationship with my ex for 5 years. After moving out of state and no contact for a year, he reached out to me when he moved home to meet up. We hit it off and realized there were still feelings there. He hadn’t been with any other girls while we were apart and claimed he never stopped thinking about me the entire time. Well we have been back together the past year. Things had been great except for the fact that he never had much time for me. After a couple months of rarely seeing or hanging out with one another I abruptly told him I was miserable bc he continued to put me on the back burner. He became noticeably scared of losing me and claimed he was going to start making me a priority bc that’s what I deserve and the thought of losing me made him “sick to his stomach”. Just 4 days later he texted me to say he couldn’t do this anymore, he was done. I ignored his text bc I felt like I deserved a face to face break up. 4 days passed and he finally reached out to me. Explaining he had too much on his plate and I deserved better but he wanted to remain friends and hang out. That this was so hard for him and he wished it didn’t have to end this way. Just two days later I found out from a mutual friend he was already on a dating app. It has been 3 weeks with no contact. He has reached out to one of my gfs almost every day to say either he misses me or small talk. After he begged me to be his friend he deleted me off of Instagram and deleted every photo we have had together over the last 5 years. I just would love a little insight of what could possibly be going through his head or why he is acting out the way he is?

Hi Charice

we have a long distance relationship, I’m in Indonesia and he from UK we met on FB at first we were compatible and have an affinity with one another, we started dating and in the beginning he tried to leave me, he thought that I just wanted a visa and money, for many Asia girls doing that, he blocks all about me the FB, whatsapp, my phone number, skype etc I’m just trying to keep sending emails I did not know he read it or not, he eventually came back to me he said had debt very much,it’s like trying to test me and I say that I continue to receive him we can fight for it together, because I really love him, and the whole cycle again he left me again telling lies that he wants to college and pursue his dream, he returned block all, about me until he came back like nothing had happened he never want to discuss why he left me but I knew he felt a doubt, we have a relationship for eight months we support and spend time together,we often quarreled too, he always said he would come to see me, I said it would come to him he always refused he said that I will spend much cost to it, and let him who comes to me, he should be coming up on 5 sempember later, but it’s all been dashed, he broke up with me a week ago, we fought over the hotel while he was here, I do not want him to spend a lot of money and he felt I did not follow him, he said to be very stressful lately because of this relationship, he blocks all about me back, and when I create a new account on FB so I can request friendship with him, he approves, he said he was date with another girl , our relationship has no future that he always say, because we were too far away, and the one thing we have to get married and he does not want it, I said can we be friends and we are still friends on facebook, he started calling me first and ask what I’m ok, now we just talks awkward if you think he still loves me,a and want to back give your advice I loved him very much
Thank you


So, the most basic way I can explain my problem is that me and my guy (his name is Tyler, and I can’t call him my ex even now) were together for a year and a half. We were engaged to be married. He had been mentioning to me for some time about how he wanted to move out of Oregon (where we lived) down to Utah because he had always wanted to live there. I have moved all over the country since I was a baby (I’m 22, he’s 21 btw) and the idea of having to move again terrified me, so I would shut him down every time he tried to talk about it. Well back in January we had a conversation about whether or not he could stay in Oregon for me, and our engagement ended that night. We tried to reconcile things over the next 3 weeks as he made his plans to move to Utah, and after he got there we started being in a long distance relationship.

Everything was going really well for us, and the plan was that I would move down to Utah the following year. One night we were talking and he had mentioned about how the new job he had just taken a few weeks before would possibly give him the opportunity to move all over the country. Naturally I was super confused and reacted badly to him asking me if I would do that with him, because I had just gotten used to the idea that he had moved to Utah to follow his dream, even though it meant leaving me behind in Oregon to do so. He tells me that night that he can’t do the long distance any more and that he just can’t do this and that he doesn’t think he wants to be in a relationship at all now.

Fast forward a few days, and he tells me that he still wants me in his life despite the fact that he has now ripped my heart out twice. I finally decided that I would be “friends” with him, because especially with the long distance it was better to have some part of him rather than none of him. He calls me literally every single day, multiple times a day: while he’s on his way to work at 4:30 in the morning, right after he gets off of work on his commute home, any time he leaves his house and is driving somewhere, he calls me. Naturally, I’ve been more than a little confused by that.

That being said, I did some soul-searching during our time apart and had decided I did still want to move to Utah because I needed a change, and that I wanted to move around the country with him if that’s what he needed to do for his work (I’m a massage therapist and have been licensed for over 2 years, so my career is set–his isn’t), and so I decided to tell him that. He tells me that he needs time to think about me telling him that, and any time I have asked him since (it’s been over a week now) what he thinks about it or if he’s made a decision yet, he keeps saying that he doesn’t know yet.

I’m having the hardest time in the WORLD trying to understand what exactly is going on between us. He is the love of my life, and I know that he must still love me, but I’m super confused as to why he wasn’t happy with what I told him and why he’s taking so long to give me an answer. Any thoughts?????

P.S. Sorry for how long this is, it’s a very complicated situation :/

my ex and i broke up last year october, from new year we are trying to get back together but he has trust issues about me its not been two months and we have been seeing each other each week but its still tense. he tells me he needs space then goes mad when i don’t text him. and when i do text him he says I’m nagging. i just want him back. we were together for two years and got in to a routine so the spark went but the break up made me realise he’s the one. one the break up he was begging for me back and now the ball is in his court. i really don’t know what to do.

Hi my ex broke up with a week and a half a go. He’s very busy with 2 jobs and one of them being a new business he’s trying to get off the ground. I was being too needy and he said that he just doesn’t feel like he can give me the time I deserve with how busy he is and doesn’t want to hurt me further. I contacted him a few days later to thank him for having a mutual friend check in on me. He said you’re welcome and asked how I was doing and we chatted a bit. I told him not to be a stranger and he said he wouldn’t. Then he text me happy valentines day and said he’s sorry he hasn’t called that he didn’t want to bother me. We chatted a bit and I mentioned grabbing lunch or dinner. He agreed and said he’d be in touch this week. That was Sunday. On Tuesday I stupidly text him saying I hope his work day is going good. He said yes pretty busy and asked how mine was. He ended up being kind of short with me. I’m hoping it was just because he was at work but I don’t know. It’s now friday and he hasn’t contacted me about dinner yet. I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to give up.

Hi I met this guy we work together now we hit it off straight away even though he had a girlfriend the chemerstry between us just grew strong he split up with his girlfriend then we got together and 5months down the line we hit a little bump in hour relationship and he split up with me then few weeks later I found out he got back with his ex who he left because he wasn’t happy and she didn’t trust him but yet he split up with me and got back with her and know when he texts me and he puts kisses on the end and the way we always have a laught and messing around I’m just trying to figure out if he still feels something for me or that he confused and not sure what he wants not sure what to make of it

Don’t let him bounce around like that or he’ll start to feel like he can come and go whenever he pleases. Give him limited attention and let him know you have other priorities and “options” available. If you keep running to him when he calls, you’re just too “easy” in his mind and he won’t take you seriously.

Hello.. An ex of 15 years, no contact for 10. he moved abroad is back and has contacted me. I Have come out of a relationship after 12 years and 3 children. The guy I was with caused a lot of problems in our relationship and after 8 years it ended. he met a girl and they have been together for 15 years. The ex says they are just friends, with benefits. Tells me the last 10 YEARS HAVE BEEN HARD THINKING OF ME. HOPING THINGS HAD TURNED OUT DIFFERENT. WE MET FOR THE 1ST TIME LAST WEEK AFTER 6 MONTHS OF TEXTING! HES RECENTLY LOST HIS PARENTS. iM 43. hES 49. hE SAYS HE JUST WANTS TO be friends.. No relationship! He has grandchildren from a child in a previous relationship before me and wants to be there for them. We talked over some bits. He seems to be really hurting.. But is that hurt from a past that he dwells on. Does this guy really want to be friends or what? why not stay in touch for all the years he was gone? What should I think? Help? He told me he wished many times over the past 10 years he wasn’t alive.. due to him and I breaking up!!!

So my ex broke off the relationship about 4 months ago, but I still love him so much. I’ve tried to tell him and I do want him back. He was best friend, and now we still talk about I can’t tell him I want him back because he doesn’t want the relationship anymore. I don’t know what to do, how do I get to tell him

Give him and yourself some time and space to cool off. Anything you do and say now just sounds desperate which will make him pull away more. If you two are still talking, it’s best to stay off contact especially if you are confused.

Hi, my bf has been avoiding and ignoring me for the past 2 weeks which seem like hell to me because I love him so much and a day without him is just more like a living hell. He once told one of his friends to come and tell me that he no longer want to hear anything about me.This was so painful to me.however days later we bumped to each other and he told me how much he mises me , I never brought up the topic about what he had sent his friend to tell me .He also says he can’t text me through my phone because most of ma friends are fond of using ma phone. I am confused , does he still love me or does he want to break up with me, however I still fell he loves me coz he seems so lonely nowadays. Please reply to me…

So, my boyfriend and I broke up about 6 months ago. His family didn’t want us together and I respected that, but I didn’t like the way he handled the situation. He just stopped talking to me completely. When I noticed what was going on, I just acted like I didn’t care. We didn’t talk at all after all that happened, but we go to the same church and we have the same church group. So, I see him every weekend. He looks at me a lot, but we don’t talk at all. I don’t know what that means or where that leaves us. It’s just frustrating.

If you are not interested in getting back with your ex, don’t fuss about your ex giving you eye contact and letting him inside your head.

My ex and I were together for 2 years and my son that is not his calls him daddy because my son was 6months when we had met. Now that he ended our relationship he still comes over to see my son, but when he sees me he keeps staring at me and when I stare back at him we end up staring in each others eyes for 2 min. Then he brings up a coworker and how she does these things for him, I guess to see if I would get jealous but I smile and say I’m happy for you. Then when he starts play fighting with me he ends up kissing me and wanting to go all the way. I’m confused because I want him to be happy, and it’s good that he still considers my son as his son too and comes to see him but I want him happy and he wants me to go with him places and he still calls me honey and stares at me and smiles. How do I get him to move on? Or what can I do to show I moved on?

Hi my ex and I broke up for 5 month now…then all of a sudden he called me telling me that he love me and that leaving me is the biggest mistake he have ever made…and that since the relationship ended he have been stress and the breakup had a toll on him… he says he love and that he’s still in love with me…
He’s also dating someone but I heard that she’s a rebound girl he dated he to just fill the gap….because he was hurting…
What should I think about this
Please help

Go about your normal life and if he really means what he says, he’ll show it. It’s so easy for guys to say what you want to hear. Just wait until he shows you that he’s for real.

I broke up with my boyfriend a year ago. Then I moved on without turning back until he showed up. We went back together intimately again for a shorter period then split again. He accused me that I was the one causing all problems in his life. Most of his family and mutual friend adored me very much. It is two weeks now, he txt and call me “useless”. I am really hurt and could not understand what am going through right now.

What are the problems he’s accusing you of? Do you think he’s right? If he is, you should really fix the problems for your own benefit. If those problems aren’t true, perhaps your ex is insecure and wants to put the blame on you.

hi . its bean 1 year since my bf and I broke up . we have no closure. he txt me and I replied without knowing that it was him cause I thought it was just one of my friend and then he says take care then I replied oh its you Im sorry I thought it was my friend then he wont reply, and when I ask if hes ok I was just checking on him then he said I hope your happy and if ever you have a bf pls be more happy take care always. that’s his last txt then I confessed, I wont be happy because I still love you. but he doesn’t reply. after a weeks I texted him concerning about my friend theres a rumor that he likes my friend so and wanting to his sexmate so I asked him and then he said no.then after 40 mns he replied why would I do that I haven’t loose my mind . he replied because I texted him to answer without thinking about our past and I call him sir cause he once my trainee teacher then . then on the morning I decided to go in our hangout place because I missed him cause of our conversation last night and wanted to play in the mall toms world to catch stuff toy but only to find out that hes already doing that. and hes there and I was shock and cant see him cause im with the girl who spread the news that he want to have a sexmate with her cause I was thinking that maybe hell thinks that I was only lyng so I cant let him see me .

We broke up last week because I was being immature and causing lots of arguments about small things, it made him feel bad in the relationship and he said he doesn’t believe I can change. He’s been ignoring me completely all this time. How should I approach him and engage a conversation? I realise all my mistakes and I’m truly willing to change my ways, but it seems he’s lost faith it could work out?

Work on yourself first. There’s no point in contacting him and trying to convince him that you will change. Fix these personal issues for yourself and I’m sure your ex will notice it once you put in some time to focus on yourself.

So after a month of silence i got tired of my ex ignoring me and asked what his deal was. He met me at my house last night and we talked . As he was leaving , we hugged for a very long time , it was one of those embracing , very tight and warm hugs , the one that you take a deep breath when embracing.
I think he still has feelings for me .
He broke up with me because he wasnt ready for a serious relationship , the talks about the future scared him but he never told me about it .

He told me he wasnt going to be an asshole anymore and ignore me , so we are friends.
We talked today for a bit , but my question is , should i let him just try to talk to me?
Because he doesnt seem like that type of guy to reach out on his own.

Your ex is most likely telling the truth. He’s just not ready to commit. He’s not in the right time and place to make a huge promise to you. More importantly, he doesn’t want to disappoint you if he cannot deliver. Just give him the time and space he needs. If you two are comfortable being friends for now, then do so without the intent to pressure him to move into a serious relationship.

Hi, I have a boyfriend and now we are in a long distance relationship. before he go i found out that he text his ex girlfriend and i saw there conversation. he needs a financial support for his training and he borrowed a money. her ex girlfriend text me and asking that if really we are and if he is really my boyfriend but i denied him and i said that we are not. until i found out that they are still communicating each other . until finally i meet his ex girlfriend and we talk. the girl said to me that my boyfriend said to her that we are not and i am not his girlfriend then the girl ask me if i love him.. but i said i don’t .. i just lie because of my pride :'( . after we talk, i go home. and my boyfriend calling me and texting me that we will talk. so we talk on the phone he said why i let the girl meet.. and why i denied him. he ask to me if its that true, then i said no i love you and you know that.. he explain it to me everything and he said that he needs the girl because the girl gives him what they need in short support him. I was so disappointed and confused why they do that.. then he promise to me that if I’ll wait him he will fixed this problem.

Things going ok, I’ll understand him and trust what he said. but today he mad at me .. i know maybe i was wrong because i talk his friend about what happened to us which it is a secret.. then he send a message that he is feel so disappointed about me because why i talk about that things to his bestfriend that even him he didnt tell to his bestfriend .. lastnight he text me and i said sorry but he just reply said and i call him but he never answer his phone.. and now i am so sad .. because he didnt text me or answering my call…

what should i do about this? i’ll still love him.. :(

what your reply. Thanks!

It seems like you two have trust and communication issues. Work on these and be honest with each other and stop doing things behind each other’s back.

I dumped my ex 4wks ago after he cheated on me he is now with her . We have two kids and we meet at the park for access as kids are upset . Question when ex is alone he replies to my texts nicely but then when he’s with her she texts his replies and interferes over the children and he allows it , why would he do that , he cheated I ended us.?

He’s allowing her to control his life. Don’t respond to his texts if he’s with her unless it’s about the kids. He’ll feel like he’s got you hanging by the thread. Which he has already with the kids. You should also be seeing other people to move on with your life.

I been in love for about 6 1/2 months now with someone who did me cruddy. cheated on me and just left one day without explaning why. we still have inner corse but its not like before

Your best option would be to find another man that respects you and treats you right. You deserve better!

Hi, how do you win him back after he THINKS I cheated? When in reality I never did ? There’s been a rumor going on I told some people lies even him so he would think it’s true I just want him to realize how much he hurted me when he had told me he wanted to have a 3some with me or with two other girls. So I end up telling him I slept with two couples I made a bet with them two to make him suffer what he had did to me. And I’m moving with him when he had helped me moved in he was treating me like garbage like I wasn’t worth it please help me I don’t know what to do anymore this situation is so complicated

Your situation is definitely a bit complicated with a lot of rumors and uncertainties in the air. There’s lack of trust between you two now. What I’d suggest you do first (if you haven’t) is sincerely apologize to him. Send him a text message telling him you’re sorry for what you’ve done and thank him for making you a better person. Then let him know that you need some space and you’ve decided to move on. If he replies, don’t reply back. If he doesn’t, no worries, just give each other some space and time to reflect.

It depends on their relationship. But I wouldn’t really about it. If you’ve gone through a personal growth journey and increased your attraction levels, you’ll have the confidence any man will desire, including your ex. The more you worry about what your ex is doing, the less time you are committing to yourself.

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