How To Make Your Ex Jealous Over Text

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Whether it’s a fresh breakup or your relationship was over for a period of time, there’s always a tendency for us to make our ex jealous. We want our exes to feel regret for splitting with us and losing out on an amazing woman. We want to parade our success and bright future in front of our exes to prove that we’re doing even better with them. Sometimes, we want to send a text message and unleash the green-eyed monster.

Want to learn how to make your ex jealous over text?

It’s easier than you think. Especially when you have pulled your life back together and expanded your social life, it doesn’t matter if you’re still implementing the No Contact Rule. Making your ex jealous over text only takes a bit of planning. The good news is that you have all the time and comfort in the world to craft the perfect devilish text message to spark a response.

Here’s How To Make Your Ex Jealous Over Text

In my experience as a relationship expert, I’m not keen on intentionally provoking jealously at an ex to get attention. Instead, I believe that your success will naturally speak louder than words and create the ultimate jealously reaction not only from your ex-boyfriend but also your peers. However, if you want to bring out the green-eyed monster and have some fun with your ex, here are a few steps you can follow:

1. Reminisce about the good times when you two were together.

Send a text to your ex about something funny that happened during your relationship or reminded you of him. He’s bound to feel pleased when he reads what you’ve written together with the fact that he’s still on your mind after the breakup. Don’t go overboard, not in length or tone. Just keep it short and sweet.

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2. Play the coquette.

Try making your ex jealous by hinting at someone’s attempt to flirt with you. If you’ve done this, be sure to use that guy’s name. Send a text about how he came on really strong and how you had to turn him down because you’re not ready. You should also send a text that says the following: “he was so upset, but I told him I still love my ex-boyfriend. I miss you!”

[H3] 3. Remind him of the good times.

This is a great one to keep your ex-boyfriend on his toes. Send a text that says, “I miss our dinners” or “Those lunches were so much fun. I can’t wait to see what you are cooking up next”. You should always end the texts with some silly emoticon, like a heart, a kissy face, or just an innocent little smiley face.

Keep these texts short and sweet, and do not send more than once per week. The amount of jealously your ex will feel will vary, so don’t feel upset if he doesn’t respond.

Should I send subtle jealously pictures?

No, never send a direct photo to your ex to make your ex jealous. It’s an obvious move that only backfires and shows that you’re trying too hard to get your ex’s attention. If you want to send a text that says you’re happy and doing well, be sure to keep it short and sweet in length.

The idea is to make your ex realize that you’re doing just fine without him. To do this, do not tell him about your success or how you recently met someone new. These details would mean nothing to him if he’s moved on with his life now. Instead, try sharing an experience that made you happy when the two of you were together.

If you want to use photos as an approach to jealously, post them onto your Instagram and Facebook. Trust me, those great moments will make their way to your ex through mutual friends.

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How Can I Make My Ex Jealous And Want Me Back?

It’s one thing to make your ex jealous and another to make your ex want you back. Sometimes, a bit of jealousy may push your ex further away, especially if you try immature mind games on him. I’m not saying that any of the tricks mentioned here are immature, but I do believe that emotions are still high, so a few texts here and there will only cause more pain between you two.

I recommend that you back off now and let your ex come to you instead. Don’t try to play games and manipulation him. If you want him back, think of all the ways you could make him feel jealous for being with someone else first. And if he does come to you, give him some space as a thank you for the time he spent with you.

The most effective way to make your ex jealous is to be independent and successful. Two amazing traits will naturally attract people. We’re not just talking about your ex, but cool people will want a piece of your success and stand in your light.

After all, life is about the people we want to be with and the people we have around us. You can’t control who will come into your life and when, but you can control how you deal with it. Remember that you need to be cool and confident to keep the relationships meant for you.

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How Do I Make Him Jealous And Want Me More?

The simple answer: live your life.

Go out and enjoy your freedom. Call up your social circle and keep yourself busy, creating positive memories. Stop feeling down about your sorry-ass life without a partner. It’s time to capitalize on your independent self and prove to everyone you can be happy live up to your potential alone. It’s funny how people try to make their ex jealous when they’re suffering from a breakup. A few things I’ve learned about myself during my past experiences is that if you’re not happy on your own, then you won’t be happy when someone else is in the picture.

It’s great to bring out the little devil in you, but don’t play games or send nasty messages just for the sake of revenge. You’d be better off making your ex jealous and then following through with a positive relationship based on mutual respect. Even if your ex wants you back, if you’re not mentally and emotionally ready for it, he’ll see right through it.

This is what keeps you safe. You need to be the winner at the end of the day and focus on what makes you feel good when you’re on a date with him.

For now, avoid texting him about your date. Only talk about how much you enjoyed seeing his face on that day.

If you’re not quite ready to find the right guy, at least you can take advantage of the fact that your ex is no longer in your life and try something different for a while. Don’t be too selfish when it comes to enjoying this time by yourself, though, because there will be a point when you need someone else again.

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Is It Okay To Make Your Ex Jealous?

The short answer is: why not. Have a little fun but don’t go overboard. Always know when and where to draw the line when trying to get your ex-boyfriend’s attention. Because the more you try, the more it seems like you are the one having issues about letting your broken relationship go. Take some time to heal and if he’s not coming back, then realize it’s for the better.

If your ex’s feelings haven’t changed for you, then you shouldn’t try to make him jealous like this.

Remember: your emotions are likely still affected by the relationship, so don’t play any games behind his back.

Be smart when giving the impression that you’re no longer in pain. Don’t make it seem like you’re playing with his feelings without any guilt, and give him something to confirm that you’re over him. Don’t give the impression that you’re seeing someone new just to hurt your ex-boyfriend.

Also, if you want to tell your ex about your new relationship, be sure to do it in person. Sending a text message may make him think that you’re cheating on him, and it will only make his feelings for you stronger. Save that kind of thing for face-to-face conversation.

And when you do go out with someone else, don’t be surprised if he wants to tag along as well. A relationship with someone else is not the end of the world. Sometimes, you need to be alone for a while, and to do that, there will be times when you’re going to start seeing other guys like that.

For now, all you have to worry about is proving yourself that you can get back on your feet again, and believe me: This is one of the best things that can happen for your career as well as your self-esteem.

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