How Can I Make Him Miss Me Badly

How Can I Make Him Miss Me Badly And Come Back?

One of the common questions I get from people going through the No Contact Rule is how they can make their exes miss them.

“How can I make him miss me badly?”

While the primary goal of the No Contact Rule is to help the person heal, rebuild confidence, and move on, most people (who want to get their ex back) hope that radio silence will naturally make their ex miss them. That’s why people find it difficult to hold to their No Contact promise, as radio silence is often pushed aside by the fear that their ex will not miss them and move on.

However, I don’t think that the end goal of the No Contact Rule should be to make your ex miss you. This could lead to you being overly needy and end up pushing your ex further away.

You don’t need to make your ex miss you badly for him to come back to you.

You just need to live your life.

And during the No Contact phase, take the time to build a healthy relationship with yourself and see the bigger picture of where you want to be in the future. Now is the time to be selfish and use the quality time on yourself.

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How Can I Make Him Miss Me Badly

To make your ex miss you badly, you need to be genuine with your approach. This means not faking your recovery and happiness. It will be easy for your ex or anyone to see through your ploy. Be careful about building, masking your happiness on fake ground. It will fall on you sooner or later.

You need to thrive to become an independent woman everyone respects.

So live your life, make real changes, and be happy about being free and single. The quicker you move forward, the faster you can get your ex’s attention. Word will get around to him that you are moving forward from your previous relationship. He will notice that you have changed for the better and will find out how to get back with you.

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You’ll also naturally heal from the emotional wreck caused by the breakup because you would be too busy with distractions in your new lifestyle. When you finally come across the news that you’ve moved on, he will most likely reciprocate your feelings.

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How Do You Make Him Miss You Like Crazy? 

People are drawn to success. It gets their attention and makes them jealous. Instead of finding a quick trick to make your ex miss you like crazy, the real solution is to find success in your new lifestyle. A recent promotion, a big and long vacation to Europe, a new man. These are the top three things that can make your ex-boyfriend miss you. And all of them are under your control, where you can thrive easily with your newfound freedom.

And guess what? Your mutual friends are going to talk about you and your new changes. They will help you spread the news of your awesome life to your ex while catching up. Your friends are going to promote your social media posts by liking and commenting on them. All these little actions are going to spread and get to your ex in little time. So how do you make him feel jealous?

Just live a happy life. Don’t wallow, especially when you’re lonely at night. Don’t complain about your ex. Live for you and only you. Move on with a positive attitude and live in the moment. Be selfish and build an emotional connection with yourself.

If you’ve lost your social life due to a relationship, start to rebuild your network and have fun with friends you’ve lost contact with. While dating may be off your agenda, for now, a sure-fire way to get your ex to miss you like crazy is to dress up, put on your favorite scent, and paint the town red. 

Men are visual creatures. And if you keep putting yourself out there, you’re bound to have a physical attraction with the right guy soon. Don’t forget to post pictures!

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Does Silence Make A Man Miss You?

Yes, silence is the key to make a man miss you. If you disappear from your ex’s radar, chances are he’s going to reach out or check up on you to see how you are doing. It’s uncommon for men to fully let go of an ex and cut them off after a solid relationship.

Even if they don’t want to get back together, men still want to hold that sense of feeling that you’re still in their loop. You’ll not only make him miss you, but all your mutual friends will feel the same. If you can keep up the silence for long enough, they will notice that something is up, and they might ask you about it.

And if you’re still holding out, your friends will start to worry about you. But don’t worry because the closer you get to the No Contact Rule, the more they will be okay with it.

Will he miss me if I stop texting?

Of course! Your ex will miss you if you stop texting. You are giving him a chance to feel what it’s like without your presence. When you keep texting your ex, you’re still on his radar without your physical presence.

By giving your ex the silent treatment, you give him a chance to miss you without you being there. Just imagine your ex checking his phone and not seeing your texts. He’ll start to wonder why you haven’t been sending messages like before.

Two weeks out of contact will make him wonder what you’re doing. Three weeks will make your ex start to worry about your well-being. Four weeks after the last text you sent him, he’ll feel sad and depressed that you may not be part of your life.

The rule of thumb is to refrain from texting your ex for at least 30 days. Let him send you a text message first and take your time to reply with something smart and sassy.

So hold on to radio silence for as long as possible. Let your success radiate your happiness to your ex. He’ll start to miss you if he can’t find you. And the longer you hold out, the more he’ll want you back because he’s missing out on something great.

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How Do You Make Him Crazy About You? 

If you want your ex back, there are three things that you need to do to get him crazed about you. The first is to get over your breakup and do something noticeably different. Not only does this draw your ex’s attention to you, but it makes you an attractive person because you are unique.

Don’t try and do the same thing you were doing before the breakup because it will be boring for your ex, and he won’t pay attention. You need to go out of your way, practice random acts of kindness, and surprise everyone, including yourself, that you are a woman worth fighting for.

The second relationship advice is to show him that you’re moving on with your life. Take action in life and let your success speak for you. This will make your ex-boyfriend miss you because he won’t want to lose you in his life.

And finally, show your ex that you’re not depressed about the breakup. Everyone will feel better if they can see you happy and doing well. People like seeing others do well, especially someone with who they are close. And when your ex sees you moving on with your life and being happy, he’ll want to be a part of it.

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What is the weakness of a man?

The weakness of a man is his pride. He needs to feel important and appreciated, especially by a woman. If he doesn’t know how to keep up with her, she’ll naturally move on from him because he doesn’t impress her anymore. And that’s why he’ll start to miss you. He gets his ego bruised that you left him and is now with someone else. And he tries to win your affection back.

The game of love is not for the weak, that’s why you see so many relationships fail. The problem with men is that they try to fix things with anger. They try to win women back by doing more bad things than good things. This is why you see so many men cheat after breaking up when they feel like their ex has moved on.

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How Do You Make Him Miss You Over Text?

Texting your ex will not work at all. Your ex-boyfriend will most likely skim and delete your message. There are some ways to write a text message that will stick in your ex’s mind and make him reply. But if you are still in the No Contact phase, it’s best not to text your ex just yet.

The best way to make someone miss you over text is to forget about your ex and move on with your life. If you’re not going to find someone else, just focus on yourself instead of texting him. If you think about it too much while texting your ex, you’ll start to message him every other day, and that’s not going to bring results.

If you text him, then your ex won’t feel the sense of loss and urgency that he’s about to lose you for good. You’re allowing him to feel like your presence and his control over you by sending a text. Your ex will most likely think that you’re waiting for him and don’t feel the threat of losing you. If I don’t message him, will he think I’m ok with the breakup?

Yes, the best way to make a man miss you is to make him think you are totally fine with the breakup. This will make him want to get back together because he doesn’t want you to be sad or depressed. Think of it this way, if your ex misses you, he’ll see that you’re moving on with your life without him. And that’s the best way to make him miss you.

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