How To Make Your Ex Jealous And Regret Losing You

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Breakups happen for all kinds of reasons, but sometimes – it’s a matter of your ex forgetting just how lucky he was to have you in the first place.

Men. They can be such dinks sometimes.

If you think your ex was guilty of taking your for granted, igniting a bit of the green-eyed monster in him is the best way to remind him of just how special you are. And once he remembers that, he will be desperate to win you back.

But first, you have to learn the art of how to make your ex jealous.

After that, it only takes one quick text message to let him what he’s missing out.

Below are 4 easy and effortless ways to make your ex jealous.

  1. Have the best time of your life
  2. Give yourself a little self-love
  3. Achieve your life goal
  4. Be the new girl everyone will love

These techniques revolve around one central topic: focus on yourself. You don’t need any fancy tricks to make your ex jealous. Simply living out your life to your fullest potential will do the trick.

So treat this article as a little reminder of how awesome you are. You have a great life that just needs love and a little attention.

Now is the time to put yourself first.

Make Your Ex Jealous By Having The Best Time Of Your Life

The question of how to make your ex jealous isn’t actually all that complicated. It starts with showing the world (and yourself) that you don’t need him.

Even the best of men have egos to contend with, and their sense of self-worth is tied into how long you spend mourning the demise of your relationship.

So don’t do it.

Don’t mope and waste hours away staring at your phone and replaying old memories in your head. Don’t even waste time worrying about how to make him jealous.

Instead, get out and live your life.

Remember those friends you haven’t seen as much of lately? Call them up and make plans. Or how about that weekend getaway you’ve been wanting to take but haven’t quite found the time for?

Make the time.

Stop asking “how can I make my ex boyfriend jealous”, and instead focus on living a life anyone would be jealous of.

Consider this your All About Me phase. How many times in life do you get to be completely focused on doing whatever you want? Take advantage of it while you can.

Your instinct is going to be to go into recluse mode, but don’t do it. Not only will it make the grief over your breakup worse, but news of your dark phase will surely get back to your ex.

That is the last thing you want.

Just know that whatever you are doing now, be it moping or zip-lining, news will go viral in your social circle like you wouldn’t believe – easily finding its way to your ex.

So you want that news to be enviable, not pathetic.

You have to stifle that desire to pout. Remember, he needs to think that you are doing just fine without him.

Which means slapping a smile on your face and getting out into the world.

Live your life. Love your life. And laugh as much as possible.

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How Long Will It Take For My Ex To Feel Jealously?

This should not even be a question in your mind. Nothing ex-related thoughts should even matter to you.

The only thing that matters now is you.

And it doesn’t get any easier than this to make your ex (or anyone) jealous. The faster you pull yourself out of your breakup misery, the more people will be jealous of how well you’re dealing with your breakup.

They might be a little skeptical about your recovery, but if you can prove to yourself that you are moving on, then your thoughts and body language will start change.

So right now, don’t think about making your ex jealous. Because everything you’re doing without him will make him wonder what you’re up to.

As long as you stay away from him and give him the silent treatment, your ex will make some effort to find out what you’re up to.

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Give Yourself A Little Self-Love And Attention

Maybe the worst part about a breakup is how it makes you feel about yourself. None of us want to admit that our self-esteem falters in the wake of a breakup, but it’s true.

Amidst all the concerns about how to make an ex boyfriend jealous, there are the remnants of a girl who is struggling with her own self-esteem. Having a relationship end forces us to ask what we did wrong.

Were we not enough?

Not pretty enough?

Not smart enough?

Not sane enough?

OK, so none of us is sane enough – but we’ll let that be our little secret

The rest though? It is a completely normal thought pattern that women experience after a breakup. And this is where I want to tell you to stop. Just stop.

You are enough, I promise.

How Did I Make Myself Feel Better?

But I also get that feeling, and I’ve been there myself. Wanting to make him jealous is a natural reaction to a relationship ending. Which is why I created a bit of a take-care-of-you routine for myself back in college.

Anytime I went through a breakup, and was accosted by that desire to figure out how to make my ex jealous, I forced myself into this routine until I was back to remembering just what a catch I was.

It starts with full-blown pampering. Schedule a hair appointment. Get your nails done. Splurge on a massage. Whatever it takes to get you feeling relaxed and beautiful – you deserve it.

And a little pampering will help to distract you from worrying about what makes guys jealous, which will actually clear your head enough to make your ex envy you later on down the road.

Just think of this as an investment in yourself.

Feeling stronger, healthier and happier is this amazing bonus to spending a little you-time getting spoiled.

Then, you want to focus on self-improvement. No, this is not because you are not pretty enough or skinny enough already, so don’t go getting that thought in your head again.

But all of us could use some self-care from time to time, and all too often women neglect themselves in relationships. You get so caught up in taking care of your man, that you forget to take care of yourself.

No more. I want you ladies getting your heart rates up again. Not because you are singularly focused on losing weight, but because there is confidence to be found in running that extra mile or in hiking that mountain.

As you build your muscles and strength back up, your confidence will soar too. And with that increase in confidence, you will be prepping yourself for using jealousy to get your ex back.

Besides, there is nothing hotter than a girl taking care of herself. And your ex will definitely notice the change the next time he sees you.

Achieve The Life Goal Your Ex Never Thought You Could

Look, this is as much for you as for your ex. We all have the bad habit of losing ourselves in a relationship. Every woman I have ever known has done it.

You get caught up in the falling-in-love part, and you forget about everything else that matters. I swear it’s the make-out endorphins that leave us all a little fuzzy.

But now that you are coming out of that haze, you need to reclaim your life as your own if you want to eventually learn how to make your ex jealous.

So sit down and make a list of 5 things you have been saying, “Someday I will…” to. You know those things. The ones that come up in conversation every once in a while:

Someday I’ll go to art school.

Someday I’ll travel to Italy.

Someday I’ll join an indoor soccer league.

Someday I’ll refinish those cabinets

Someday I’ll write a book.

Guess what? Someday is today.

And while you may not be able to accomplish everything on your “someday” list, there should be at least one or two that you can pick out and start working on right away.

Pull out that old bucket list of yours, or make one from scratch, and start crossing items off on your road to becoming a more awesome version of yourself.

Now is the time to take risks and reach for the stars.

A fulfilling life is one of the best ways to make your ex jealous. Throw yourself into building a life you are proud of again. One you won’t mind bragging about the next time you do see your ex.

Love Your Career? Throw Yourself Into Work

This is one of the techniques I recommend for people who have a promising career. Now is a great time to put everything you have into your work and reach for that promotion you’ve always wanted.

With no relational responsibilities and a partner that “may” be holding you back, you’re free to devote more time to becoming more successful and independent.

What man doesn’t want a woman who can take care of yourself.

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Be The New Girl And Create New Experiences

You knew it was coming, so don’t act surprised.

Yes, self-improvement and living a happy and fulfilling life are great ways to make a guy jealous. Your former flame will surely wonder where this girl was when he was dating you – and you will know the answer.

She was right there in front of him, he was just too blind to see her.

But that isn’t enough to ignite in him the kind of desperation you want him to feel. No, true jealousy is going to require you proving your ability to move on. Which means dipping your toes into the dating pool.

Before you start to panic, you don’t have to take any of this too seriously. I’m not asking you to go out and find your Mr. Perfect – I know you’re pretty sure you’ve already found him.

But heading out with friends and flirting with a few guys at the bar, or agreeing to a date with the cute man you always see at the coffee shop isn’t going to hurt.

In fact, it might help you to realize just how desirable you are in the eyes of other men. And it will certainly help your ex to realize there are others ready and willing to take his place.

Now, you do want to be careful about how you get this information back to your ex. It shouldn’t seem like an obvious ploy to make him jealous, so avoid blasting details of your latest date on social media.

Instead, trust in your social circle to spread the word. You never know who you might see while out with your hot neighbor – have faith in the fact that news will eventually get back to your ex.

And in the meantime, just focus on having fun and making new friends. Light and casual should be your motto right now.

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Be Ready To Absorb Your Ex’s Jealously

After a month or two, you want to find a way to get face to face with your ex. After all, he needs to see how far you have come in order to really feel that jealousy burning within.

Often mutual friends can be a great asset in facilitating this first run-in. Group outings and parties are a fantastic way to casually see your ex without there being too much pressure involved.

If you know you are going to be somewhere he is soon, deck yourself out and smile bright – you want to look good if he is going to be watching you out of the corner of his eye all night.

And trust me, he will be. Because you are irresistible lady!

If there is nothing on the social calendar that will put the two of you in the same vicinity any time soon, however, then you need to plan a covert operation.

Do a little digging to find out where he is hanging out these days, and start planting yourself places where he may be.

You obviously don’t want to go too overboard with this, and you need to prepare yourself for the fact that it may take a few attempts before you actually run into each other. But as long as you look like you are having fun and loving life when you do, the rest will fall into place.

His jealousy in seeing you will guide everything else forward. And you will soon be basking in the glow of his affection once he realizes just what an idiot he was in letting you go.

Silly boys… sometimes they really do need us to show them what they want!

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Want The Easy Way To Make Your Ex Jealous?

Text him. That’s right, send him a text message letting him know you’re having fun. Tell him you just watched a movie (preferably one he’ll watch too) with a friend, or ask him if he’s was out at a bar because you thought you saw him. All of this tells him you’ve moved on and living a great life.

And guess what? He’ll be so confused and jealous that he’s not part of it!

All it takes is one text message to unleash the green-eyed monster in him. It’s that powerful, efficient, and easy.

These texting techniques are all part of Text Judo, the cornerstone of the Text Your Ex Back system. If you want to have a couple texting tricks up your sleeve (or learn the art of texting), check out my detailed reviews of this proven step-by-step guide and the art of Text Judo.

Very soon, he’ll surrender and beg for details.

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Yes meeting soon.. I’m nervous scared too but happy..unsure too..but im keeping all my options open..not with dating but with life in general. I think my first step is getting to know him we’ve both grown..omg nervous i dont know what to wear

You have nothing to lose. Don’t forget, you are guys are not together anymore and it’s his job to chase you. Just be confident in yourself and remind him the reasons why he fell in love with you.

We broke up almost 3 yes ago and have a son together. I think he never really loved me because he went with another girl and plus i was getting phone calls from another girl. By the way he lives in another town too. Now he contacted me and says he love me what should i do because were both dated others but i never stopped thinking of him and i know he probably felt the same. .i don’t know what to do.. .HELP

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