7 Sassy Texts To Make Him Miss You Like Crazy

It’s common for us women to keep finding ways to get our ex’s attention. Especially if you’re the dumpee (person who got dumped), you want a chance to explain yourself, ask for forgiveness that will lead to a second chance. You’re dying to send texts to make him miss you so that your ex-boyfriend will realize that he’s made a big mistake of leaving a beautiful person like you.

Before you even think about sending texts to make your ex-boyfriend miss you, you need to complete the No Contact Rule first. Don’t rush into sending any impulsive messages that will land you in hot water again. Delete your ex’s phone number and instant messaging accounts first if you can’t resist.

The key is to give yourself time and space to cool off your emotions and allow time to help you make the right moves to text your ex back

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Texts To Make Him Miss You

Just a personal disclaimer, I would not text an ex to make him miss me. It’s just not my style to send a direct text message to get a man’s attention. There’s a lingering feeling that you were giving your ex power even when the relationship ended. If the message is intended to make your ex-boyfriend miss you, it’s easy to sound desperate and come off in the wrong way.

Especially if you send the text at night.

Below are a few texts to make him miss you. If you plan to send cute texts or flirty texts, make sure to read it over a few times to see if the message is clear. Not only is the message itself essential, but timing matters too.

“Hey, it’s been a while. How are you? Are you back in the city? Hope all is well.

“Hey, I was thinking about you. How’s everything? Maybe we could catch up over sometime?”

“Hi,  I was thinking about you. Would be great to catch up sometime. Let me know when you’re ready to talk.” 

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“Hey, just found out Maroon 5 is going on tour in July. Thought this might be your chance to see them live. Hope all is well.”

“Hey, remember that Italian restaurant hidden on the corner of 5th? What was it called? I’m hoping to go back this weekend, but I don’t know the name of it. Hope all is well.”

“I was just thinking about the time we…”

“I just went to IKEA and noticed that blue couch is still there ……. it reminded me of you that one time you sat there for 2 hours! That was really fun.”

“I just found my copy of The Breakfast Club, and it made me think about you for the first time in a while. Classic movie! Going to watch it tonight.

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How Can I Make Him Miss Me Badly Through Text

Now, if you are asking a question like this, I’m going to stop you right there. Girl, it is not worth going to the extreme to try and put a smile on your ex’s face. The risk of sounding desperate and clingy is too high it will break your No Contact efforts. You might as well call your ex and tell him you love him.

Stop doing things that make your ex want to avoid you, not miss you. Take a risk-free approach – create a new life, don’t try to make him miss you – simply because he has moved on and there’s really nothing you can do about it. Making contact with an ex boyfriend almost always backfires and causes unnecessary drama and heartbreak for those involved. When you are trying to make him miss you, you’re playing a dangerous game. It’s called begging your ex to take you back. Think about it.

You’re telling your ex that he’s better off with you or that he’s missing out on something, or that his life has become dull without you. You’re telling him that he is not happy with his current relationship.

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How Do I Give Him Space But Stay On His Mind

We’re all scared of the thought our ex is moving on and won’t consider a second chance if he’s forgotten about us. For some of us, we go into “desperate mode” to develop ways to stay on our ex’s minds.

It’s an exhausting vicious cycle that will only drive you crazy!

For the record, it is not easy to switch off on someone with who you’ve had a committed relationship with. Your ex is not going to forget about you instantly. After all, you two created amazing memories together and had a beautiful love life. Perhaps all your ex need is a bit of space apart to realize the cherished woman he was with.

From time to time, your ex-boyfriend is going to miss you. His memory of you isn’t going to be all negative. It’s just clouded for the time because the spark is gone. And the perfect solution to this is giving each other the silent treatment to let go of negative emotions.

Now, if you want to stay on his mind, here’s a great and effortless way to get started. Post photos of yourself genuinely living your life on Facebook and Instagram. Share your newly single life with your circle and let your friends pass the word to your ex. Here’s the trick: send a photo of you with something that signals something to your ex-boyfriend from time to time.

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It could be a photo of you visiting a restaurant with your ex’s favorite food. It could be you and some friends going to a game against your ex’s favorite sports team. Or you could just be posting a brunch with your sister at a new coffee shop, knowing that your ex is a coffee fanatic.

Again, you have to be genuinely living your life. There’s no need to fake a scene with the sole purpose of posting online and risk people seeing right through you. It’s much easier if you are enjoying your moment and creating a happy memory for yourself.

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You’re also reconnecting and spending time with your family and friends. When we’re in a relationship, we tend to spend a chunk of time with our partner. Now that your ex is out of the picture, this is the perfect time to reconnect with your trusted circle.

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What To Text A Guy To Make Him Want You

If you’ve been following my relationship advice above, then you know it’s not my recommendation to text your ex boyfriend back. You might think it’s a great idea to initiate your intentions, but this only gives power to your ex-boyfriend that he’s still in control.

And how much effort do you think your ex will put into making you the luckiest girl if he’s in total control.

Probably none.

I included this topic in this article to reiterate my stance on focusing on yourself during the No Contact period and onwards. I repeat, there is no need to text a guy to make him miss you and want you. That message should come from your former flame, period.

The best strategy (and most effortless) is to live your life and let your success spread your vibe. Trust me, this type of energy will not only spread faster to your ex-boyfriend, but it will draw him in fast. Once your ex realizes the independent woman he’s lost and see what you’re capable of, he’s going to be the one sending texts saying he misses you and want you back.

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How Do I Keep Him Wanting More

When your ex sends texts, make sure to respond according to his interest. If he’s asking you out, tell him the next day. This will make him realize how independent you are and that you’re happy without him. You can also take it a step further and ask for a short hangout. This way, your ex is the one who puts himself out there to get back together with you. If he cancels, then fine! He’s not interested.

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