How Do You Make Him Want You Back

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It’s not an easy task. But in the back of every woman’s mind who lost the love of their life, they want to know how to make their ex boyfriend want them back. How do you make him want you back? Especially when he initiated the breakup after a long-term relationship.

You may have legitimate reasons to get back together, but starting a new relationship with your ex isn’t going to work if he is not on board. It doesn’t matter if it was a fling or a long-term relationship, if he wants you back, he’ll want you back.

It’s not going to be easy. You’ll have to go through the same challenges as your old relationship to get him back. It’ll be a challenge made more difficult because of your history together.

So How Do You Make Him Want You Back?

I’ve made the huge mistake myself of initiating with an ex to get back together. I was desperate, lost, and weak during that time period. In my mind, I felt my happiness and future depended on this ex. Even though I knew we had a broken relationship, I strongly believed my ex-boyfriend was the one.

I was wrong. And spending all that energy to convince my ex to get back together made my life worse. My instincts were wrong and at times, I felt embarrassed to forfeit my power and self-esteem to an ex-boyfriend who didn’t care for me.

So if you want to make him want you back, the first thing you need to do is bounce back on your own. Don’t make the same mistake I did to quickly pursue love again before you’re ready. You need to have your emotions in control, and live the life you’ve dreamed of. You will never get your ex back if you are not in a good place. You’ll be begging in the end.

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How? You have to overcome your fear, joy, and disappointment. No matter how bad it was, you had to go through that to find peace of mind and gain confidence. You need to have closure if he wants you back. And above all else, listen to your gut instinct about what’s right for you and what’s right for him.

Here are some things to consider to make your ex want you back.

1. Become Ungettable

People want what they can’t have. It’s simple as that. Once you get through the emotional pain of the breakup, it’s time to dress up and work on yourself. Go to the bar, have fun, and meet new people. Get out of your old bad habits. Exercise again and eat healthily.

You can’t go back to your old dating pool with the same habits, thoughts, behaviors, and emotions as before. You can’t feel any different when you’re with your ex-boyfriend if you want him back. He wants you because he doesn’t have you anymore.

Confident women attract men. When your ex-boyfriend sees a different side of you, it will naturally draw his curiosity and make him want to reach out.

2. Don’t Dwell On the Past

Don’t live in the past and regret what happened. Focus on your present and what you can achieve in the future. Even if you had great memories with your ex, think about new ways to create better memories with him. The more you reminisce, the more you are holding yourself back from greatness.

The simple truth is that your relationship was broken and the only way to get over it is to focus on your new life. You need to redirect your mindset to allow yourself enough energy for a new beginning.

This is where the No Contact Rule comes in and plays an important role in your healing process. Use the first 30 days to get over your emotional pain and move on to a new beautiful life.

3. Give Him Time and Space To Want You Back

Your ex’s thoughts and feelings about you will take some time to change. Therefore, give him time to work out his own emotions, issues, and plans he has for himself. Some men choose to break up because they need to be on their own to figure out what they need.

So here’s your foolproof plan. Give your ex his time and space and let him enjoy his freedom. While he’s on his journey, you should be focusing on yours. Think of this period as an active time for you to tick off a few goals on your bucket list.

This is the perfect time to make plans that you couldn’t have while you were in a relationship. Once you’re in a good place with your confidence in check, you can then reach out to your ex. Or call him up after months of no contact for a brief catch-up date.

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How Can I Make Him Want Me Again?

How Do You Make Him Want You Back

You need to look at this from a different direction. Focus on yourself and your life. Figure out what you want, how you will achieve it, and what your life will look like when you get there. Once you’ve made sense of your new plan for life, then reach out to him. If he still doesn’t feel the same way about you, then accept it as his decision and move on with your life.

Your ex is not going to instantly take you back. It’s not an impulsive decision that your ex will lightly make to want you back. So guys need to re-evaluate their pros and cons and see if it makes sense for them to get into a committed relationship.

For them, changing their relationship status from single to committed is a big deal!

If you’re in love with that person, you can’t force them to change. If he wants you back, he can come to you and say it himself.

But if he doesn’t want a relationship right now, then have some self-respect and let him go. Don’t be needy or pushy. Just be cool and acknowledge that it’s his choice for his benefit to break up with you. You still need to get your life together first before focusing on someone else again.

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How Can I Make Him Miss Me Badly?

Part of making your ex want you back starts by making him miss you badly. The No Contact Rule is the best way for your ex to miss you. He realizes that he can’t access or see you — and he starts to miss the comfort of your old relationship. He’ll have to deal with a new life without you where there are many emotions, challenges, and opportunities for self-growth.

Now, some people think the best way to make an ex miss them is by turning to their social life or getting into rebound relationships. While this may get your ex-boyfriend’s attention and make him a little jealous, it could also backfire if you are trying too hard.

One of the fatal mistakes women make is to post excessively about their social life on social media to get people’s attention. Don’t fall into this impulsive behavior that will only ruin your reputation. Your ex will see right through your efforts.

Keep your life private and don’t show off. Let your ex find your new successes through word of mouth.

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What Can I Say To Make Him Want Me Back?

There are some things you can say to make your ex want you back. But the question is: is it the right thing to do? A lot of people make it a habit to flat-out ask their ex-boyfriend if he wants them back. A lot of guys will tell you “no”, and in this case, it’s better to leave him alone.

Even if your ex wanted to get with you again, his pride might prevent him from taking the first step and contacting you. If you think your ex-boyfriend has been missing you and thinks about you all the time, why not just get in contact with him?

Don’t do it out of desperation. Don’t beg him to take you back. Don’t try to convince him that you’re the right person for him.

And please don’t argue with your ex or make more drama. Just be cool, act as if nothing ever happened, and then ask how he is doing on a friendly level. Your ex will be able to tell that you’re not desperate or needy. If he does like you, then he will reach out to you first.

If your ex-boyfriend doesn’t want to talk to you, then move on and leave it at that. You don’t need guys who are too proud or who aren’t willing to admit their mistakes.

Don’t keep bashing your ex over and over again just because he wasn’t man enough to apologize or change his mind about the breakup. You can find another beautiful love life when your life is going your way. As long as you have an ungettable mindset, your feminine energy will take you to new grounds for love. How do you make someone fall in love with you?

You are who you are, and you can’t change that. You have to accept yourself first before anyone else can. The most attractive thing about you is your confidence to pursue the life that you want — it’s what makes guys want to be with you because they know that there are great things ahead.

Wanting something is a great motivational tool for making something happen.

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How Do You Make Him Think About You All The Time?

You have to let your ex see that you’re doing fine without him. Acting needy and desperate is not the way to get what you want. You need to focus on making yourself happy first. When you do that, you’ll naturally be happier and more confident in who you are and what you can do for yourself.

In your new single life, there is an abundance of opportunities waiting for you — explore it! It’s a new world where you can put yourself out there without the restrictions of a relationship. You can dress in the outfits you’ve always wanted to wear — just for you. You can go out with your friends without him tagging along. You can go on a date with someone you have a crush on. Life is yours for the taking — so make the most of it!

Men love confident, independent women. When your ex-boyfriend sees you happy and having fun without him, he may start to miss you more. He’ll realize that he doesn’t know what life is like without you — so the grass may be greener on your side. Don’t go overboard with this new single lifestyle, but don’t hide it from him either. There’s no need to be ashamed of your new self that’s making your ex-boyfriend jealous.

As long as you are radiating positive emotions, your ex-boyfriend is going to see and feel them on a regular basis. And over a period of time, human nature is going to make him want you back because he cannot resist losing someone awesome like you.

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