Language of Desire Review: Secret Words To Make Him Yours

Language of Desire Review: Secret Words To Make Him Yours

Do you know what makes your man tick? New relationships are fueled by the fire of passion and desire. But keeping interest is hard. It’s not that he doesn’t like you, love you, or desire you anymore. You’re just not sparking his interest the right way.

Language is an extremely powerful tool, and using the right words – even dirty talk – will keep him hooked like a puppy.

If youlod-program-audio feel unwanted by your man. If your relationship is stressful and draining. If you have low self-confidence and are afraid to get wild in the bedroom, the Language of Desire may be the right solution for you.

Written by Felicity Keith, Language of Desire is the ultimate guide to unleashing your sexual, primal nature using just your words – and without feeling slutty or embarrassed. Trust me, I know it can take a lot of courage to say something dirty, even to the man you love. But a few naughty words is all it takes to intensify your relationship.

What can the Language of Desire do for you? Using the powerful techniques in this program, you’ll:

  1. Feel what it’s like to be the center of his sexual universe – to want you (and only you).
  2. Learn how to have FUN in the bedroom, and finally let go of the stress that’s holding your sex life back.
  3. Become a sexy, confident woman who’s absolutely irresistible to men.

Click here to learn how dirty talk will turn you into a sexual goddess.

Before I dive into my personal review, let’s get to know the author of this program.


Who is Felicity Keith?

felicity-keithFelicity Keith is not a supermodel. She’s not the bombshell from across the street that makes every man’s jaw drop to the floor. But when she opens her mouth – she can seduce any man.

What’s her secret? Dirty talk.

You see, seduction isn’t all about dropping your clothes on the floor – it’s about using the words that, psychologically, get him and you going.

Felicity poured her secrets into the Language of Desire program, so other women could feel empowered, sexy and playful in the bedroom too.

This isn’t expertise that you’ll read in Cosmo, or lessons you’ll find in Sex Education 101. These are techniques that were founded on pure trial, error and passion. The same techniques put into this program are now being used by women – just like you and I – that were too scared to ignite a fire in their man’s mind.


Dirty Words to Make Him Yours

Unlike a fancy outfit or a new perfume, your words will never lose his interest. Language of Desire teaches you how to throw away your insecurities and use dirty words to make him yours. Whether you’re single or you’ve been married for 20 years, your words will still have the same mind-blowing effect that will get him pumped with excitement.

Examples speak louder than words, so let’s take a look at two prime examples that demonstrate the best way to turn on a guy:

1. Fulfill His Deepest Primal Fantasies
Does he watch porn? Honestly, most guys – even if you don’t know it – watch porn. It may not be often, but when he does, he’s trying to fulfill his fantasy. It’s time to break out the Porn Destroyer and make YOU his fantasy. I can’t go into great detail, but I will give you a hint: it’s time to write a fantasy script, and girl, it works like a charm. I’m not ashamed. I’ve written many scripts, and it’s empowering.

2. Returning the Favor
Does he fulfill your fantasies? Of course not. If he’s like most men, he’s oblivious to your primal needs. It’s time to change that. With the Lust Mirror technique, you’ll plant naughty seeds of desire that will get him to fulfill your dirtiest fantasy. The best part? He’ll think it’s his idea – silly boy.


Inside the Language of Desire

The two examples above are just a taste of what’s inside the LoD program. What else is included?

  • 10 steamy modules with 3-4 sub sections in each.
  • 33 tricks and techniques to make you a master of dirty talk.
  • Worksheets to help you put each technique into action.
  • PDF and audio with each lesson, so you can learn however you want.
  • Member’s area where you can connect with other women just like you.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.

Now, let’s dive into the juicy details of this course and see how it can help you transform into the woman every man wants to obsess over in three simple steps.

Step 1: Become the Object of His Desire

Do you feel unwanted? Are you worried that he’s fantasizing about other women? If these doubts keep coming back or you find yourself in denial, you’ll need to learn these techniques to put you back into the center of his sexual universe:

Verbal Viagra
Naughty words that will get a rise out of him (literally) and keep his mind completely focused on you. Verbal Viagra will make you confident and make him feel the same adrenaline rush he felt when you first met.

The Porn Destroyer
Fulfill his deepest, innermost fantasies with dirty words that tap into his primal sexual desires. The Porn Destroyer will show you how to become the object of his desire – and keep his eyes off porn for good.

Advanced Technique – Dirty Talk Mastery
You won’t read about this technique in other LoD reviews, but we’ve got the insider’s scoop. Dirty Talk Mastery will show you how to fine-tune your sexual superpowers, plan out your dirty deeds and how to make him melt with desire – even if he’s a cold fish. These are advanced techniques that earn you a permanent place in his sexual fantasies.

These three powerful techniques will make him want you – and you alone.

Step 2: Have FUN in the Bedroom & Let Go of Your Insecurities

Has sex become a chore? Whether you’ve both lost interest or he’s become a cold fish, LoD can bring the heat, passion and playfulness back into your relationship. How? With these three key techniques:

Tease Intensifier
Heat things up – then pull away. Tease Intensifier is all about building up sexual anticipation with playful, naughty messages, so you stay on his mind all night long. By the time you’re through with him, he’ll be itching to get his hands on you.

The Erotic Action Movie
Create your own dirty script and bring his fantasies to life. You’ll learn how to write and play out your own live-action, erotic movie. Trust me ladies, this technique will blow his mind. And it will bring that playfulness you crave back into the bedroom.

Planting Desire Seeds
Drop hints and send naughty messages that will make him leap into action and fulfill your sexual fantasies. If he’s not satisfying your needs, planting these seeds of desire will make sex fun and exciting again.
If your sex life’s gone stale, these techniques will rev up the desire, so you can finally experience how much fun you can have in the bedroom.

Step 3: Transform Into a Sexual Goddess

Are you shy in the bedroom? Does the thought of talking dirty to your man make you shut down? The Language of Desire gives you the skills and confidence you need to transform into the sexual goddess you were meant to be. You’ll learn:

The Madonna Moan
Free your sexual inhibitions and radiate with sexual confidence with a moan that will rock his world. You’ll learn how to finally vocalize your primal fantasies (without feeling embarrassed) and give him that sexual feedback he craves.

The Madonna Moan will make you feel empowered, sexy and confident in bed.

The Boiled Frog
Ease your way into dirty talk with innocent compliments that stroke his ego. Once you’ve stoked the flames, heat things up with dirty messages that will drive him wild. If you shy away from dirty talk, The Boiled Frog will give you the confidence you need to utter the dirtiest, raunchiest words you never thought you could say.

Pavlov’s Erection
Condition your man to get aroused in seconds – whenever and wherever you want – with just one little word. Ladies, this will drive your man wild, and put you in the driver’s seat of your sex life.

This is where you want to be to maintain a loving and healthy relationship.

If you’re feeling unconfident and shy in the bedroom, these techniques will help leave you oozing with sexy confidence.

Pros: Why This Program is a Must-Have

  • You’ll be able to deeply connect with your partner and fulfill each other’s sexual desires.
  • You’ll unlock your inner sexuality that you never knew you had.
  • You’ll learn words to say, phrases to text and even how to position yourself in front of a mirror to drive him wild. If you lack confidence, this is the extra kick you need to bring sexy back into the relationship.
  • Everything’s included from audio, to PDFs and even worksheets to guide you through the program. It’s simple, and it’s easy to follow.

Cons: What I Would Change

  • Some of the content is a little raunchy. It didn’t bother me, but for the timid woman, this may be a concern.
  • The formatting on the website is tough to read. I personally used the PDFs.

What You Need to Know

There are a few points I want you to know right now.

First, the program is just $47. When you order, you’ll gain instant access to:

  • The complete Language of Desire eBook with downloadable PDFs.
  • Audio versions of each module.
  • 3 great bonuses (including 200 text messages).

There are even worksheets that you can download at the end of every module. The best part is that there’s a guarantee: if you don’t like the program or it doesn’t work for you, there’s a 60-day money back guarantee.

Is LoD Right for You?

Yes! LoD is right for every woman.

If you want to:

  • Spice up your sex life with your boyfriend or husband
  • Get your ex back

If you’re:

  • Single
  • Dating
  • In a long-distance relationship
  • Married
  • Divorced and on the prowl

Language of Desire can help.

Click here to download the program from the official website.

It’s Time For You to Break Loose

When I first started reading through this program, I learned a lot about me. I was timid. I was shy. I wasn’t hitting his emotional triggers the right way. This isn’t a program that shows you how to get a man back. This is a guide that teaches you how to keep your man interested at all times.

Some phrases are a little tough to swallow, but that’s just me. As Felicity states, you can be dirty yet maintain your dignity. There are options – both raunchy and casual – that work perfectly.

Ladies, if you want to breathe new life into your relationship – and your sex life – this is the guide that will help you get there.

And once you master the art of dirty talk, he’ll be all yours.

Click here to get started on LoD and become irresistible to your man.

My relationship was perfectly healthy when I started this program. Now it’s even stronger, and filled with more passion than ever before.

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