How To Make Him Miss You After Break Up

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Your partner in crime breaks up with you and decides it’s best to go separate ways. You feel like your heart has been ripped out of your chest and you will never get over him. Now you’re stuck in the No Contact Rule doing to piece your life together. But now and then, you think about your ex and wish they are thinking about you.

Want to know how to make him miss you after break up?

While the No Contact period is the recovery time for you to heal and get over negative feelings, it is also the perfect time to reflect and find a new passion in life. As long as you keep the silent treatment on your ex-boyfriend, you will make him miss you.

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How To Make Him Miss You After Break Up

I know you’ve probably heard this a million times, but the best thing to do during the No Contact Rule is to focus on yourself. Stop thinking about your ex and any negative feelings towards him. The breakup happened, and it’s not worth trying to dissect, explain, or argue why it shouldn’t occur. You probably want to come up with the perfect explanation for why you guys should get back together. He has already made up his mind about breaking up with you — no point in trying to change it.

However, it’s never too much time away from him. It’s important to stay busy and remember that you’re stronger than all of these negative thoughts!

Don’t give your ex-boyfriend any power over your emotions and feelings.

The rule of thumb is to give your ex at least 30 days of the silent treatment. This period of time is also a golden opportunity to live your single life to the fullest. It’s the best “break” you have in your life to stop and reflect on the past, present, and future. The No Contact period is time for you to be selfish and develop a healthy relationship with yourself.

The truth is that we lose track of who we are when we’re in a relationship. We put our goals and passion aside to sacrifice for the sake of our loving relationship with our partners.

When that’s lost, we need to look back and find ourselves again. It’s essential to see that you’re still the same person and you’ve always been. You just had an unhealthy attachment with your boyfriend, which was a huge mistake. Don’t let yourself get sucked back into a negative relationship that’s not good for you. Take time to love and appreciate yourself, finding new hobbies, and discovering who your new dream man is.

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How Long Does It Take A Man To Miss You After A Breakup?

It depends. Frankly, it shouldn’t matter how long it takes for a man to miss you after a breakup. Your ex-boyfriend may be slow to realize what he’s missing out on. Or he may be too busy pursuing his interest that he hasn’t had the time to notice you. If you want to know how long it takes a man to miss you after a breakup, the truth is that you shouldn’t care at all. You can sit there and wait around for him to realize that he’s missing out on an amazing woman. I bet he’ll regret it when he finally realizes that he misses you in his life.

You’re worth more than sitting around waiting for any man. Most men are too absorbed with themselves and their own lives to notice what they’re missing out on.

My relationship advice for coaching students is simple: go out and live your life. Have a positive attitude towards your breakup. For some, breaking up could be a blessing in disguise to allow you personal time to reflect on your life.

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Take the time to think about your life and how you want to be remembered. Now that you’re single, go out and create new positive memories. It’s time to dust off your bucket list and start ticking off some of your dreams. You only have one life to live, and you don’t want to waste it spending time on something you don’t enjoy.

You’re different from him, and that’s why he broke up with you.

Many people will say that they can’t get over their ex so quickly because they were too in love before. But the truth is, everyone does not have the same relationship status with their ex-boyfriend. If you want to get back together, then it’s only a matter of time before you two will meet and try again.

Once you start moving forward with your single awesome life, you might begin to feel happier times alone. Post pictures of it on social media and share your happiness with your friends and family. Let everyone know that you have control of your happiness and there is no one to get in the way of your new life. You’re doing a great job at moving on with your life, and it’s time for everyone else to acknowledge that you’re happy without your ex-boyfriend.

Trust me, your ex-boyfriend is going to notice you. He’s going to be jealous that you’ve become an independent woman going to places with her success. The positive memories of your past relationship and your recent success may generate new physical attraction towards you.

The bottom line, the quicker you move forward, the faster you can make him miss you after the breakup.

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What Makes A Man Come Back After A Breakup?

Through my personal experience and learning as a relationship coach, men will return to their past relationships for two main reasons.

1. They realize what they’ve lost

It’s common for people to realize what they have when they’ve lost it. Some men need time and distance apart to understand what they’ve lost. They may find ways of replacing your presence, but there’s no one like you. You’re unique, and you bring something special to him that he’ll never find with anyone else.

2. They want to be the best man that they can be

It takes a great man to realize that he made a mistake and broken up with the woman of his dreams. But the truth is that men do make mistakes. We can’t deny that from our past or relationships in general. Sometimes we just need to recognize our mistakes and move forward.

While the first reason is more common than the second, it doesn’t mean that you should sit around waiting for your ex-boyfriend to come back. Someone once told me, “The best time to find love is in your own home.” So go out there, work on yourself (especially if you broke up with him because of something you wanted to change about yourself).

Don’t be afraid of loneliness and take charge of your happiness.

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How Do You Make A Guy Miss You Badly?

The fastest way to make a guy miss you is to act like you don’t miss them. That means increasing your social life and make the best of your single life. Now, it’s not necessary to go out and date excessively and find a rebound relationship to make your ex jealous. There are a lot of social events that do not involve parties or sex.

A quick way to kick start is to reach out to friends and family you lost contact with and see what they have been up to. Join their activities as a way to reconnect. Utilize your network to help you create distractions to get over your breakup. The more you take action in life with people who care about you, the shorter your recovery time will move on.

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Trust me, word will get around to your ex-boyfriend that you’re having a blast. This will make a guy miss you badly.

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