Ex Back Experts Review: Real Love Advice From A Woman

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Updated: September, 2019

Ex Back Experts Review: Real Love Advice From A Woman
Updated: July 2019

Complete Ex Back Experts System

This is the most comprehensive “Ex Back” program I’ve reviewed. It offers a lot of case studies and answers a wide range of breakup questions. Read my Ex Back Experts review below to see if it is right for you.

Quick Ex Back Experts Review

☆ 4.9

Thorough actionable steps.

Ease of Use
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5 step system.

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Great value.

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Support is responsive.

Instant Access with 60 Day Guarantee.

Desperately trying to figure out how to get back with your ex? I know this pain all too well. You fight, argue, someone slams the door, and all of a sudden the person you’ve grown so attached to is supposed to be a distant memory.

Maybe it’s easy for him, but it sure isn’t easy for you. The Ex Back Experts system provides you with an answer to the burning question of what to do now if you want to get him back.

Broken down into five easy steps, this eBook couldn’t be any easier and less complicated to follow.

You’re probably thinking “does Ex Back Experts really work?” The short answer is yes, but before we discuss how you’ll learn to win your ex back, you need to know who these relationship experts are.

About The Authors

Samantha Sanderson

Samantha is a woman you want to look up to. Not only is she a relationship guru, she started out just like you and I – heartbroken and looking for answers.

After countless attempts to “work things out” with guys who weren’t interested in a serious relationship and being faithful, Samantha knew this cycle would break her. But all of this would eventually change. Samantha decided it was time to understand her flaws and get down to the foundation of why she kept having bad breakups.

Samantha touches on topics that only women can understand.

Dean Cortez

Dean is the co-author of this book and was brought on to help Samantha understand her breakups. This is done to help you, the reader, understand both the male and female perspective of the relationship.

Dean, a relationship coach for men, adds immense value to the system and helps provide one of the best guides to getting your ex back you can find.The dual perspective is priceless. It helped me (and it will help you) really uncover feelings from both ends of the table.

There will be no more “why me” or “what went wrong” questions filling your mind for weeks.

How To Win Your Man Back

There are reasons to fight to get him back, but you need to get in the ring with all the tools necessary for a victory. In fact, 50% of women do get back with their ex, so you have a good shot. If you use the techniques you’ll learn about in our Ex Back Experts review, you’ll be ready to win his heart back.

Don’t be like the 32% of women that take a year or longer to get over their ex.

What You’ll Learn

  • What to do after the breakup. Immediate pain is normal, but wallowing in your pain will lead to disaster. You’ll learn how to express yourself in different ways to end the breakup cycle.
  • How and why you need to give it time. Jumping back into the yo-yo dating phase is bad. You’ll learn the 7 deadly mistakes and what you need to do to turn back the clock on your relationship.
  • How to break the ice and get back together. Confused about how to make contact? Want to know how to pass his dumb man tests? You’ll learn it all as well as how to make him feel like getting back together was his idea.
  • Product Name: Ex Back Experts
  • Product Creator: Samantha Sanderson & Dean Cortez
  • Price: $47
  • Guarantee: 60 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Product Delivery: Instant Digital Download
  • Product Format: Online Access, PDF & Audio Files
  • Bonuses: Silent Treatment Solution Exclusive Report, 3 Interview Reports from Relationship Coaches

A 5-step Process to Win Big for Yourself

Made for women by a woman, this program starts off with how to deal with the initial breakup (step 1) and progresses into the complete 5 step system that leads to getting him back into your arms. If you like organization and want a complete plan of what to do next, this is the guide for you.

Let’s take a look at each step and what you’ll learn along the way.

Step 1: What To Do After The Breakup

What should you do following a breakup? Getting through the pain is tough, but it needs to be done. You’ll learn how to express yourself in healthy ways (take a jog or join a Thai cooking class), and how to get help from people that really care – your friends.

Whatever you do, just open up and express yourself in a new way. It works wonders.

Feeling guilty for not being able to make it work? Angry because of what he or you said?

You’ll learn why this is normal, but also how to put an end to all this pain. At the end of the step, you’ll see a case study with Valerie and Nick, a couple who seemed happy until everything went wrong. The biggest mistake? Valerie trusted the wrong friend to lean on.

You won’t make the same mistake after step 1.

Step 2: Give It Time

Step 2 is all about giving it time. You know if you get back together right now it won’t last. I knew it too, but I made the mistake of diving right back into the relationship. I never corrected my relationship flaws.

Re-attaction roadmap from Ex Back Experts.

You’re going to miss him, but you’ll learn about 7 deadly mistakes that we all make. If you’ve already made a move to get his attention, I’m sure you’ve fallen into one of these big no-nos. It’s better to give both of you some time apart and avoid these mistakes before you lose him for good.

Just learn to let go for now before you’re ready to get him back. You want to look good the next time he sees you and like when you two first met. This is the step that will bring you out of your pity party and on the road to being the knockout he wants – inside and out.

Once you become the attractive one, you’re going to work the push-pull theory to your advantage. You going to be the grand trophy he needs to win and cherish forever.

Raise your confidence to the roof. For men, confidence is sexy.

Step 3: Looking At What Went Wrong

After step 2, you’ll be on your way to getting the old “you” back; the “you” before the heartache. Step 3 is all about understanding what went wrong. Did you really fight because he left his shirt next to the bed? Did he have a glaring fault that, evidently, only you didn’t see?

You didn’t break up because of “stupid stuff”, did you?

Hold onto your seat because this is going to be hard to hear. Your faults may have been a major factor in the breakup. You’ll learn how to swallow your pride and ensure you’re ready to change as well.

Further into these chapters you’ll gain an understanding of why he left and what he really wants in a woman. Girl, you’re more than just arm candy, he wants you to be assertive and he wants to enjoy spending time with you – outside of the bedroom.

The games have to stop and the relationship must be taken seriously.And let me give you a serious tip. If you’re thinking that you can “change” your lover, you are making a big mistake. Because your ex is not trying to change you. Instead, he appreciates you.

You must learn to reciprocate. Don’t make him less of a man.

Step 4: Getting Back Together

Step 4 dives into what you want to know: how to get an ex boyfriend back. But, don’t rush it. You need to implement the first three steps first.

Inside, you’ll learn how to “re-attract” your ex. First, you’ll be taken through a series of questions. These questions will ensure you’re ready to move on and be with him again. Think of this as a safeguard for your heart.

Making contact is discussed and a variety of methods are given. You’ll understand why you need to be upbeat and happy. After this, you’ll be ready for the meet up. Everything is covered to make it as easy as possible. Even the miniscule details, such as why you must give him a hug, are discussed.

Common mistakes are mentioned, such as rushing things as well as how to pass his “little” tests.One of the key points to this step, and one that will make you laugh, is that you’ll uncover how to make him think that getting back together was his idea.

Don’t worry, he’ll be thrilled to chase you again.

Step 5: Making It Better

The final step is all about making your new relationship better. These are concerns we all have. The one thing that must be taken from step 5 is that you need to hit the “reset” button. A new relationship has formed and the old one is out the window; it was toxic anyway.

You’ll learn tricks to please him and for once, you’ll learn how to make him fantasize about you. This comes from the mind of both a man and woman, so this is definitely spot on.

You’ll have a better you. You might have your relationship back. And guess what? If he doesn’t want to get back together, you’ll have a stronger, more vibrant you that any man would be proud to call his girl.

Is This the Right Program for You?


  • Step-by-step approach. No guesswork required.
  • Get more insight from two authors of different genders.
  • Real case studies that you can relate to and learn from to prevent making deadly mistakes.


  • Lesson a bit long. Audio version available if needed.
  • Would like to see more advice after getting back together.

If you need to understand him and have a burning desire to set things straight, Ex Back Experts is the right choice for you. Your questions will be answered, and you’ll quickly understand how to reset your life and move on to a better relationship.

With or without your former flame.

If you use the “push-pull” of attraction, you’ll have one of the most powerful relationship tools at your fingertips.

Stop playing games and take your relationship seriously.

What You Need to Know Before Purchasing

I thought this program would cost an arm and a leg, but it’s priced at just $47. The authors really want you to get back with your ex. If the price wasn’t low enough, you’ll be happy to know that there is a 60-day money back guarantee refund policy in place. You literally have nothing to lose.

Not only will you receive an immediate PDF download, you’ll receive the following for free:

  • A 6 hour audio version of the system.
  • Cheating and re-attraction reports.
  • Silent treatment report.
  • Three interviews with top relationship coaches.

Bottom Line

I truly couldn’t ask for more in a relationship guide. Ex Back Experts is a life changer. You want an advantage when trying to get him back? It doesn’t get much better than this. If he doesn’t come back, you’ll be ready to hit the dating scene fiercer and more attractive than ever before.

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