Make Him Hot: 3 Naughty & Sexy Texts To Turn A Guy On Fast

Make Him Hot: 3 Naughty & Sexy Texts To Turn A Guy On Fast

What if a simple text message could make him tremble with desire for you? If your relationship has gone stale or you’re looking to heat things up with a new partner, a few dirty words may be all you need to get his attention.

With just one naughty text, you’ll awaken his desire for you, get his mind racing and build up sexual anticipation to the point where he’s begging to see you.

The Language of Desire program is chuck full of great techniques that will show you how to turn a guy on over text. These techniques will help you add a little spice to your sex life and fulfill his innermost sexual desires.

But before we dive into these methods, let’s talk about one thing: fear.

If the thought of sexting sends you running for the hills, it’s time for a reality check.

Unleashing Your Sexual Superwoman

Erotic Telepathy Technique from Language of Desire

It’s natural for us women to be shy or downright afraid of dirty talk. We’re taught that talking about our desires, fantasies and sexual escapades will get us labeled as a slut. But the truth is that men love a confident woman who isn’t afraid to unleash her sexual superwoman.

Do you have to be downright raunchy? No. Ladies, you can still send sexy text messages without losing your dignity.

Don’t be afraid of your fantasies. Trust me – he wants to hear about them. Give yourself a good pep talk, throw your hang-ups out the door and get ready to send him over the top with just a few dirty texts.

I learned these three techniques from the Language of Desire program, and let’s just say – they’ve taken my relationship and sex life to the next level.

Read my review on the Language of Desire here.

1. No Touch Lay

Want to get him hot and bothered without ever removing a single piece of clothing? The No Touch Lay technique will bring his fantasies to life – and his member to attention. These are long dirty text messages to send to a guy who’s far away, or right next door, but just out of reach.

Think of a time the two of you made love that was unforgettable. With this technique, you’ll paint him a picture of that experience, leaving no dirty or raunchy detail out. If your love life is as stale as a breadcrumb, feel free to embellish a little, or create a new fantasy story that will knock his socks off.

Ladies, don’t be shy here. Trust me, he’ll love every single dirty word you type.

You can do this on the fly, or you can write out the story before you start texting him. I like writing my story ahead of time, so I can really get in every last juicy detail.

To paint that naughty picture for him, jot down:

  • When and where the sex took place
  • What you were wearing
  • Any foreplay
  • Sex and your positions
  • The afterglow

    To get him moaning with desire, create an immersive experience. Talk about the sights, sounds, feelings and sensations with every sex text message you send.

    Tell him how good he felt. Don’t be shy. By the time you’re done with him, he’ll be begging to see you.

    2. Monogamous Male Maximizer

    Men love a good chase. It’s in their blood. When they want something they can’t have, it drives them wild. That’s what the Monogamous Male Maximizer is all about – giving him a taste of what he could have. You’ll need to play part of this out in person, but the magic of this technique takes place over text.

    Get him alone. Have some fun together. Just before the night is over, pull him close and kiss him passionately. Don’t hold back! Right when things start getting hot and heavy, pull away. Tell him how much his kisses turn you on, but you need to cut the night short.

    Send him on his way, pouting like a puppy dog.

    Once he’s home, it’s time to work your magic. Send him a text telling him to enjoy those sexy dreams of you tonight.

    And when you’re apart, send him texts that stroke his ego and get him red hot with desire for you. Here are a few examples of dirty text messages to send to a guy:

    • My legs are still quivering from that orgasm you gave me last night.
    • I can’t stop thinking about how incredible you feel.

    These are naughty messages that will turn him on and obliterate any thoughts of other women.

    His mind will be like a hamster wheel, constantly thinking of you and what he wants to do to you.

    3. Dirty from a Distance

    Get Man's Attention tips from Language of Desire

    Ready to take things up a notch? You’ve told stories with the No Touch Lay technique and teased him with the Monogamous Male Maximizer. Now, it’s time to really heat things up. Ladies, it’s time to take your dirty text messages to the XXX level.

    Dirty from a Distance is all about sexting – and it can get as raunchy as you want.

    Start out by sending him innocent texts, like:

    • If you were here…
    • I wish…
    • You have me so…

    You can tease him with these thoughts, or get right into detail telling him how much you want him right now. If he bites – and he will – you can play off of each other’s responses, getting as downright dirty as you want. Be vivid, detailed and as descriptive as you can.

    There are a few different types of dirty texts you can send:

    • Clear Direction – Tell him exactly what you want and exactly what you’re going to do to him.
    • Memory Recall – Relive the time you made passionate love in Cabo – or wherever.

    Remember – be descriptive. Tell him how turned on you are and how much you want him. He wants details, so don’t hold back. If you’re dripping wet, tell him.

    Ladies, I’m warning you – things are going to get hot and heavy with these texts. But I promise you this – he won’t be able to get you out of his mind afterward.

    Do you have to be raunchy? No! The dialogue can be as wild or as tame as you’re comfortable with. But gauge his reaction with each response. If it’s not hot enough for him, take it up a notch.

    With each naughty message you send him, his desire for you will intensify. You’ll get his mind racing with thoughts of you. And if you do it right, he’ll be right at your door, eager to get his hands on you.

    There’s no better way to turn a guy on than by feeding his primal desire to please you, and that’s exactly what these three techniques do0

    Learn more about mastering the art of dirty talk in my Language of Desire review.

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