Should I Get Back With My Ex Boyfriend? 5 Reasons To Fight

Should I Get Back With My Ex Boyfriend? 5 Reasons To Fight

Nobody wants to be that girl… the one all wishy-washy about her former flame, constantly questioning, “Should I get back with my ex boyfriend?” Let’s face it, that girl is annoying. She doesn’t know what she really wants and she kind of seems to thrive off of the drama of it all.

You’ve met her before. You’ve probably even been her before, once upon a time. Which is why you are so concerned about being her now. You don’t want to make mistakes or repeat history.

But you also can’t shake this feeling that maybe, just maybe, your ex was the one.

Which leaves you still asking, “Should I get back together with my ex boyfriend?”

Well, the answer is… it depends. There are a lot of bad reasons for playing the getting-back-with-my-ex-boyfriend game. Some women are just afraid of being alone or don’t know how to support themselves. Others are fueled by jealousy and simply don’t want their ex to be with anyone else. And there are plenty of women who just thrive off the drama of back and forth relationships.

Frustrated woman with phone in her hand.If you are clueless and completely confused right now, I would highly recommend you to work through a step-by-step program that helps you discover what you really want and how your ex boyfriend fits into your life plan.

You don’t want to be any of those women, the ones forever proclaiming “I want him back! I want my ex boyfriend back so bad!” despite seeming to lack any solid reasons for being so set on winning him back. You want to be stronger and healthier than all of that; the epitome of the incredible woman you truly are inside. So if a bit of self-reflection leads you to believe you may be yearning for reconciliation with your ex for one of those less than healthy reasons, chuck that idea and shift your focus to some other passion instead.

Run a marathon, see the world, or go on an epic shopping adventure – anything to avoid making the mistake of falling into a pattern that could keep you from meeting the guy you are actually supposed to be with.

But there do happen to be a few good reasons for trying to win the love of your life back as well.

In fact, there are 5 good reasons to be exact.


Reason Number 1: You Still Love Him

This is an obvious one, but if you still love him – well, duh. Get that man back! Love is important and valid and strong; if your heart is unable to let your past relationship go, there is a reason for that. And it is time for you to start becoming diligent in your efforts to win him back.

Coconut opened in half on the beach.Now, let’s be clear, there is a difference between loving a person, and loving what that person can bring into your life. So you need to ask yourself, “Why do I want my ex back?” Do you love him, or his car/job/money/vacation home/family/all of the above?

If it was just you and your ex trapped on a desert island, would you still love him? Even while having to bathe in streams and forage for food?

If your answer is “yes”, then you have got a pretty solid reason to try to win him back.


Reason Number 2: You’re Pretty Sure He Still Loves You

There can be a lot of deterrents to winning your ex boyfriend back, one of those being if he has already moved on. An ex boyfriend who has gone and fallen in love with someone else is not going to be easy to win back. That’s not to say it isn’t possible (and if you hang around this site long enough, you will learn some tips for embarking upon that endeavor) but it certainly complicates things.

Of course, if your old love has been pining away for you all this time – that makes things easier. And combined with the feelings you yourself can’t let go of, this can be a pretty good reason to try to get him back.

Now, how do you know if he still loves you? Well, that one isn’t always totally obvious, but there are plenty of hints.Ex Solution Program review banner

  • Does he ask mutual friends about you?
  • Does he randomly show up places where he knows you will be?
  • Has he held off on dating other people?
  • Does he still reach out and initiate contact from time to time?

Like I said, these aren’t necessarily tried and true indicators (and there are plenty of men who jump right back into the dating pool, despite still harboring feelings for their ex) but they can be a good place to start.

And if all signs are pointing to “Yes, he still loves you!” – this is a relationship you should definitely be trying to get back.

Even better, this is the ideal opportunity to turn the tables and let him fight for your love again.


Reason Number 3: You Blew Something Pretty Great

Couple spreading their arms in open field.Was the breakup your fault? Did you cheat, lie or otherwise let your insecurities get the best of something that had so much potential?

If the answer is “yes”, don’t beat yourself up. To some extent, this is a life lesson we all need to learn at some point – you can’t walk all over someone you care about and expect them to stick around for the show.

But learning that lesson doesn’t do a whole lot of good for you now that this great man is out of your life. So if regret still hangs over you, and you still find yourself questioning “What if?” – it might be time to start trying to rectify your own mistakes.

I’m not saying it will be easy. Men are prideful creatures and when they have been scorned, they tend to avoid getting burned twice. Even the good ones will hold back on giving too many second chances. But if you are truly remorseful for what you have done and are earnest in your efforts to get him back… there is always a chance.

Stop asking yourself “Should I try to get my ex back?”

Just go for it! No matter what the past has held, you deserve to be in a great relationship. Get your ex boyfriend back!


Reason Number 4: You Have Both Changed and Grown

Couple is holding hands watching the sunset.Relationships and breakups are growing experiences. With each person who enters and exits your life, you learn a little more about yourself and what it is you want and can contribute to your next relationship.

They say that time and distance heal all wounds, but what they really do is offer perspective. And with that time and distance, you should be able to look back on your old relationship and reflect on what really went wrong.

In most cases, there are mistakes made by both people. Communications falters, personal flaws get in the way and relationship fall apart. No matter how much love resides between the people involved.

It happens. It’s never pretty, but it happens.

Still, there is learning and healing to be found in the wake of a broken relationship, and it is possible that with the time and distance that has come since, you and the former man in your life have both changed and grown along the way. That’s what happens when you lose somebody you love; you learn from your mistakes and improve upon yourself for the future.

So assuming you and your ex have both done a bit of personal reflecting, growing as people in the time since your breakup, there may be reason to try again if you are now asking yourself “Should I get back with my ex?”


Reason Number 5: Nobody Has Ever Compared to Him

Couple sitting on grass in autumn.Listen, I want to be clear about one thing: no matter who this guy is, he is not your only chance at love. He just isn’t. I know it can feel impossible to imagine anyone else in your future when all you can think about is wanting your ex back, but it happens. All the time. And it can happen for you.

Because you are worthy and deserving and abso-freaking amazing. Any guy would be lucky to have you.

But maybe you’ve given other guys a chance, and he still remains the one engrained in the back of your mind – you still can’t fight the voice in your head constantly repeating “I want my ex back so bad”. Perhaps you have already implemented 30 days of the No Contact Rule to get your ex back, and have spent a significant chunk of time taking care of yourself; pursuing passions and reconnecting with that happy and carefree single girl you used to be. Yet no matter what you try, or who you flirt with, you can’t shake that gut feeling that your former flame was the one – that no one has ever or will ever compare to him.

In that case, getting back together with your ex may be the right move.

If you have done the work and taken the time for self-improvement, maybe even dating a little since your breakup, and he still holds a significant chunk of your heart – then something there is worth fighting for.

And I am all about helping you to fight for it.

So if you are ready to start that journey – let’s start with making your ex miss you!


Don’t Want To Mess Up Your Chances?

Now that you have the perfect reason to win your ex boyfriend back, how are you exactly going to do it? It could seem like an impossible task, especially if he’s still mad about you.

One single wrong move may look like the end of the world. But it shouldn’t be.

If you don’t want to mess up your chances, I would highly recommend you to follow the Text Your Ex Back blueprint by Michael Fiore. I’ve written an extensive review of the program and another article highlighting the best examples from the lessons.

The best part about his program? You’ll be getting your ex boyfriend back at your own comfort through text messaging.

It’s private, safe, and simple.

Ready to get your man back? Make sure he knows how to put a ring on it!

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mona - 3 years ago

If one messed up second chance as well. Then what to do?

    Charice - 3 years ago

    What were the reasons you messed up your second chance? You’ll need to identify what went wrong first. There’s always a chance to get back together but if you can’t fix your mistakes, your next relationship won’t go anywhere too.

Monalisa Parker - 3 years ago

That’s true Charice.

I like that and am really impressed.

Thanks a lot.

Monalisa Parker - 3 years ago

Thank you charice,

You are correct.

Bem - 3 years ago

Hi. This is actually a tinder story. I feel like asking for an advise about it. I have known a great man from tinder when i went to australia for a tourist visa last may 2015. It’s funny because we both did not intend to be in a serious relationship but ended in one. The story started when i saw his profile and it went ” i am learning filipino language but still suck on it blah blah” so the very first message that i sent him was “i can teach you tagalog” from there we started the basic conversation of people who met from a social networking site. Hi and hello messages that is. It lasted for 2 weeks. We rarely would message more than the his and hellos and he would only message me on specific time of the day, that is: anytime in the morning or anytime at time, one or two-three exchange of texts then it’ll continue the next day or the day after until it reached to a point where i noticed him being religous with his responses without time restrictions. We got closer in days when he finally decided that he wanted to visit me at home. With all the

lucille - 3 years ago

wat if the boy you want to get back cheated on u because he thought you was cheating when u wasn’t and after you’ll broke up u cleared up the confusion but still u didn’t get him back and the girl he played me with he told me he broke it off with her but I don’t know one of my friends heard him telling one of his friends they are still dating. How can I get him back when he has another gf…

    Charice - 3 years ago

    You need to first determine what’s really going on for yourself instead of hearing what people are saying.

laura - 3 years ago


My name is Laura I’ve been in a relationship with my boyfriend for almost 4 years everything was good he was so good and sweet to me we spent every second of everyday together till about a week and a half ago he said he’s not in love with me anymore he doesn’t feel the same way I told him we always get through it we can fix it but he didn’t want to. I begged and pleaded but nothing seems to work anymore I sent him our pictures our videos but he’s just acting very cold towards me. I really need your help my heart is breaking I don’t know what to do. I’ve tried the no contact rule but we study at the same collage and have all the same classes and he always sits next to me asks how I’m doing and does the class work with me. This happened once before but it only took him 3 days to come back to me since I was still in school and he did not see or hear from me for 3 days.

    Charice - 3 years ago

    What is the reason for the breakup? Did you see the breakup coming? Or does your ex have other priorities to focus on? It’s important to determine what the reasons are (sometimes it’s hard) so you can work on it before getting back together.

maheen - 3 years ago

hey..plx help me….i have been in relation with a guy for 7 years….we got engaged one year back….suddenly certain issues started happening like my family was dissatified with his house that it was very small…secondly the guy is dong M phill currently…i pressured him to get married as soon as he is done with studies but he was worried about the job his home and all the issues…i was so mch pressured that i misbehaved with him,cursed him badly,bad mouth his family but i only said becox i was in extreme anger i didnt mean that…he broke up with me n went silent and he is silent since 3 months ….first two months i called him appologized but he didnt respond and than i gave him no contact for 25 days and messaged him but he is silent….though he writes watsapp status on me like he shows his anger in that…the problem is i want him back at any cost i love him i m really miserable without him…i beg u please helpppppppp meeeee what to do how to make him come back soon 🙁 🙁 🙁

    Charice - 3 years ago

    Give your ex some time and space to cool off. Based on the causes of the breakup, there are a lot of pressure on him to provide for you. Try to see if you can help him relieve some of the pressure from your side regarding your family’s expectations. Before a man commits, he wants to make sure that he can provide everything for his partner. If he’s pressured to commit, he will feel unsure about his capability to do so.

"D" - 3 years ago

Hello, I was with my X boyfriend for 13 yrs, the last year of our relationship I was kinda cold to him, not home much I run a barn so I was always there, I used to ask him to come to go away horse shows and he always came with me, the past year he worked weekends so I really never asked him to come, he got kinda mean to people, I became really cold to him, really never touched him, was kinda cold when he would kiss me, I guess I pushed him away, but after he left I realized I love him very much and didn’t want him to leave, he told me he was not happy anymore and gave me the reason I have been cold to him which I know I was, it’s been almost 3 months and I still want him back, I love this man, we have so much in common I’m 53 and never before have I felt like this towards any other man in my life, I am reading a lot on how to get you X back, but I really cannot afford to pay any amount of money because I have more bills now to pay being I’m by myself now, I just want some advice to get him back, I miss shim so much and realize what I lost I’m just hoping it’s not to late to get him back. Thank you for your time

Shaina - a couple of years ago

Hello. Obviously I came into this site to know and get help on how to get my ex back.

So you see, we broke up because of a mistake that i have done. I wasnt able to keep up with my promises and sometimes I mess up and it disppoints him, because he expected that I had already broken off with this bad habit. Since that night where we fought, I ‘ve been continuosly trying to get him updates on my daily routines like I usually did. He usually replies with “Okay.” and it usually ends to that. A night ago, he started to talk to meagain, only to tell me that he doesnt want to trust me anymore because I kept on making promises I cannot keep, and obviously he sounded hurt and disappointed and tired of telling me the same thing over and over again, only to find me improving only for a specific time frame and goes back to the same old thing. He also said the only thing he can give to me is his love. He thinks I dont listen to him, in which I actually do all the time, just that I find it difficult to change the way I think that breaking my bad habit.

I personally think what he thought that I have no desire to change, is wrong. Yes, I do. But sometimes things slip over me that I too get frustrated with my own actions. I am doing my best to change during the duration of our relationship, but it seems like he only sees what I do wrong 🙁


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