The Male Mind During No Contact

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When you’re going through the No Contact Rule, it’s normal for you to keep thinking about your ex. Most of the time, you find yourself uncontrollably thinking about the memories with tons of questions, wondering what went wrong. Now that your ex-boyfriend is out of the picture, it’s natural for you to think about how he is dealing with the breakup.

The male mind during No Contact. What do guys think and do during the next 30 or so days of radio silence? Will your ex show a sign of weakness and regret breaking up, or will he charge forward with his newfound freedom to a new chapter of his life without you?

Before we begin discussing the male mind during No Contact, keep in mind that all men are different and experience a wide range of emotions. Some guys could feel tense and become angry (even if they initiated the breakup), while others could be stubborn and clueless after the breakup.

In this post, I’m going to assume that your ex-boyfriend initiated the breakup. He broke up with you, and now you’re wondering what he’s going through. Is he going through an unstable wave of negative emotions like you are?

To be honest, I’m usually hesitant to explain what the ex-partner is going through during No Contact. It doesn’t matter if it’s the male mind or female mind, the only focus you should have during the No Contact Rule is you. Any thoughts of your ex and past relationship will only slow down your healing progress.

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So, What Is The Male Mind During No Contact?

Most relationship experts would agree that one of the common reasons men break up with their partners is that they are emotionally unavailable. This means that the guy has decided that he is unfit to carry on being in the relationship. Perhaps the emotional attraction is lost, or even the sex feels like a chore or is nonexistent. The spark is not there anymore.

Most of the time, guys miss their freedom and need their own time and space to explore more of their world. They see freedom as a currency to help them find and own a piece of success.

This means that being in a relationship is blocking their way to achieve their new needs.

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What your ex-boyfriend is thinking about during No Contact is mainly related to how he’s going to utilize his newfound freedom. Now that he’s freed himself from relational responsibilities, it’s time for him to embark on a new journey to conquer his world.

“So is my ex-boyfriend not going through the same emotional pain as I’m suffering?”

The answer is both yes and no. Your ex will go through a certain wave of regret, pain, and loss during the first few weeks. But keep in mind that he has already made up his mind to break up with you long before making it official. This means that your former flame has already experienced and dealt with the turbulence of emotions ahead of time and concluded that splitting up is the best move for him and his interests.

During the No Contact period, your ex-boyfriend will most likely be adjusting to his lifestyle and trying to capitalize on his new freedom. You might see him going on a few rebound relationships. Your ex might be making a push for a new promotion. Or he might move to a new city to start over with a new job.

Whatever your ex-boyfriend has planned for, it’s a personal decision that he’s made.

Unfortunately, he’s not willing to invest in the relationship and pursue his dreams. But sometimes, it’s more of a rational decision for men to move forward with their lives and leave their previous relationships behind.

What Does No Contact Do To A Guy?

If you’re going through the No Contact Rule, this period of silent treatment can make your ex miss you or even get him a little jealous. Even though your ex broke up with you, the No Contact period is the first time he’s experienced life without you. It doesn’t matter if your ex wrote a powerful breakup letter to end the relationship. Once he feels your absence, it’s going to hit him like a brick knowing that things are officially over.

Don’t get your hopes up, though. This doesn’t mean that your ex-boyfriend wants to get back together. He’s only going through some normal reactions of missing someone who’s been a big part of their daily routine.

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Will he miss me if I leave him alone?

Does silence make a man miss you? The answer is yes.

If you leave your ex-boyfriend alone, chances are he’s going to want to know what’s going on. He’s going to find it uncomfortable to realize that they are going to lose their ex-girlfriend forever. They are curious how you’re coping with the breakup and wonder how you will move on.

The more radio silent you stay, the more agitated your ex might be if he keeps thinking that you’ll be calling and texting to get his attention.

Will A Guy Miss You During No Contact?

Your ex-boyfriend will miss you during No Contact to a certain degree. He’s used to having you around as intimate partners. Now that the relationship is over, your ex needs to adjust to his new lifestyle. He’s going to feel a sense of loss and regret for a period of time.

While you’re gone, there are going to be moments where he can’t stop thinking of the time spent with you.  

These are normal reactions during the No Contact phase. For a guy who initiated the breakup, the feelings are usually temporary and fade away once he finds a way to cope with it.

Most guys may reach out to you to see how you’re doing. If that’s the case, don’t pick up the phone! You’re only giving into our ex’s wishes and allowing him to deal with their struggles.

Maybe it feels great to hear your ex’s voice for a moment, but that instance may bring back lots of thoughts, emotions, and questions that may hinder your recovery process.

Don’t let your ex break your No Contact phase.

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Will he miss me if I stop texting him?

If you are texting your ex during the No Contact phase, stop immediately. I get it. You want to stay on his radar and let him know you still care and want to get back together. But texting your ex after a breakup is not going to change his mind.

In fact, it’s only going to make things worse.

You sound desperate and come across as clingy with low self-esteem. The more attention you give to your ex after the breakup, the more power he has over you.

If you want to make, your ex miss you, disappear from his radar and take the bold move to delete his contacts on your phone and social media. This is also the best way to restrain yourself from keeping tabs on your ex.

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How Do I Know If He Misses Me During No Contact?

It’s natural for us to think about our exes during the No Contact Rule. While we try to forget our previous relationship and move on, it’s hard to let go of someone who has been a big part of our lives.

Trust me, your ex has that same feeling. And he is likely missing you during the No Contact phase. If you are doing an excellent job staying radio silent, chances are your ex is going to leak a few signs that he’s missing you.

Here are a few possible signs to look for:

1. He’s active on your social media feeds.

Your ex suddenly shows more support on your social media posts. He’s liking and sharing your photos, encouraging activity on your posts by commenting on them. Check if it’s normal behavior for your ex to be your top social media supporter. If it’s unusual, chances are your ex-boyfriend is trying to get your attention.

2. He’s in a fake relationship.

Yup, he’s desperate to get your attention. He misses you so bad he’s faking to be in a relationship. It’s bizarre, but I’ve seen it happen many times. Some ex-boyfriends don’t even want to be in a rebound relationship to make their ex-partners jealous. Instead, they think temporary faking one is a way to get attention without committing to another person.

It’s sad, but some guys will go the extra length.

3. He’s asking around about you.

Your ex is a sweetheart, and he still is after breaking up. During the No Contact period, your ex-boyfriend hasn’t lost the habit of checking up on you. Only this time, he’s asking your friends and family about you. Even though your ex was the one who initiated the breakup, he wants to know how you’re healing from the emotional pain. In your exes mind, he still wants you in his life.

4. Your ex calls or texts you.

This is an obvious sign that your ex misses you during the No Contact period. He flat out admits he’s missing you and asks how you’re doing. But guess what? Your ex doesn’t mention anything about getting back together. So what is the purpose of him reaching out? 

Girl, be prepared if your ex reaches out to you. Before you even pick up his phone call, decide whether or not it is a good idea to hear his voice again. Will giving him affect your healing process? If yes, go ahead and ignore your ex.

Keep in mind that your ex only wants to relieve his temporary feeling of losing you. Once he feels like he can still get in touch with you, the pain will subside for him. 

But not for you. If hearing your ex is going to bring back a range of emotions, then it’s best to ignore your former flame until you are ready to make contact again.

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How do you make him miss me during no contact?

There is only one way I know and recommend to make your ex miss you during the No Contact period. 

Live your life.

Now that you are free and single, be selfish with your time and freedom. Focus on your dreams and start ticking off your bucket list. By genuinely being happy and letting go of your ex and past relationship, you’re freeing yourself from the emotional burden and giving yourself a chance to reflect on what matters.

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Sometimes, breakups are a blessing in disguise. It stops us in our paths and forces us to reflect and think twice about what matters to us.

When your ex-boyfriend sees you happy and genuinely moved on, he’ll feel a sense of regret for letting you go and not working things out. Your ex may also wonder if he was the one holding you back from greatness.

So go out and make things happen. It’s the effortless way to make someone jealous and miss you. It’ll be hard at first, but you will develop strength over time.

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