How Can You Make Your Ex Miss You (Very Fast)

From time to time, we think about our exes. I’m not going to lie. I’m a hopeless romantic who always wonders about how my exes are doing. Are they better off now, or do they still have feelings for me? Are they in a new relationship?

How can you make your ex miss you in the same way you are missing them?

Whether it’s a fresh breakup or the separation has been months, you can’t get your ex-boyfriend out of your head and living rent-free. So how do you make your ex miss you and think about the good old days?

Is there a chance for you two to get back together? It’s only a matter of time, but it is possible.

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So, How Can You Make Your Ex Miss You?

The most effortless way I know is to live your life. Be genuinely happy and enjoying your life. If you’ve just broken up, use the No Contact Rule to rebuild your self-esteem and live an awesome life.

You shouldn’t be trying hard to get your ex’s attention. Don’t worry about how they feel. Go out with your friends and live your life. Have a blast with your social life! Do things that you always wanted to do without stressing over whether your ex-boyfriend is keeping tabs on you or not.

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Want to make your ex miss you? 

Do things that you always wanted to do but never had the chance to. Take that hiking adventure on Tour De Mount Blanc or join an English teaching program in Beijing. When you’re in another country, act as if you are the only person who matters in your life. It may sound crazy, but that’s what I did when I went to the Philippines. Make your ex-boyfriend miss you by enjoying your vacation and doing things you always wanted to do.

Get your body into shape and become the beautiful woman turning heads!

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How Do I Make My Ex Want Me Back?

Now, if you got your ex-boyfriend’s attention and want a chance at happiness with him again, this will take a new game plan to make it happen. The key is to become the Ungettable Girl. The one who got away or the love that your ex shouldn’t have let go.

To get that elusive guy to want you back, you need to make him not able to stop thinking about you. This means focusing your life and happiness on yourself and letting your success radiate around you.

How do you do that? To get your ex back, you need to get rid of the negative energy around you. You need to learn to control your emotions and block out all the negative emotions. This is why the No Contact period of at least 30 days is crucial to your strategy.

The first thing is to cut off the negative thoughts and feelings for good by cutting off people or situations that bring them on. It’s also essential to have yourself on track with being happy and cheerful. Getting caught up in negative thoughts will only make your ex become a more desirable target for you.

You need to think positively about yourself now more than before.

There are two things about men that I’m sure of. One, they want something they can’t have. If you play hard to get, it will make your ex want you more. Give him the silent treatment until your ex gives in and reaches out.

Second, men are attracted to success. If your former flame sees you living life to the fullest, he’ll be tempted to your success. He’ll be hearing about you from your mutual friends and be curious about your achievements. 

Your ex will wonder how you’ve changed from an ex-girlfriend to someone who’s making something of herself. Pumping yourself up with positive thinking will make your ex-boyfriend want to know more about you in real life.

Go and do everything that makes you happy, the good feelings will be a magnet for him.

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How do you know if your ex is still in love with you?

Men are always showing their interest in a woman by actions more than words. It’s hard to tell if you’re ex-boyfriend is indeed still in love with you without talking to him.

It’s hard to tell if your ex is still in love with you without them telling you. You could find out indirectly if they are still thinking about you. There might be a few signs, including:

  • Sending texts or calls more often than normal to chat or ask how things are going for you.
  • Continuing past conversations, so it doesn’t feel like it’s finished, rather than starting new ones.
  • He keeps saying that he wants to get back together.
  • He won’t stop texting you even if he’s spending time with his friends.
  • You don’t feel that his friendships are any better than yours, rather than feeling like he doesn’t want to be so close with them.
  • You get the same text or email from him over and over.
  • Your ex has started to stand still when he sees you coming, hoping that you’ll walk by instead of greeting you.
  • He still wants to be with you even if he has other options.
  • He still tries to buy your attention by bringing gifts or lunch from your favorite restaurant.
  • He brings up past memories in conversations even if they’re not so relevant.
  • He’s only hanging out with you and not other friends.

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How Do You Make Your Ex Miss You Bad?

Your ex might miss you for a period of time after the breakup. He is adjusting to a new lifestyle without you in the picture. 

Don’t be surprised if your ex starts texting or calling more often than normal. He might react when he sees pictures of the two of you together, even if it’s just pictures on Instagram or social media.

You can also try to pump yourself up with positive thoughts so your ex will be interested in who’s succeeding around him as well as why it happened.

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How do you tell if your ex misses you?

If your ex doesn’t let you in their life, but they still have contact with you, it signifies that they might still care about you a lot and miss you. You could also find out if your ex is trying to spend more time with you by cutting downtime with your circle of friends.

Your ex might also call or chat online more often than normal. Don’t be surprised if he is more active on social media and post pictures of you two together to show his affection.

If your ex keeps putting your number on their phone or contacts, it means that they’re thinking about you. This will make them less attractive to other women who will make you more attractive to him.

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How can I make him want me again?

If you want to make your ex want you again, you need to remind him of the girl he once loved. The one who made him realize that he wanted more with his life. The one who stood out and seemed different from the others because she was alluring to him.

To get your ex’s attention, you need to stand out and show that you’re a unique girl. You need to be the girl who has a life of her own and doesn’t need him around. Show him that you’re not the same girl he dated before.

You can make your ex miss you again by making yourself unavailable and hard to reach. The rule of thumb is to play hard to get.

Ignore his calls and texts. Don’t respond to them if you can. If you do reply, wait a few days to do it with a short text message. You need to stop being available to him so he’ll think about you again.

If you’re going to be unavailable, it’s essential to know when to ease up. You need to slowly and gradually make yourself available once you are confident enough to meet your ex. You need to show him that you’re interested in getting back together, but you want him to work for it this time.

Think about the first time your ex laid eyes on you and asked you out on a first date. This is the same type of affection and positive emotions you want from your ex the next time he reaches out.

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How Do You Make Your Ex Think About You?

If you want your ex to think about you, a good way is by making him feel happy. You can do this by posting positive memories of you two together. Maybe nothing too provocative but a neutral photo of you in a photo from a place where you two spent time together.

Another way of making your ex think about you is through your changes during the time apart. While you live your life to the fullest, word from your social circle will get around to your ex that you’re doing fine without him. Not only will this make your ex wonder how you’re enjoying life so quickly, but he will also think you have moved on. With a mix of curiosity and jealously, your ex-boyfriend is bound to reach out and see how you are doing.

All of this will make him think about you all the time and need you for everything. That together is where they want to be more than anything else in the world.

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How do you tell if your ex secretly wants you back?

You can do numerous signs to figure out if your ex-boyfriend secretly wants you back and still has feelings for you, but it’s hard to tell without him telling you this himself.

However, when he does come back after a long time, you need to determine if getting back together is best for you. Even though your ex wants to get back together, keep in mind this, it is in his interest to do so.

You need to weigh the pros and cons of getting back together and whether giving your ex a 2nd chance is the right move for your interests. 

Here are some of the telltale signs that he might still have feelings for you

  • The ex has started texting you more often after he’s broken up with another woman.
  • If he seems to be more positive and seem happier, then there is a chance that he might want to get back with you.
  • He starts spending more time looking at old pictures of the two of you together, and when he sees you, he smiles or talks happily.
  • -He keeps on buying you gifts such as flowers, chocolates, perfume, or jewelry.
  • -When he spends time with you, and it’s just the two of you, he starts to talk positively about the two of you.
  • -If he’s been talking to someone else, then he wants you back.

If he’s spending time with you and not only you but also his friends and family, then there is a chance that he might want to get back together with you.

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