How Do You Give Him Space And Make Him Miss You

Going through a breakup is one of the toughest things anyone will go through. Not only do you lose the love of your life, but your whole future seems to vanish overnight after the split.

But you want your ex-boyfriend back, and you’re dying to reach out and set things right. On the other side, you know it’s best to give your ex time and space for him to cool down the negative emotions.

So how do you give him space and make him miss you?

My method is a lot easier than you think. It requires you to change your mindset and focus on yourself. It might be problematic from the start to stop thinking about your ex-boyfriend, but once you have enough distractions scheduled in your life, you won’t even notice how much you’ve changed for the better. You’ll be so involved in your work and hobbies that you’ll forget why you fussed over the breakup.

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So How Do You Give Him Space And Make Him Miss You?

Let’s go through a few things you shouldn’t do after the breakup. You should be implementing the No Contact Rule to block off all contact with your ex. Here are some things you shouldn’t do.

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Don’t contact your ex.

Block or delete your ex’s phone number and connections on social media. You do not want to hold on to any access you have. I know it’s a terrifying moment to remove your ex’s contact. But for you to easily follow the silent treatment, it’s best to lose his number!

Don’t beg for attention.

One of the cardinal rules in breaking up with someone is to never beg for attention. It’s simply unattractive!

You don’t want him to feel sorry for you or feel that he’s committed a huge mistake by breaking things off.

Also, don’t post any provocative photos of you on social media. You might think this will get your ex’s attention, but trying too hard will only come across as desperate to your ex and everyone on your Facebook Feed. 

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Don’t sit and wait for time to pass.

The No Contact Rule is also a golden opportunity for you to explore and focus on yourself. It’s also a chance for you to build a healthy relationship with yourself. 

Use this quality time to have fun and let go. Now that you’re single do the things you’ve always wanted to do! Don’t obsess over your past relationship and mop at home. The last thing you want to do is waste this time thinking about someone who is moving forward with their lives.

So here’s what you need to do to give him space and make him miss you.

It’s easy. The answer is to live your life. Become a positive person and create new memories to replace old ones. You’re single, and it’s time to celebrate!

Just do what feels right. Carpe Diem, as the Romans said, “Seize the Day.” Enjoy the space you have and get rid of all distractions. Get plenty of sleep. Eat healthily and stay focused on your future. And most of all, don’t ruin your life by waiting for an ex who doesn’t care enough to make contact with you.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • reconnect with old friends and family
  • revisit your Bucket List and start ticking things off
  • plan a vacation abroad with your best friend
  • focus on your career
  • try new hobbies or pick up old ones

Here’s the thing, the more you live your life to the fullest during the No Contact period, the quicker your happiness is going to spread to your ex-boyfriend. During these 30 days or so, your ex-boyfriend is sure to miss you, especially if you haven’t reached out at all. He’ll be checking up on you to see how you’re doing, but first, he’ll need to take a step back and gain some perspective on the breakup.

Imagine how surprised your ex will be when he sees an independent woman like you running the show.

And when it’s all said and done, you will find the breakup wasn’t as bad as you expected. The less you think about your ex-boyfriend, the most he’s going to miss you and think about the decision to break up.

The breakup isn’t the end of your life. Give yourself a chance to have an awesome time now you’re single. One day, you will look back on this breakup and be glad that you took a chance and took time for yourself.

So enjoy spending time with yourself. This moment is your personal space to figure out what you want and how you want to live your life moving forward. Once you have your interests figured out, your ex-boyfriend will have little resistance but to reach out.

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Does giving a guy space make him miss you? 

Yes, giving a guy space will make him miss you more. This is one of the benefits of time apart. You are creating a distance from yourself and your ex. It’s human nature for someone to miss another when they are apart after so many years together.

Humans are social animals, and we love to be around one another. We are designed with an innate desire to connect with others. So, when you pull away from your guy, he’s going to miss you more because his primal instinct is calling out for him to have contact with you.

People want what they can’t have. So when you stop giving your ex any attention, he is bound to reach out and see how you’re doing. This distance apart is subconsciously creating attraction as your ex feels that he might lose you. It gives your ex time to reflect on the past relationship and contemplate whether the intimate moments are worth more than the negative feelings.

What to do when he is pulling away? 

When a guy is pulling away, you should give your ex-partner space and plenty of time to deal with his own emotions. Let your ex do what he feels is best for you as this is out of your control. When a guy is pulling away, the common mistake that a desperate woman makes is to chase him around and pull him back in. 

The only thing you can really do is keep living your life and let word get around to your ex that you’re also moving forward with your life. Stay positive, upbeat, and as busy as you can. After all, your relationship status is single, and it’s time for you to create new unforgettable moments to redefine your life.

Make your ex regret his decision to pull away by being successful in your career and social life. How to make him miss you when he is pulling away?

If your ex is pulling away and you can’t figure out what’s going on inside his mind, send a message to your ex just saying hi. Just make sure you’re ready for a conversation that doesn’t end up awkward.

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How Do You Give Him Space But Still Show You Care?

By giving him emotional space, you are still showing that you care about your ex. You are respecting his space and privacy and not bombarding him with calls and text messages. You’re letting your ex be free to recover from the breakup and give him a chance to figure out what he wants.

He has to move on with his life, and you have to move on with yours. Just because you are giving your ex space doesn’t mean you are unfair. You’re not trying to manipulate him into a committed relationship with you. You’re not trying to control him. You are respecting his feelings and wants about the breakup.

You are still showing that you care even though you don’t get in touch with him for a while.

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Should I wait for him or move on?

If you understand that your ex is moving on and wants space from you, give it to him. If he’s not making any effort to become a better person, then leave him alone and move on in your life.

You don’t want to get back together with someone so that he can feel sorry for losing you. Just be sure to keep yourself busy with all the things you want to do and not dwell on your past relationship.

When you get out of the relationship, you want to be sure that you are ready for a new life. When you stay single for a while, and your ex starts to miss you, his mind will start playing the loving relationship he had with you. But it won’t last forever. He will move on and eventually find his place again.

You want to be sure that you can continue living your life without him and don’t let him pull you down. Be a happier person with a strong balance in life.

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Does Giving A Man Space Work?

Yes, giving a man space works. The more space you give him, the more he will miss you.

If you want to make your ex think about his decision to break up with you, then you should leave him alone for some time till he has worked out his emotions.

Once he gets to that point when he misses you, start getting back in touch with him. Don’t worry about how long it’ll take as long as your ex reaches out. Be happy for your ex and appreciate the time he’s giving you. Don’t let that time go to waste. Use the time you have to focus on yourself and enjoy your freedom from your relationship.

Do guys come back if you give them space?

It depends. Some guys will realize what they’ve lost during the No Contact period and ask to get back together. Others need more time and space to find out what they truly want moving forward.

Your ex may be one of the ones that need time, but don’t give up. Try to keep yourself busy and take action in life during this No Contact period. Keep in mind that success is something guys are attracted to.

It will help you gain his attention if you are successful in other aspects of your life. Once you make some progress in your life, it’s time to get in touch with your ex again.

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How Do I Give My Ex Boyfriend Space Without Losing Him?

When it comes to giving your ex-boyfriend space, there are different ways to do it. For example, you can hang out with friends and act like you’re having a lot of fun without him. This way, it’ll be more difficult for him to read into your behavior and get the wrong idea about you.

You can also work on things that you enjoy doing so he can’t see how much he’s missing. It’s also important not to push your ex-boyfriend away to the point where he feels the need to give up.

Sometimes, it’s good to bring up things that you’ve done together, or that would remind him about what he lost.

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When you hope to get your ex back, please do not attempt to recreate what you had with him. Go out on a date with someone new and see if he can appreciate your qualities as a whole person. Then you’ll see how your ex will start noticing things in you that he loves about you.

Although giving your ex space may be difficult, it’s the right thing to do.

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