The Power of Silence After Break Up

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Breakups are hard for anyone to endure. Even if your ex-boyfriend is the one who initiated the split, he will struggle to make adjustments to his new life. The emotional pain is hard to deal with when the reality sets in that your relationship are over.

In most cases, people go through radio silence, also known as the No Contact Rule. In short, the No Contact period uses the power of silence after break up to start a healing process. It’s a time period where you stay radio silent from your ex and cut off all communications with him. 

Why is silent treatment necessary after a breakup?

It’s because you need some alone time. You need to step back from your broken relationship and see why it failed. Both you and your ex need some time and space apart to reflect on your own lives and discover what’s essential.

What Is the Power of Silence After Break Up?

Sometimes, we’re so stuck in a relational rat race that undermines our physical, emotional, and mental health. We lose track of who we are and forget what we want to achieve in life. Being in a broken relationship, we feel stuck, dependent, and lost in who we are.

This is where silence after breakup matters. I know it’s hard to accept that your relationship is over. Even if you still have strong feelings about your ex, it doesn’t mean it’s the rational decision to beg to get back together.

The No Contact Rule works because it forces you to be in complete silence from your ex and focus on yourself. Going No Contact is effective because you allow yourself to start a clean slate.

Sometimes, I like to think of breakups as a blessing in disguise. Try to picture this split in a positive light. It’s a “break” from a romantic relationship and allows you to selfishly decide what you want to do with your newfound freedom. You are in complete control of yourself with zero relational responsibilities.

The power of silence after a breakup cannot be underestimated. You are in the position of power to decide how you want to move forward with your life.

And for your ex, he’ll do just fine without you worrying.

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Is Silence The Best Revenge After A Breakup?

Absolutely! Silence is the best revenge after a breakup. All it takes is for you to stay radio silent and give zero attention to your ex. Think about it. After breaking up, your ex-boyfriend expects you to contact him. You are probably begging, crying, and apologizing for a second chance to get back together. You might even be seeking a bit of closure.

But what if you give none of that attention to your ex and cut off contact completely?

Sometimes it’s better to say nothing and just remain in dignified silence. Trust me, your silence will speak louder than any words you’ve practiced saying to your friend.

Forget the apology note or demanding answers for the lack of closure, your silence will send a direct message to your ex that you have emotional control over yourself. 

Your ex-partner is going to wonder why you haven’t reached out. In some cases, it might make your ex-boyfriend second guess his decision to split. 

The 30-Day No Contact Rule is a powerful tool. It’s the gift of silence that gives you a fighting chance to redeem your personal happiness.

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Who Hurts More After A Breakup?

 In general, the person who got dumped hurts more after a breakup. This is because they have just found out that the relationship is over in a short time period. They suffer a range of negative feelings after the initial shock of learning that their relationship is over. 

Even if you know that a breakup is coming, officially calling a time of death on your relationship is difficult to bear.

This is why the going radio silence is the first thing the dumpee should do to recollect their emotions and messy feelings. It’s a turbulent period where 30 days of silence will help heal the emotional wounds and get back on your feet.

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What Does Silence Do To A Man?

Guys love attention. So when you treat him with absolute silence, it’s going to get his attention even more. Your ex is going to wonder what you’re up to, who you’re with. He’s expecting you to be in constant contact with him. 

But there’s a lack of contact from your side, your ex-boyfriend will get the feeling that you’re genuinely over him. 

Guys want what they can’t have. So when you strip him of attention that he’s used to, you’ve dented his self-esteem.

If you want to feel valued and appreciated, the best way to practice some form of silence so that your ex will initiate contact with you. When that happens, you are in complete control of whether to respond or not.

Girl, play hard to get, and you’ll reap the rewards.

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Does Silence Make Him Miss You?

Absolutely! Silence will make him miss you. Your ex-boyfriend is used to your constant contact. When you reverse that privilege of giving him attention, your ex will wonder why you haven’t been in touch. Like I mentioned earlier, silence speaks louder than words. If you want your ex to miss you or initiate contact, going radio silent will send a strong message that you’re doing okay on your own.

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Do you want to make your ex-boyfriend second guess his decision to break up? Make the radical move to cut all contact and communication channels with you. This includes blocking him on social media and not allowing any way for him to reach out. 

If you want to effortlessly maximize your efforts to make your ex miss you, go and live a happy and exciting life.

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