Here’s How To Effortlessly Make Him Miss You

One of the common things people hope to get out of the No Contact Rule is a way to make their ex miss them. Regardless of whether they want to get back together or not, there’s always that lingering feeling of wanting to make your ex miss you and feel that loss.

How do you make him miss you?

The short answer is to live your life. Thrive to become an independent woman without worrying about your ex or your past. The reason why you want him to miss you is that you’re worried about the fact that he doesn’t think of you and may eventually find someone else. These mindsets are common mistakes women make when living in fear after breakups.

The only way to get over this fear is to live your life. Enjoy your time as a single woman and learn to build a healthy relationship with yourself. When you live life to the fullest, the natural silent treatment you are instilling in your ex will make him miss you.

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Stop waiting for him to call you.

Stop wondering if he’s happy with his new girlfriend after his failed relationship with you.

Stop stressing about what you did wrong.

If you want to make him miss you badly, start by changing your mindset and putting yourself first. Let’s bring that irresistible person out of you again.

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Here’s How To Make Him Miss You

Here’s the step-by-step guide to making him miss you:

  1. Stop texting and calling. If you’re in a situation where he calls and texts first, then by all means, keep up with the schedule. But if you’re a girl that texts first most of the time, then cut it off.
  2. Stop answering his calls and text messages. This may sound more drastic, but it’s not really. If he calls you, just let it go to voicemail. If he texts you, don’t answer him.
  3. Start doing things on your own that you’ve wanted to do all this while. Most of the time, you’re with your ex, and you don’t have the time or resources to do things for yourself.

Use this period of time to plan trips for yourself, whether it’s a weekend trip or an overseas vacation. Start making master plans for your future, whether it’s being a career move or traveling the world as a digital nomad. Start learning new things by yourself.

Think of your breakup as a gift of freedom. It’s a blessing in disguise to allow you to take a break from relationships and find yourself again.

Start doing for yourself what you’ve always wanted to do.

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How Can I Make Him Miss Me Badly?

Using the methods above, you can make your ex-boyfriend miss you. However, how badly your ex will miss you depends on his reaction. If he already has a new girlfriend, there’s no reason for him to miss you because he already has someone to love.

But if your ex is single and not dating anyone, then he’s most likely aching from the experience of losing you and that attraction. He’ll be longing for that emotional connection when he realizes what he’s lost.

It’s your decision to make him miss you or not. It’s your decision to make him hurt for you or let go of the pain and move on.

Know what you want, and be sure of it. Then go get it.

What to text him to make him obsessed?

While you’re going through the No Contact Rule, my relationship advice would be to refrain from texting your ex-boyfriend. I know you have many things on your mind that you want to get out to your ex. But by staying silent and having self-control, you will speak louder than anything you planned to say.

Your ex will respond better if he realizes that you’re staying distant from him and temporarily disappeared. When you’ve vanished from your ex’s radar, this could make him obsessed to find out what you’re up to.

But I know that we all itch to text our ex when we’re not suppose to. We feel the need to stay on his radar and remind our ex of deep connection before.

You should be aware that texting your ex could trigger an emotional response from him that might not go your way. So before you start texting him, prepare yourself for what might happen. I suggest that you counsel yourself for what might happen after you text him, so you know beforehand how to respond to your ex’s texts and calls.

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Can Silence Make A Man Miss You?

Yes, silence can make a man miss you. The longer you’re in radio silence, the more he’ll miss you. But it’s not always easy to stay silent for too long. While he can’t hear you, his mind will wander back to the time when he lost you.

He’ll be thinking of all the time he spent with you and how much he enjoyed it. He will miss the eye contact and soul to soul connection with you. He will be reminiscing the good times he had with you and the feelings he had for you.

The physical distance will make him think of your past, present, and future. This can make him think about you, which will make him miss you worse than before.

However, if you wish to stay silent, you should realize that your silence would trigger his emotional response. This is what makes him miss you more.

How do you know if a man misses you?

There’s a lot of different ways to tell if a man misses you. Here are some of the most common methods I’ve read and seen in other women’s experiences:

  1. He goes crazy when he can’t reach you by phone
  2. He misses his bed when he’s with his new girlfriend
  3. He’s sad and upset when you’re not around
  4. His smile fades and changes when you’re not around
  5. He tries to catch you on the phone or follow you while driving
  6. He wonders where you are when you’re not with him
  7. He wishes he could have another chance with you
  8. He misses the good times he had with you while you were together
  9. He hopes to have another relationship with you after a month or two
  10. He keeps on asking his friends how they’re doing
  11. He’s trying to apologize to you but can’t find the right words
  12. He can’t stop looking through your social media posts

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What To Say To A Guy To Make Him Miss You?

What to say to a guy to make him miss you depends on how badly he misses you and how much he needs you. Here are some tips on what to say to a guy to make him miss you:

  1. Remember all the good times you’ve had together, and keep reminding him of them.
  2. Remind him of his deficiencies and what he felt lacking about his life before you came into it.
  3. Tell him that you miss him and that you want to be with him.
  4. Make it clear to him that he’s the only one for you, the only one that can make you happy, and the only one who makes your heart beat faster.
  5. Ask him to understand you and that he shouldn’t be upset about it.
  6. Talk about his favorite food and the moments you two shared.

Before you think about meeting your ex and expressing your feelings and thoughts, make sure you leave your past emotions at home and bring some confidence instead.

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If you are unable to control your emotions, then you are not ready to talk with your ex. You have to be able to keep your feelings in check. If you find it difficult, then you should practice talking with your friend. If you can’t do that, then you’re not ready yet.

During the No Contact phase, you need to practice some confidence building skills. One sure-fire way to improve on this is spending time in public places and talking to strangers. 

Especially good-looking men.

Sometimes, a guy needs a big chunk of time alone to think about things. He needs his own space and time to bond with himself and his new lifestyle. So don’t feel he’s the only one who’s having a hard time dealing with the breakup, because even you are too experiencing some difficulties.

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Why do men lose interest?

In many relationships that I’ve come across myself and in coaching clients, men will become emotionally unavailable if they can’t get what they want from the relationship. That’s why if a man is not getting what he wants from you, he will lose interest. It’s not you, it’s him!

It’s a common theme for women to think that they are fully responsible for the breakup. But keep in mind that relationship issues are caused by two people, which means that you can only be half of the problem.

Sometimes men will lose interest because of their actions. They find that they’re not able to achieve personal goals while they are in a committed relationship. It feels like the relationship is restraining them from their full potential to reach success.

Men will lose interest because of problems they encounter in their personal lives. It’s hard for them to maintain a relationship if they are having difficulty taking care of themselves. Their entire life seems to be threatened if they cannot change their behavior.

If their problems are not resolved or their goals are not reached, they start to have a sense of failure.

The best thing for you to do with an emotionally unavailable man is to give him the time and space to roam and conquer his world. Once he has achieved his goals, there’s always a chance for him to return and start a new relationship with you.

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How Do You Make Him Miss You And Want To Commit?

Here’s How To Effortlessly Make Him Miss You

It is not possible to make an ex commit when they are missing you. Your ex-boyfriend needs to decide whether to commit to another relationship. If he ignores you badly with the tactics we’ve discussed above, there’s a chance that he wants to give the relationship another shot. It’s up to him alone to make such an important decision. 

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If he doesn’t miss you or is still doubtful about his feelings for you, then there is nothing you can do about it. As long as you keep living your life to the fullest, your ex is going to bang on your door one day and want to know your secrets that keep him amazed.

Just hang in there. If he wants you back, he’ll come to you. If he doesn’t want you back, then the best thing for him is to let you go and miss you in life. Then be happy and enjoy life with your newfound freedom.

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