Magic of Making Up Review: Is It Too Late To Get Him Back?

Magic of Making Up Review: Is It Too Late To Get Him Back?
Updated: July 2019

Magic of Making Up ebook.

The Magic of Making Up offers a fresh outlook with time-tested ideas based on the author’s personal experience. Since 2007, this guide has an amazing track record of success stories to prove its worth. Read my Magic of Making Up review below to see if this guide is right for you.

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Breakups are tough. And no matter what caused the split, everyone tells you the same thing: just move on. If breakups are hard, moving on is even harder. I’ve been there before. Everyone told me to give up, but I wanted to fight for my relationship.

Because my relationship was special. It felt right to do it.But getting back together isn’t easy either. Especially if you are the only one trying. If you’re feeling completely hopeless and in a great deal of heartache, then the Magic of Making Up may be the spark showing you how to win back your ex.

This is a guide that believes that all relationships can be salvaged, and there’s a “recipe for love” to win back your ex. There is always hope regardless of your situation.

Before I jump into my Magic of Making Up review, I want to take a second to talk about the author – T.W. Jackson – because most of you are probably wondering, “Who is this guy?”

About T.W. Jackson

Magic of Making Up author TW Jackson

T.W. Jackson, or as he likes to call himself “T Dub Jackson,” isn’t a “love guru”. He doesn’t claim to be a relationship coach either. He’s an ordinary guy who happens to know a lot about people.

Growing up in a military family, T.W. lived in 11 different countries and 5 different states in the U.S. When you’re constantly around new people, you learn how to make friends – fast. And T.W. made friends with people from all walks of life.

He understands people and what makes them “tick”. Eventually, he became the go-to guy for relationships and other “people problems” which led to the creation of this guide.

Unlike other guides, T.W. Jackson’s methods are unconventional. But they are practical and based off of his years of real world experience helping others. This is a big reason why I found his methods valuable as he brings a fresh outlook to getting back together with your ex.

Let’s dive into the “meat” of this program, so you can see exactly what I’m talking about.

Let’s Work Some Magic to Get Your Ex Back

T.W. wastes no time going over his credentials. He doesn’t fill the first few pages with fluff. He gets straight to the point by telling you what you’ll get out of the book and how the process works. 

Right off the bat, he tells you the four things his book will teach you and how you can get the most out of it.

4 Key Lessons This Guide Teaches You:

  1. What went wrong in your relationship
  2. How to get your head on straight – and work on you
  3. How to assess your relationship (should you really get back together?)
  4. How to put a proven plan into place

These are the four basic stages you’ll come back to over and over again. Neatly packed into eight chapters, readers start with answering a very important question: “why?”

Chapter 1: Understanding Why Your Relationship Ended

Do you even know why you split up? This chapter will give you all the insight you need to understand where it all went wrong. You’ll learn to decode the lame excuses, pinpoint the exact reasons for your breakup, and learn to fix it on your own.

And ladies, if you weren’t giving your man the admiration and respect he craves, that’s probably why he checked out of the relationship.

Chapter 2: Don’t Panic

Keep calm and carry on – that’s the name of the game. We all know about the “no contact” rule, but this chapter goes beyond that. Get tips on how to cope with your “panicky” feelings, and learn to master the Fast Forward Technique to push past the pain now.

You both need a break. It allows you time to clear your head and see where things fell apart. Even better, you’re giving him a chance to miss you.

Chapter 3: Removing the Splinter

Do you really want him back? It’s time to take a long, hard look at your relationship. Explore the positives and the negatives. Think about your goals; the bigger picture.

By the time you’re done with the exercises in this chapter, you’ll know if getting back together is the right choice – for the both of you.

Chapter 4: Re-Igniting the Spark

Stop crying while munching on that candy bar, and stop feeling sorry for yourself. It’s time to work on you. It’s time to start having fun again.

Get off the couch, make yourself look pretty and go out with your girlfriends. Because taking care of you and loving you will make him want you even more. Chapter 4 is all about learning new healthy habits and improving your emotional well-being.

Chapter 5: Dates and Lovers

Stand up, brush yourself off and put on your game face. It’s time to start playing the field again. Once he sees that you’re moving on, confident and not desperate, he’ll regret the day he lost you.

And remember what a catch you are.

Here’s what you’ll get out of this chapter:

  • Learn the rules of dating after a break-up (Rule #1 – Don’t talk about your ex!).
  • Find out how to create a dating plan that will get you out of the house and meeting new potential partners every week.
  • How to deal with rebound relationships and if it’s a threat to your chances.

If you forgot what it’s like to let loose and just have fun, this chapter is what you need to start feeling your best.

Chapter 6: Easing Back Into Your Relationship

You’ve pushed past the pain. You’ve worked on yourself. You’ve even started dating other people. Now it’s time to contact him – without blowing your chances. The tips in this chapter will give you the tools and confidence you need to make your move.

And the Dating Danger list makes sure you avoid those uncomfortable and intimidating dates (don’t ask your ex to a wedding, ladies).

Chapter 7: Maintaining the Fun and Love

Let bygones be bygones. Easier said than done for most of us. Let’s face it, us women love to dredge up the past, but the tips in this chapter helped me push past that. In my opinion, this is the most valuable chapter in this guide. It goes beyond the first date, and gives you advice on:

  • How to maintain your new relationship without bringing up the past.
  • How to keep things fun with new date ideas.
  • How to get through the hard times.

The key is to keep the spark fresh and new. And every little thing you do for your new relationship will add up and make this all worthwhile.

Chapter 8: When Your Relationship Can’t Be Saved

Not all stories have happy endings. If things don’t go as planned, chapter 8 will show you how to move on with style and class. Keep up those good habits. Keep playing the field. Learn to love yourself, and let time heal your wounds. And ladies, leave him alone. At this point, it’s time to let it go.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain for yourself at this point.

Why This Guide Is a Must-Have

I’ve read my fair share of “get him back” guides, and a lot of them just regurgitate the same tips and techniques as everyone else.

But this guide is different. It’s not just about getting back with your ex. It’s about moving past that first date, and avoiding the same mistakes that caused your initial breakup. It also gives you a “Plan B” to use if things go wrong.

But you want to know the best thing about this program?It offers real-world, practical advice. And it encourages you to work on yourself; to love yourself.

That’s hard for us women to do, but it’s so important. It’s tough to make a relationship work if you don’t love (or even like) yourself.



Is This the Right Program For You?

The Magic of Making Up is more than just a typical “get your ex back” program. To me, this is more of a self-help guide to a better understanding of yourself and your relationships.

If you’re looking for real-world, practical advice from an author who’s down to earth, this is the right program for you.

The Final Verdict

Does The Magic of Making Up work? That depends. There are no sure-fire, guaranteed ways to get your man back. Sometimes, your partner just doesn’t feel the same way anymore. But if you believe that you have even a small chance of getting back together, these techniques will help you wiggle your way back into his heart.

In fact, this program has helped more than 50,000 people in over 77 countries.

And if nothing else, this guide will remind you just how awesome you are. Because we all need to be reminded of that from time to time.

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