Pull Your Ex Back Review: Ryan's Fast 4-Step Plan Revealed

Pull Your Ex Back Review: Ryan’s Fast 4-Step Plan Revealed

Author: Ryan Hall


Thorough plan


Good value

Easy to Follow

Structured 4-step process


Good email response

What I Like

  • Great ideas to get your confidence back
  • Covers breakup issues and how to overcome
  • Good tips on men's psychology
  • What to do after getting back together

What I Don't Like

  • Long read
  • Some ideas a bit dated
  • Chapter 14 should be presented earlier

Summary: This is a thorough guide that starts off strong by getting in the right mindset and dealing with breakup issues. The program covers a lot of areas that is important in the process of getting an ex back including relationship building and men's psychology. While a lengthy read, there's a lot of changes the reader needs to understand and accept in order to make this plan work.

Searching for ways to get your ex boyfriend back and restore your lost romance? You’ve come to the right place. I’ve lost and regained the love of my life, but it wasn’t all roses and butterflies.

I spent countless nights awake in bed, and after reading a dozen books on relationships, I know a thing or two about getting back with an ex.

Winning back an ex is mostly technique, and with the ones shown in Pull Your Ex Back, you’ll have a firm understanding of how to restore your relationship. A blueprint – minus the guesswork.

If you have doubts about yourself or your relationship. If you have burning questions that no one can answer. This is the right ebook for you.

So, who is the author of this impeccably written, thorough system? Let’s dig our heels in and see exactly who we’re dealing with in my Pull Your Ex Back review .

About Author Ryan Hall

Think of Mr. Hall as a teacher; someone with insight into how your ex thinks.

Sitting in bed for days sick to his stomach, he realized that others felt the same pain he did from a breakup . Worse, Ryan did something that we all do: contacted his ex on social media, email and text. Relentlessly.

After the agonizing pain that he felt after his breakup, Ryan came to an important realization: we’re not taught about relationships.

We dive into them with our hearts on our sleeve, but we don’t know what we’re doing.

Like you, like me, the Ryan Hall came from the heart wrenching pain of a breakup and wrote down his master plan for the world to follow. Now, thousands of hopeless romantics have found their way back into their ex’s heart with this very guide.

Pull Your Ex Back Into Your Life

Pull Your Ex Back ebook cover

Ready to dive in and really learn more about Ryan Hall’s Pull Your Ex Back? It’s a page turner, but first, you need to learn some of the most important aspects of the guide.

  • Product Name: Pull Your Ex Back
  • Product Creator: Ryan Hall
  • Official Website: Pull Your Ex Back.com
  • Price: $47
  • Guarantee: 60 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Delivery Time Period: Instant Delivery
  • Delivery Method: Downloadable PDF, Audio Version
  • Description: 4-step system that uses secret psychological techniques to make your ex forgive you and desire you on every level. 

4 Important Aspects You’ll Find Inside:

  • The Shift Technique: Changing your mindset and emotional state to put an end to the pain.
  • The Main Process: Regaining your life and bringing back the stunning you.
  • How to Make Contact: Never be desperate again. Make contact in a calm, respectable way that really makes him want you.
  • Get Him Addicted: The right way to get him addicted to you and the relationship.

Ryan's 4-Step Plan: Chapters Breakdown

Step 1:  Get Your Emotions Under Control (Chapters 1 – 4)

He’s not calling you back. You’re sitting, listening to the phone as it rings and rings, but he won’t pick up. Emotions are swirling and guess what? You don’t understand your feelings and why you’re feeling them.

Chapters 1 to 4 take you on an emotional journey and through the process of understanding your emotions.

  • Learn to understand where your emotions are coming from and what they mean.
  • Was your relationship based on true love?
  • If so, why did it end?
  • Get into a stable emotional state before making contact with your ex.
  • Shift your focus and consciously choose your thoughts to take positive actions.

Learn and understand why you need to break the cycle and start regaining your life back. The emotional rollercoaster needs to come to a screeching halt. Finally, you’ll learn how to put it all in practice using the Instant Shift Technique.

Girl, I felt the pain and ate ice cream while crying on the couch, and after chapter 4, I finally got myself together; I was a hot mess.

Step 2: Decide If He’s Worth It and Get Your Power Back (Chapters 5 – 8) 

Sick of getting back together only to break up three weeks later? Pertinent, true-to-life examples are laid out that show you that we’ve all been in the same boat. No one wants to waste their time on a relationship doomed for failure; you should never get back together based on impulse.

These four chapters really get you thinking. Is he worth it?

You’ll see that people don’t care how you feel. Men are pushed by emotions. If you’re clingy and throwing yourself at his feet, it’s not going to work. The emotions and desires you’ll learn about in chapter 6 will propel you into his mind day and night.

Gain control, take yourself back and really show the world you’re back in action. This is The Main Process. Rounding out these chapters, you’ll see other men showing interest. It’s time to take the leap and start the dating game again – without your ex.

What’s holding you back from happiness?

Step 3: Get Your Ex Addicted To You (Chapters 9 – 13)

What does absence do? It makes the heart grow fonder. He calls, and now it’s your time to take the right steps to land him back. What happens if he doesn’t call? This million dollar question is answered in chapter 10. You’ll be ready to make your move and learn how to seal the deal.

On to the “date.” Let’s face it, you need to keep things casual and not jump right back on his lap, giggling and smiling. Take it slow, but make him sweat. Dress to the nines, give him a hug and let your perfume trigger his emotions . It’ll make him miss you even more . Entice him, but never make yourself look needy – ever again.The Big Re-Union follows with a time of uncertainty. You’ll learn that getting back with an ex takes time and how to push forward until you two are an item again.

Worried? Excited? I was too. Love is scary.

Rounding out these chapters is learning to get him addicted to you. Better your relationship by changing in the right way. A complete blueprint is provided to strengthen your relationship and win him back.

Make or break, you should be proud you’re shining again.

Step 4: Is Your Relationship Gone? (Chapters 14 – 17)

Don’t close the book just yet. The final chapters will answer all of your burning questions. “Did I blow it?” “What if he found someone else?” Gulp! What if things don’t go as planned? A scary, but brutally honest section on the possibility that your relationship is lost forever.

Still in a relationship, but it’s going downhill fast? Chapter 16 can help you mend your relationship and save yourself the heartache. If you feel like you’re no longer his top priority, then this chapter will teach you how to act fast and get back on his radar.

Did you do this to yourself? Did you leave him? Don’t worry. The final chapter discusses the one thing you need to do to correct your heinous error, and how to get your man back.

Why This Product Is A Must-have

  • You’ll regain your sanity and happiness while finding yourself again. The happy, vibrant person you used to be.
  • You’ll take a look at his psychology and why your actions are major mistakes.
  • You’ll uncover how to pull your ex back and how to make him addicted to you.
  • The author is very honest in every chapter; even when it hurts.

What I Would Change

  • Chapter 14 feels like it should be in the beginning of the book. I had to read through 70 pages before having my vital questions answered.
  • The author really stirs up the emotional pot. Some readers may not be able to handle this. The truth hurts sometimes.
  • Some techniques, such as making a call, seem dated versus texting.

Is This The Right Program For You?

You’ve made mistakes. He’s made mistakes. The final question is: “what can you do to fix it?” Waiting too long is only jeopardizing your future together and keeping you in pain longer than necessary.

If you want him back. If you need him back. If you don’t want to end up changing your status from “in a relationship” to “single” in two weeks, Pull Your Ex Back is the program for you.

The Bottom Line

Does Pull Your Ex Back work? Yes!

But, it’ll require you to accept the truth and take action .Fear, insecurity and doubt can ruin your relationship if you let them. If you’re ready to be with him again, it’s time to figure out what went wrong and be the woman that he wants; the woman you want to be.

It’s time to decide if you want to sulk the night away or pull him back into your life.

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Don’t let your happiness slip away because you were too scared to take action.

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